Posts Written On October 17, 2009

LA Fashion Week – Jerell Scott

Ahem… I found them.  LA street fashionista came out in full force yesterday at the official LA Fashion Week party put on by Chic Little Devil Style House.  I had so much fun!

Between the open bars, disco tights and faux fur – it’s no wonder that Los Angeles was voted the best city in America for the creative class.

The ultra fabulous Jerell Scott 

I see you baby, Swarovski-ed safety g’s
I love these guys!!
Check that dude!
True blue beauty
right back at cha
inside out + Jerell Scott dress
Stylist/Designer Bethany from B L’Ambiance
Gals from F21

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OPI x Dell

My 2BD put me onto this.. and I just wanted to say this. Corporate trends always always stem from street fashion and street fashion = everything from DIY and multi-faceted inspiration. So when I lost my Blackberry and had to get a cheap temp quick… I picked up this lil LG from Craigslist for $25. I took some blue sparkle nailpolish and added some much needed sparkle to give it life!

For everyone who laughed at me when I did this:

… yeah. exactly.

After the success of Vivienne Tam and HP, OPI and Dell partner to create the OPI Laptop .The slogan: ” Match your nails to your laptop”. Honestly the slogan could have been better , but the concept is fun.The laptops launch next month in the US, in a wide variety of signature OPI colors

I totally called it 😀

Send me the Dell Mini Netbook in Kyoto Pearl and maybe i’ll forgive you. *wink*
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Street Puppy

I went to the park today with Jacob today and I saw a little brown dog dart across the street. Of course I followed him to see what’s his deal and what he was saying. 

So they kinda played together for a bit… Then I contemplated taking him home for a bit.

and then I got some good advice (:

Thank you Twitter and thank you Ian 🙂 Follow him and get some good advice

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