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I heart these two! 2BitchezDeep is my favorite DIY blog.

Shoutout to Jennifer who says it’s a new day – stop talkin’ yesterday and Cherry, who got plenty notes stashed in the Chanel tote.

Catch em if you can!

"Screw-face" Capital on Blast!!

“Judging from the dourness of some of my fellow Torontonians’ comments, I think Toronto ought to be renamed “Toronto the Humorless.” I can’t believe that people could seriously be “offended” by something clearly intended good-naturedly. How parochial”.- The Star Newspaper reader)

“As someone who moved to Toronto from a small city in Ontario, I have to say I agree with this ad…the vast majority of Torontonians are not friendly at all! Try meeting a girl in a city where no one talks to each other…I think this ad is great because it brings to light a problem that needs to be addressed…Torontonians need to relax, lighten up and work on their social skills…seriously!”- Star Newspaper reader

Colder Than Most People From Toronto

So A LOT of Torontonians are salty, after hearing about and seeing the new billboard campaign in British Columbia for Coors Light. Being someone that moved from the U.S. to Toronto, I can’t help but feel that this ad has some truth to it… Not that ALL people from Toronto are “cold” as it is unfair to generalize, but you know, I’ve seen/heard many Torontonians “big up” and praise the fact that their city is known as the “screw-face” capital, some people have even put it in their songs/raps, and now every one’s mad because someone used your very own joke on you?

The billboard has since been pulled due to the large negative response… so sensitive people, but I get it this is your city, you rep your city, so it’s only right to stand up for your city.

But maybe it’s time for a change Toronto? It’s different if one city calls you cold, but I’ve heard people from all over the world, EVEN Torontonians say that this is one of thee most unfriendly places anyone can live. So is it time to prove them wrong, or you just gonna “screw” up your faces?? I for one quite love it here 🙂