Posts Written On October 02, 2009


So I’ve had thee worst case of writers block, or as Cahill would call it “blog choke” lol. Okay, no not really, that’s impossible as there’s tonnes of stuff that I’d like to share with you guys. As I’m back in school full-time, and just started a new full-time job (yay!), my time’s been kinda limited; but it’s all good I’ve handled it. I honestly didn’t wanna bore you guys with just anything, there’s nothing worse than reading a piece you know is a “filler” on a blog lol (i’m jus sayin, this is not a shot at anybody lol). I just like to put effort in everything I share with you guys, giving you an experience through my words and pics… 🙂
A lot has happened in the last week, but I’d rather give you guys some current ish, so stay tuned… B’s Back In Action baby!
*big red kisses!*


The 2012 Phenomenom

There’s tonnes of talk about what’s going to happen on December 12, 2012… Some say it’s the end of the world… the apocalypse…doomsday etc; this belief is based primarily on what is claimed to be the end date of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, which is said to last 5,125 years; ending on December 21, or 23, 2012, as well as various interpretations of scriptures, numerological constructions, prophecies etc. We’ve all heard em’!
Others believe that during this time, we will undergo a positive physical or spritual transformation (a global “consciousness shift”, and that 2012 may mark the beginning a new era for us as well as our planet… *dances around happily*
And then there’s those that believe that people have simply mis-interpreted and manipulated Maya history as well as the calendar…
I’m an optimist, I like to see the glass as half full; so if anything IS going to go down, I’m FOR the “global consciousness shift” 🙂
What do you think?



Google Wave

HELLS ya…. Google Wave hopes to replace e-mail as the main way people communicate online.

I am so excited about this.. You should be too. The Web application from Google Inc. combines elements of e-mail, chat, Wiki documents, blogs and photo-sharing sites to create a form of Internet communication called a “hosted conversation,” or a “wave.”
Google demonstrated Wave at the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, California, in May. The closed group of beta testers will help Google fish bugs out of the application before a public release by the end of the year, according to the Google Wave Web site.
The app was created by Jens and Lars Rasmussen, the Australian brothers who developed Google Maps. The Rasmussen brothers said they hope Google Wave will eventually replace e-mail as the main way people converse on the Internet. “This should be something everybody uses and something everybody knows,” Jens Rasmussen said.
In Wave, e-mail-like communications can be edited by several users simultaneously. And users can chat about certain sections of Wave documents in real time, where all users see what a person is typing as it is typed. If a person comes to the conversation late, they can replay everything they’ve missed.

The Rasmussens hope these functions will make online communication more efficient and collaborative.

100,000 beta testers will be released Wednesday. So if you have one, please send it to me!

What do you think? ICQ, MSN, FB, TWITTER, BBM + GWAVE? Share your thoughts!