Posts Written On August 20, 2009

Solange’s New ‘Do

Sooo… I have heard opinions differentiate across the map with regards to Solange Knowles new diva-stated, I (for one) LOVE it and think it’s been long over due! People constantly compare Solange to her (Obviously) gorgeous older sister, Beyonce, because of their similar appearances. Bodies, skin tones, fashion sense, singing style, hair styles… they were often similar in many ways… until now! Solange took it a-la-Amber and is working the $%^# out of a bald fade! I remember about 5 years ago, I returned to Canada from a trip home (to England) with one side of my head shaved bald & decorative detailing, all the dudes and some gals in London were going crazy on that tip… in Canada PEOPLE TRIPPPPPED! But, within the year I saw it more and more and the next thing I knew the look was taken by storm and I was searching for something new! While I’m not, by any means, claiming to have originated a specific look; I am saying that I LOOOOVE it when fellow women have the confidence to WORK IT, outside of the box! Rep it ladies, explore, expand and do ur thang! I for one, LOVE it!



Vulli Sophie Giraffe

So… apparently this is the best baby gift ever! So says BKTO… Blaine! Thanks for the reco! My cousin is having a baby and then my uncle is having twins! Add to cart -> x 3! I hope the people in my building stop stealing my mail.

If you are going to a baby shower, looking for a baby gift or something for your own, HeyDoYou recommends a la resistance to persistence the photog turned baby guru!