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Maxwell ~ BLACKsummers’night

Maxwell’s fourth studio album and first in eight years, BLACKsummers’night is set for release on July 7th.

Maxwell is a cutie forreal and his new album may be one of those, let’s cry over our ex albums. We will see right?  I think the eight years since his last album have been – shall we say – eventful?  Drama in your life is not always a bad thing… and in this case, it is food for thought and fuel for fire.  If your life is routine and stable – what are you going to write about? What are you going to sing about?  Heartbreak is inevitable – if you are really going to live your life.  If you are the kind of person that only dates someone if THEY like you more… you will never ever ever ever experience the highs and lows of love.  There is a saying in Chinese which means you need to taste the sour to know the sweet.  My mom always says – a peaceful life is a blessed life.  I think the trials and tribulations make you a better person.  I think going through the refiner’s fire makes you a shinier stone and more precious.  
Would you rather drift or rock the boat?
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Bebe Summer Ad Campaign

Photographer Giuliano BEKOR photographed model Diane Moldovan for the BEBE summer campaign and catalogue. The styling was carried out by Ariane Philips. The pictures from the campaign can currently be viewed in all the usual fashion and lifestyle publications, as well as on posters in major cities all over the world.

How do I pronounce ‘bebe’? 
When trying to pronounce the bebe name, think of “to be… or not to be” – the phrase that inspired Manny Mashouf when he opened the first bebe San Francisco boutique in 1976. Mashouf selected the name ‘bebe’ reflecting on the Shakespearean reference “to be… or not to be” for inspiration. The word bebe also has literal translations, including the Turkish word for woman and the Persian name for the queen in a deck of cards. It seems only fitting that the name bebe reinforces the mission of the company: to satisfy the fashion needs of the modern, sexy and sophisticated woman.

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