Posts Written On October 09, 2009

Delicate. Detailed. Paper Pumps!

“A snap shot of intricate handmade paper shoes…featuring sparkling, multi-coloured stiletto & other unique works by the French artist.”
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to give thanks for all my blessings as well as for SHOES! I’M SO THANKFUL for shoes!! I love shoes! Anyway, seeing as it’s probably gonna be raining all weekend, make sure you check out the Thierry Agnone Paper Sculptures exhibition at the Bata Shoe museum AFTER you check out the Petite Feet Sample Sale! 
“Lately I have only worked on women’s shoes made from paper. This is not because paper is an affordable medium, but instead to underline the fragility and lightness of women’s shoes. I want to convey the message that shoes are not only a utilitarian object but also a symbolic one. Faily tales, princes stories and magic lands.”Thierry Agnone 
FYI: The Bata Shoe Museum houses a collection of over 10,000 modern and historical shoes! Access to the Paper Sculptures exhibition is included in the museum’s regular admission price.
Happy Long Weekend!

Straight Sugar Lovin’

New J.Lo… aka Lola! We have our own Bella aka Lola here 🙂 But check out this first single Jennifer Lopze – new album L.O.V.E comes out in January 2010.


Ooo la la legs!

I heard a guy say he doesn’t like when women wear leggings because they show “a lil too much” lol. However, he says he doesn’t mind seeing a woman rocking leggings THE RIGHT WAY. I.e, NO camel toe, and other things I don’t want to mention. I don’t wanna be the one to judge, so instead of focusing on all the WRONG ways people have worn leggings; let’s focus on how to wear them the right way. Positivity people, positivity.

It’s funny that this year we didn’t need to wait for fall or winter to rock leggings. We can attribute this to the shit summer we had, and the influx of leggings that flooded the stores/online stores. All kinds of leggings, footless, sheer, crazy you name it, they got it!

So now that it’s fall/winter we’re dropping the tutu skirts, picking up the leggings, and choosing the skinnies over the shorts/skirts etc, because let’s face it; it’s great to look cute n all, but if you’re cold, AND catching a cold, there’s nothing cute about a runny nose, I don’t care how high louboutins are!

I do kinda dig I wearing cool/cute/sexy sheer footless leggings with my cute lil skirts/dresses though…
Here’s some inspiration to keep your silhouette looking lean and sexy 🙂

Rats Leggings
The great thing about leggings is that worn the right way; they can accentuate all the right places, and worn with a killer pair of heels, even boots; make your legs look longer and leaner. Plus they’ll keep warm in the cold months!

Have a fabulous weekend!