Posts Written On September 08, 2009

Super Kawaii!

OMG if someone get’s me one of these *preferably pink!* I will LOVE you FOREVER!! (well maybe not forever, but you catch my drift!) The Tempo Mini Speaker: Ideal for home, office, and just about everywhere! You can enjoy high quality sound from these cute teeny tiny speakers. I like simplicity when it comes to my gadgets. I hate wires, and all kinds of bits and ish, dampens the whole gadget experience if you ask me… So this would be PERFECT for meeee 🙂

Source: GeekStuff4u 

Unfortunately this product is exclusive to Japan, but I’m working on that! lol so unless you’re going there, we’ll just have to wait until they’re available in North America. 🙁


“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”

Sometimes life really IS all rainbows and sunshine… especially after the rain.
Brian Atwood Mania Strass (!!)

My rainbow belt!

rainbow Herve Leger!

Yes, say yes to rainbows.