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Barchef 1st Annual Mixologist Competition

So last night was Barchef’s 1st Annual Mixologist Competition… I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.
I will say though, that it was an AWESOME night!! Congratulations to Wes (Winner) and to all the other Mixologists, you guys ROCKED!!


Top right: Wes (Winner) CONGRATULATIONS!
He won a week long trip to France, and a mixology package valued at over $7,000!!
He can tell you any and everything about cocktails!

The First Impression

Elan’s so cool 🙂

Nishan you are amazing!


Moses and I (Prince and Princess lol)
Miss Elizabeth Savage will give you a run for your money! Watch out for her!!

Bottom right: Brent and Me
Far left: Mixologist Renata and Me 🙂

Top right: The Winner (Wes) and I
Bottom left: Mixologists Elan & Wes, and me!
Bottom right: Select Wines National Director of Marketing Mr. Trace Hanlon

The cocktail culture needs to be embraced!! Look at all the happy faces!!

Kisses for the heydoyou team!!

Enough said. Next year YOU should be there, but until then embrace the cocktail culture, and GO experience Barchef for yourself. You won’t regret it!



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Magpie Designs Summer Cocktail

“Magpie Designs is all about exploring new ways to think about textile and design in women’s fashion…”

Lovely ladies, Angela Mann and Cathy McDayter recently celebrated their relaunch of Magpie Designs, and I was honoured to be in attendance at this special occasion! The Magpie Summer Cocktail was a lovely evening of wine, hors d’oeuvres and informal modelling!

I love that Magpie Designs are unique, exhibit a wide range of textures, and have so much personality!

The Magpie models doin’ the damn thang!


The garments and accessories are ALL HAND-MADE, and are creative in their crafting of linens, tapestries, woolens, hand-painted silks and leathers, antique textiles and exotic beads. When it comes to their garments; they allow the uniqueness of every piece of fabric to guide the design process as a way to respect the integrity of the textile. The striking and memorable accessories are influenced by many countries and cultures that have supplied their textiles. For example, Africa, India, Japan and Italy to name a few.

These garments are truly unique and exotic! The best part about them is that they are custom-fitted to the customer, allowing them to have that one-of-a-kind design! They offer a diverse range of jackets, dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, coats, jewelry, belts and scarves.

Pictures don’t do these garments and accessories any justice. You just have to go and see them for yourself!! Their store is located in the diverse and vibrant Queen Street West community, at 884 Queen Street West at Crawford.

These ladies definitely “push forward and redefine our perception of the fashion phenomenon.”

Wanna see more?! Click here!



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Mr + Mrs Willis

Demi is with TwitterKing Ashton and Bruce decides to do a spread for W… with a S&M shoot and …. a burgundy wine pedi?!?


Photoshoot spread for W magazine July 09.
Bruce Willis + new wifey…boots by Nina Ricci

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Party with Idris

If you wanna party with Idris Elba on June 30th presented by Maxamus Entertainment… Just leave a comment to why you should win a pair (2) tickets to this SOLD OUT event. Winner will be chosen at random Saturday – dont forget to leave your email address.

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Transformer Premier Party Hollywood

I’m excited (not as excited as Ty) but his review made me giddy! I was wandering LA and got invited to this private party. Private used loosely here. ^_^ I checked out the venue, it’s about 400 capacity, so think Lobby. Will have pics up by Friday for sure. Watch the movie and tell me if you give it 5 Bo-Ty’s too. He could be a little bias right *wink a dink*
And if you are in the Los Angeles area on Thursday night, come with me to check out this ‘spin off’ party. It is suppose to be RED carpet and such but I will have to go see for myself, seeing that the layers of deception in this town is thicker than the smog itself. I am going to the party and blogging about it. I think promoter is a dirty word. *snob nose*
It’s at Vice lounge at 6364 Hollywood Blvd. Peep the flyer:

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This Week @ The Movies: TRANSFORMERS ROTF

In what people (me and my friends) are calling the greatest movie ever made, Michael Bay returns viewers to the science fiction world where two factions of a robotic alien race battle over Earth’s hidden secrets and powers.

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen is not going to win any Oscars outside of best sound fx or best graphics. It will however dominate at all geek award shows like the Spike TV awards, MTV Movie Awards, Hugo etc. In fact, it is already being torn apart by critics on Rotten Tomatoes and by Roger Ebert himself.

Sorry old man, this movie was not made for you. This movie was made for all the people who packed theaters at midnight last night across North America wearing Transformers T-Shirts and playing transformer ringtones over and over, before, during, and after the movie on their cell phones.

This movie is for people who love a good action flick. More so, it is for people who grew up watching the original series, the movies, played with the toys, and went on from there to watch spinoff shows like Beast Wars and Beast Machines.

After catching the midnight screening last night I left the theater as one happy 26yr old kid; a huge smile across my face and pure joy in my heart. I’m going to see it again tonight and maybe again on the weekend in IMAX (which is apparently about 2mins longer than the regular version with added fight scenes).

Ladies, this makes a great date movie too, you’ll love the human elements and the dynamics in the relationship between Sam (Shia LaBeouf) and Michaela (Megan toe thumb Fox).

Things you may not like about this movie, but I didn’t mind:

1. The Twins: Foul mouthed twin robots who get a little too much screen time
2. Lack of dialogue for other robots: Ironhide, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Arcee, all have very limited screen time and lines
3. Devastator’s balls: just get over it and giggle
4. Sam’s Mom high on weed brownies: kind of unnecessary, but still funny

Transformers 3 plot hint: Tyrese, while observing Optimus Transform – “Kinda freaky huh? If God made us in his image. Who made them?” Look for Unicron and more old Transformers like Omega Supreme in the final chapter of the trilogy. (crosses fingers and hopes for parts 4,5,6)

I give this movie 5 out of 5 Bo-Ty’s.

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