Michael Levine

Wilshire Fine Arts Theater

Since coming to LA, I have had a lot of time to find out what’s really good here. Some of the greatest resources have been Craigslist, LAist and Yelp.com. I found out about this seminar and hopped on the 720 Wilshire and got there in less than 30 mins.
Inside the Wilshire Fine Arts Theater

I went to check out the screening of “Sympathy for the Devil” – a documentary of Michael Levine talks at the California State Prison (population 2.1 million) and join them for the Q&A afterwards. The Levine Communcations Office is one of America’s most prominent PR firms. Celeb client lists and always in the company of the ‘best of’s. You can also sign up for his insider e-zine that is designed to influence influencers here. Michael’s story is interesting – he has no formal education, an alcoholic mother and a self taught success story.
Michael Levine during Q&A

What do you all successful people have in common? Michael Levine talks about the 3 magic O’s

1. OBSESSION: Positive addiction to your goals, act if your life depends on it (it does!)
Decide -> What do you want the most and what are you willing to give up to get it?

2. OPTIMISM: Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier
This is true – 4 motivated workers is more efficient than 20 unmotived ones

3. OBLIGATION: A sense of responsibility, accountability and non-flakeyness to oneself
Whether you believe you can or cannot, you are both right.

This game is not fair, this game is not easy but this game is winnable.

More on Michael Levine.

Michael Levine & me, happily inspired!

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