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“Label resists the urge to define it’s wearers, but instead invites the wearer to define the clothing.”

Come out and show your love!

Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk

I love love love bright colors!

Sexy and Elegant…
I am soooo excited about meeting Designers Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk thisThursday at Cheval, where they’ll be celebrating the launch of their online store. *Congratulations Ladies!* There’ll be lots of amazing giveaways, as well as cheap drinks, and a live label photo shoot! For guest-list email

For more info on label click here!


Look out for my interview with Shawna and Natalie coming soon!!


The September Issue

My favorite is when DL asks her… What if my fashion budget was $100 and now is $20, what do you do?

AW: You buy lipstick

I rebel in YSL, here to leave a trail like Nelson Mandel … Common

The Sept 08 issue was over 800 pages with more than 50% advertising and the Sept 09 issues is only 600 pages and ad sales have be reported to be down 36%. So get out there and go shopping to support the economy! Heads up to my global readers! if you are in UK, Greece, Italy, Russia, France, Brazil, India, Spain, China, Germany, Japan, Taiwan or NYC this September 10,

Get your shop on during Fashion’s Night Out!