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Bra Baring

Within the last 10 years, tank tops and camisoles have made it okay to show bra straps.But how far can you go with bra baring in 2010? Really freakin’ far.

You can dress it up, you can do it causually!  Bra over shirts are the new thing.. Or it is? We were talkign about it on Facebook too.

Showing your bra is not taboo anymore especially if you have a pretty bra!  If you are spending $50-$80 on a pretty bra, I am pretty sure you want to show it!  Peek-a-boo bras are fun and very sexy 🙂 From the runways to the streets, lingerie and bras and fighting to be over and not under-wear. What do you think?

I personally think that it’s dope and very Carrie.  The bras should be lacey, detailed and met to be shown. Not some beige seamless one right *ummm*

Carrie’s been doing it
Dip it low, Christian Milian is on it
Marc Jacobs says okay
Lingerie inspired is very very in… I really like how she did it here at LA Fashion Week.
Purple (hot), Lingerie (hot). But we been doing it.
Spring at Finer Things!

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EATT: Everything All The Time!

“Alanna Stuarts voice is one of the most beautiful female voices I have heard in a long time. She has a naturalness of tone and delivery and is so comfortable on stage that you forget that there are other people around you…“-
EATT: Everything All The Time. Who are they? Only like the best band everrrrrr! But let me back track and give you a little background on this awesome Indie/Electro/Rock band.
They are a group of working musicians, all with their own solo project. They’ve also been sidemen for a number of acts; Between them, they’ve recorded with the who’s who of Canadian music; for example, Feist, Jason Collett, Sleepless Nights, Hidden Cameras and many more.
Band Members: Alanna Stuart: Vox/Moves: Joseph Shabason: Vox/Keys/Sax: Mary Cobham: Vox/Keys/Guitar: Kieran Adams: Drums/Vox: Jeremy Little: Bass synth/bass: Dafydd Hughes: Keys/Vox
Their influences? Everybody all the time!
I’ll give you a moment to take in ALL the talent that I’ve put before you….

“It’s so hard to find some shelter from the sweltering heat/I get hot with every thought about the boys that I meet/but I’ve got love love love for you baby/it sets us apart/love love love”- from “love love love”

And we’re back!
So how do I describe their music to you… Picture this; All 6 of these talented band members, blending Pop, Dance music, and Indie rock. Then, they working their musical/creative magic with SEVEN keyboards plus all those other instruments; songstress Alanna Stuart lets that sweet organic voice of hers loose, and it combines with the three other amazing vocalists. Creating a “mind-melting euphony” of vocal harmonies…”. 
Basically their A.W.E.S.O.M.E. “Lazy Days” “Eyes” and “Love Love Love (I get so hot)” are my favorite tracks so far; ALL the songs are different, and have their own great and unique components. 

A lot of artists say they want to try or were “trying something different”, and sometimes that “trying something different” turns out oh so wrong. But EATT are simply different, talented and different. They’re not trying to be anything or “trying something different”. They simply combine their influences, with an end result of a brand new creation; one that we LOVE!
Some video for ya!

“When these six individuals came together they brought with them an abundance of influences which, when combined created something completely new…. EATT clearly embraces electronic and dance music but the group’s sound is founded on precise and scrupulous collaborative songwriting..”
One of my faves!!
Join them for their EP Release at the Drake Hotel on October 23rd!!
Visit their myspace here!
They get
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I’m digging EATT, are you?
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Jumpin for Jumpsuits!

Shay Shay and I both love jumpsuits! Come fall, it’s time to trade in your tapered ones for the wide leg ones. 
Shannae rocking a jumpsuit at WWW Literary Journey 08
me loving my jumpsuit 🙂

Jumpsuits are soooooo cute, unless you have to pee. But i love them anyway! 
Strapless and wideleg is the way to go this season in jumpsuits. You will find them in various silk and jersey blends this season.

how gorge is this one from ASOS

the Yvonne Jumpsuit -awww, named after me 🙂 from the lovely Brazen Hussy

You are rock it even if you are short! Look how Eva does it.

There is something incredibly sexy about a one-piece. It is an easy outfit to accessorize and really stand out when everyone is in a cocktail dress. Great idea for all those holiday parties you have coming up!

Would you ever rock a jumpsuit?

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2nd Quarter at FIDM Beauty Marketing

I started my Fall 2009 quarter at FiDM for Beauty Marketing and I love all my classes.  This is where my true passion and learning is kicking in and I’m so happy to let you all know about what I am doing this quarter! I am taking 4 classes and interning 2 days at theLookBook.

Sharlene Habermeyer is my teacher for this class and she is an exceptional women: funny, accomplished and inspirational. She is an author and a expert in wellness and has a MA in education and curriculum planning. In order words, she is amazing! I have 3 main projects for this class. One is about comparing organic, store brand, dollar store shampoos for 10 weeks, one is on homemade skin care and one is for product line analysis 🙂 I heart this class!

ingredients for making homemade skincare!

JULIANNE PFISTER is the Beauty Chair at FiDM and was the Director of International Sales at Stila! She is my instructor for this class. We are discussing customer service experience, financial statements and customer loyal, brand identity, value preposition!  This class is marketing focused and we are talking about the BUSINESS side of the beauty industry!

Darrell Baum was the marketing manager of Joico and is now teaching this fun class! We are talking a lot about social media and web 2.0… Right up my alley! We are doing a project of LVMH in this class. Brand image trap, brand position trap, external perspective trap and product attribute fixation! We have our first field trip on Friday to Long Beach for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists tradeshow! wooo!

Jeanne Tamayo is our wonderful teacher for this class! She really know what she is talking about and we are doing brand comparative projects between Stila and Smashbox, product development case studies and learning all sorts of what the beauty industry corporate structure is like and how much $$$ we can really make through our expertise and love for this industry. She is the director of broadcast production for Stila!  We had a brand pitch for our last class and Ffiona and I came up with a product for children that’s peelable nailpolish!  Our idea won us $200 worth of Stila makeup *big smile*. Thank you!  (I gave half of it away already lol)

this quarter ends on Dec 19th ^_^ so stay tuned!

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LG Fashion Week – David Dixon

Annnd we’re back. Back from the dead and into LG Fashion week.

Absolutely packed. Filled with those who’ve got style, those who want style and those who try to hard. If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Check out the pics from the David Dixon collection. It turned out to be a solid combination of subtle patterns in whites, pinks, and deep blues. Although mostly skirts, and spaghetties he did manage to turn out some nice jackets and even a mens outfit or two. <-- I snapped over 60 shots, but my ISO settings were wrong and only a few turned out. If you’re down for tomorrows LOVAS Wesley Badanjak show make sure to say hi. We can also catch up at Evan Biddell, Rudsak, Roberto Cavalli and a number of other shows on Friday.

The setup – full house, no empty seats, squashed together and boiling inside!

Rare was the outfit with a purse

Sitting right in the middle of the runway made it difficult to get shots

Voulenteers Handing out Red, White and Italian

The Italian – Peroni – beer of choice, similar to Corona

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