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Remembering Michael

(Sorry for the crappy quality, i had to get it off my blackberry then to some avi file and lost the audio in the process. Basically what you missed is me saying Hi everyone, it’s your girl Yvonne from HeyDoYou! I am overwhelmed by everyone here with their outpour of emotions. They are also screaming $5 t-shirts at the camera as I filmed them – the pics are better 🙂 )

MJ fans flood the street of Downtown LA today and even some of FIDM student orientation things had to be rescheduled because of the memorial that took place this morning. Since I don’t have a TV and didn’t think to watch live on (til I got back!), I headed down to talk to some of the fans that celebrated Michael Jackson life as the King of Pop.

Kick, push down 7th

Various vendors selling various versions of T’s for $5

The littlest vendor

Cash is King – Michael Money anyone?

This is how much parking costed today. (I took the Metro for $1.25)

Jumbo-tron set up for the media tents

Peep the glove

Slideshow of Michael pics

Millions all over the world tuned in the watch the Michael Jackson public memorial. I went down to the Staples Center to see all the emotional fans, the hustlers, the t-shirt sellers, the water vendors and whole assortment of people who wanted to get involved in this global event. I also took some video on my Blackberry, just have to figure out how to convert it.

Crowd chanting Michael and then singing Man in the Mirror

demoing MJ dance moves 

LA skies today

You are not alone: How do you want to be remembered?

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Kiss My Bundt Bakery

One fo my favorite things in the world is a scrumptious bakery. You can always something small to satisfy your sweet tooth and makes a great present. Bundt cakes are amazing and Kiss My Bundt is the bakery I discovered or West Third Street in LA. They make mini bundts (cupcake size), baby bundts (individual size) and big ‘ol bundt cakes (10 inch). Yum. So many flavors! Here’s a few of my top picks:

7-up Pound
Cherry, Almond, Vanilla
Cookies and Creme
Sticky Toffee pudding
Red Velvet
Pineapple Upside Down
Raspberry Lemonade

Check them out at
Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart. ~Erma Bombeck

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Art of Fresh

Art of Fresh is on a mission to bring butterfat boom-bap to the funk nation.

The duo is comprised of Guinness World Record setting rapper D.O., and Juno award winning producer Slakah is the Beatchild. Both artists bring their vocal talents to the group, while Slakah the Beatchild also focuses on providing the beats and production elements.

In 2008, the duo completed a 25-date national tour opening up for Sweatshop Union to mark the release of their debut album Back to the Earth (Northstarr / Nova Music Group / Universal). The album earned a 4 star review in Eye Weekly, charted as high as #2 on the national college charts, and the group made URB’s Next 1000 list. They also performed on MTV Live and had Myspace and Youtube features.

In addition to being a group, Slakah the Beatchild and D.O. are
also solo artists.

An accomplished emcee, D.O. he set a Guinness World Record by freestyle rapping over 8 hours and 45 minutes. In 2007, he released his debut album The Northstarr featuring the hits “Young Brother” and “Defy the Odds.”

Peep his new video:

Slakah the Beatchild is a Juno award-winning producer contributing to Divine Brown’s 2008 “Love Chronicles.” He’s been featured as producer on Juno nominated recordings from Shad and Ebrahim. Signed to BBE ( , DJ Jazzy Jeff), his debut album Soul Movement has been met with critical acclaim worldwide.

Peep one of his videos from that critically acclaimed album:

These two prove that Canadian talent is and can be very genuine. Keep up the good work guys. Their new album, entitled “Back to Earth” features appearances by King Reign, Tona, and JD Era.

Here’s a sample of that very song for you.

Art of Fresh – Get Money feat. Tona and JD Era

As a whole the album sounds kinda like lounge music to me; and I love to lounge. You could easily put this album on when you’re at a summer backyard BBQ, or just having friends over your loft apartment for apps and drinks recommended by Bella (ICU!).

lmao @ the NYC INTERLUDE

For more on Art of Fresh and a list of their tour dates:

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This Week @ The Movies: Public Enemies

This movie has such an all star cast that it is hard to believe.

I guess when other actors heard the immortal Johnny Depp and the caped crusading Christain Bale were the two leads, they rushed to be a part of this.

I spent most of my time watching this amazed at all the familiar faces rather than being intrigued by the story of John Dillinger.

The cast includes appearances by…pay attention to what movie/show I site them in, because those are their best.

Peter Gerety (The Wire)
Domenick Lombardozzi (The Wire)
Leelee Sobieski (88 Minutes)
David Wenham (Lord of The Rings)
Stephen Dorff (Felon)
Channing Tatum (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints)
Shawn Hatosy (Alpha Dog)
Giovanni Ribisi (Boiler Room)
Billy Crudup (Almost Famous)
Rory Cochrane (24)

I could go on…

The music was great, featuring more than one cut from Jazz Blues Songstress Billie Holiday. In the scenes when such classics are playing, you are treated to the most sincere moments of truth about the american outlaw, the law dog, and their mutual crises of conscience regarding the cost of the war the waged; namely human lives.

That may be the only good thing I have to say about this film.

Oh no wait, Dillinger’s love interest in the film, Marion Cotillard, who I remember from her role in A Good Year, was still very french and very hot. Je t’adore.

Other than that, the movie is painfully slow, far too long with a running time of 1 million hours, predictable, and then there’s the way it was shot.

In the trailers, this unique camera picture looked refreshingly real on the big screen. When it came to watching the movie it was still cool, save for in the action scenes when it felt like I was watching Cloverfield again or playing a first person shooter video game like Call of Duty or Halo.

It was a huge let down story wise, not that I was looking for anything terribly unique in the gangster genre. And I know this was based on real life events and people, but throw me a frickin bone will ya? Pause.

I guess the only treats are the music, the wardrobe (a simpler time when men always wore suits and fedoras and women always had on their sunday best dresses), and of course l’amour de ma vie, Marion Cotillard.

2/5 Bo-Ty’s because it have been so much better with just a few more weeks of editing.

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