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FIVE lil mama you a threeeeeeeeeeee-star!

Acccording to this video, if you are all of the following, then you are definitely a 5star chick:
Look Good
Keep her hair/nails on point
Great in bed
Have great credit
Serious Fashion Game
Intelligent (you know they had to put that in lol)
Lives on your own, & have your own stuff.

I like the track, but I can’t help but be amused by the men that are saying they want these 5star chicks. All they do is wave around their “money”, jewelery, talk about their designer clothes, fancy cars… oh and grillz. Would you rate them as 5star men? lol. 

Trina looks amazing, and Nicki Minaj is…Herself… Don’t get me wrong I thinks she’s a CRAZEEEE artist and I love her, but I was a HUGE fan of Barbie so if she’s gonna do this Barbie thing, then she better do it right, and keep it consistent. That is all. Otherwise both their verses were good 🙂
So what do you guys think about the video/track? Like? Love? Hate?
What’s a 5star chick to you??

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TWO thumbs down?

A group of doctors including a radiologist, cardiologist and neurologist, who call themselves the Jackson Jive and dress up like the Jackson Five by wearing afro wigs and painting their faces black, (one white in reference to Michael Jackson) recently performed one of their “famous” skits during Australian show’s HEY Hey It’s Saturday’s second reunion special. It seemed they wanted to “save the best for last”, with the Jackson Jive being the final act…
Anyway this left guest judge Harry Connick Jr very unimpressed. In fact, he was so upset that he had to “speak up as an American” right after he gave the group a big FAT ZERO. Lol.The host later issued a formal on-air apology…
“If I knew that was going to be part of the show I definitely wouldn’t have done it,” Connick Jr.

“It certainly was not meant to be racist in any way at all,” Dr Deva said. “I think he (Connick Jr) is taking it the wrong way.”
Honestly in this day and age I think it’s ridiculous that people are still doing stuff like this, and finding it funny… Do I think they were doing it in a malicious manner? No… I think this is one of those things that wasn’t quite thought through… But then again they’ve been doing it for 20 years????
Some people are mad because they think it’s disrespectful especially so soon after MJ’s death. And then there are others who think nothing of it, just a bunch of silly doctors *ahem grown men*, painting their faces black, and making a mockery of one of the greatest groups *ahem Michael* in history… The man who played Michael Jackson in the skit says the act was meant to be a tribute to Michael Jackson not a mockery…
Check out the video!

So what do you think? Do you find the skit offensive (doesn’t matter whether you’re black/white/yellow/whatever you could be a fan :)). Do you think they crossed the line?
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JLo My Glow

So many of my friends *ahem and by that I mean exboyfriends* are having babies these days that it has really got me thinking about motherhood and having babies. I think having children is a blessing and truly a wonderful thing when you are READY. That means emotionally, financially and mentally.

My cousin just had a baby this month my ex in June, my friend in Jan and another in March.
So it’s really been a lot of babies around. Nothing sweeter than the love a baby evokes from the toughest of dudes and nothing more fierce than a father/mother’s love for their young. JLo looks happy and ‘complete’ now that she has everything and her little ones. Sigh. Puppies for me for now.

Check out the ads for the new JLo MyGlow. (Babies in ad not Emme & Max)

It comes out this month and the slogan is “Every baby is an angel”

The Bottle
A soft drop shaped bottle serves as the pedestal for a delicate silver collar and precious cherub cap. Inspired by soaps from Jennifer’s nursery, the cap is dual sided with a baby boy and girl – Jennifer’s personal expression of her own twins.

Lavender Flower, Water Lily, Freesia
White Rose, Wet Leaves, Peony, Casablanca Lily
Skin Musk, Milky Sandalwood, Precious Woods, Heliotrope

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