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You know about this place?

It wasn’t open when I walked by but I love the name and the concept 🙂
From Yelp:
Hands down THE best red velvet cake I’ve ever experienced — so moist, savory and just perfect. The presentation isn’t too impressive, but what counts is the oh-so-spongy cake and that to-die-for cream cheese icing. It’s sad that they no longer have their cafes, but you can still order via email at


YOYO (You’re On Your Own)!

With some many acrynoms and BBM messages infilitrating what we use to know as common English, do you sometimes wonder WTF people are saying? I picked up this book today and I love it! I was laughing and trying to retain most of it. Like all slang, some stick and some don’t – but this is a great read for those who want to communicate with the Gen D (generation digital).

Here are some of my favorites:
Deja poo – feeling that you have stepped in this bull before
WOMBAT – Waste of Money, Bandwidth and Time
WFH – Work from Home
Two Comma – anything over $1,000,000 or more!
Straight to video – the kind of guy/girl you entertain at home but not seen in public with

Special sauce – business jargon for anything proprietary
SEP – somebody else’s problem
September 10 – outdated, old fashion and no long cool (world before Sept 11)
Retrosexual – the opposite of metrosexual!
Photox – Photoshop Botox
Moved to Atlanta – 404 error (Altanta area code)

and my favorite. Blook – a blog that turns into a book

Get this book on Amazon here

The Gentleman from Mars & The Cool Kids TONIGHT!!

REMG Entertainment presents The Cool Kids live in concert tonight at Lee’s Palace, and it’s only fitting that T.O’s very own Blake Carrington is opening up for them!

The Cool Kids: Chuck Inglish & Mikey Rocks met on Myspace back in 2005 while Chuck was attending the Illinois Art Institute in Chicago, and Mikey was still in High school. Barely a year into their formation, the duo began performing at events/parties/venues all over the city. They caught the attention of DJs Flosstradamus, who had a monthly dance night at the Town Hall Pub in Chicago; they invited The Cool Kids to perform, and the rest as they say is history. You may know them from the track “Getting It”, a track with Lil Wayne, where the two do more than hold their own, despite being on a track with one of the most innovative and successful MCs in the world. Their songs have been featured in the HBO series Entourage, as well as NBA Live 08.

The Cool Kids recently released their second official mixtape, Gone Fishing, and it’s available for free download on their website. The mixtape features guest appearances by Ludacris, Bun B and GLC, and is said to just be an “appetizer” before their album “When Fish Ride Bicycles.” drops.
Download Gone Fishing here!

What can I say about Mr. Carrington!? He rocks a 90s inspired hair cut, has a unique fashion sense, and one of the most infectious personalities ever! Every time I’ve seen him he’s having a great time, whether he’s rapping or hosting parties, the crowd ALWAYS goes WILD! They say he came out of his momma’s womb rapping! Born in Toronto, but raised in Buffalo, NY; Blake started writing rhymes as a way to get through life’s tough times. After graduating from Seneca with a diploma in Independent Music Production, he decided to pursue his passion and started working on his first album Dolla NA Dream. His most recent mixtape Welcome To My World,was executive produced by Ron D, mixed by JESTER, and is available for download here!
For more info on the event, click here
We’ll be there tonight showing our love and support, and so should you!!



“Label resists the urge to define it’s wearers, but instead invites the wearer to define the clothing.”

Come out and show your love!

Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk

I love love love bright colors!

Sexy and Elegant…
I am soooo excited about meeting Designers Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk thisThursday at Cheval, where they’ll be celebrating the launch of their online store. *Congratulations Ladies!* There’ll be lots of amazing giveaways, as well as cheap drinks, and a live label photo shoot! For guest-list email

For more info on label click here!


Look out for my interview with Shawna and Natalie coming soon!!