Posts Written On July 27, 2009

"You’ll Never Look a Black Man the Same Again!"

We have the pleasure of being the first blog to introduce you to the ‘Secrets of a Black Boy’. Toronto’s own playwright/actor Darren Anthony gives us a direct look into the minds of black men with his debut show. Brother of Trey Anthony, playwright/producer of box office hits ”Da Kink in My Hair’ and ‘I am Not a Dinner Mint’, discovered his own writing abilities while being surrounded by these.

Theatre for people who don’t like theatre; ‘Secrets of a Black Boy’ reaches and emerges with a new generation of theatre go’ers. Experience in child and youth work gave Darren Anthony ideas to sort through his personal mind. After reflection and discovery arose… ‘Secrets’. The workshop sold out all four scheduled performances and were held back for an additional two shows.
We as a young, urban society can recognize characteristics that define “us”. Entertainment that we can all identify with, from gun violence to interracial dating, Trey Anthony Productions delivers quality theatre experiences while discussing the diversity of Canadian culture for the urban male. Darren Anthony is opening our minds and has dared the young, urban community to be entertained!

The Music Hall will house 10 shows running from September 23rd to October 3rd. Tickets can be purchased at The Music Hall Box Office at (416)778-8163, online at or at the door.
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