Posts Written On June 19, 2009

80%20 Shoes

Hello from sunny Los Angeles! I went shopping yesterday at the Beverly Center and these lemon yellow wedges caught my eye! They were in LA’s hottest shoe store Eilatan. They come in navy blue, orange, beige and yellow. They are under $150! You can get them on Zappos or at Eilatan is a dope store, they carry L.A.M.B and other crazy sky high heels you would never find unless you were a real shoe lover. You should check out their blog too. Here are some of my faves, lol all of them.

Wall of shoes at Eilatan

What do you think? Should I get them?

So I did a little digging and found out they are from NYC. The concept behind 80%20 came from owner and designer Ce Ce Chin’s observation that we tend to wear our favorite 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Aspiring to be part of the 20% you can’t live without, 80%20 shoes are created with fun-loving fashion and comfort in mind. After cutting her teeth designing for powerhouses like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and DKNY, in 2004 Chin jumped out on her own to design her own perfect shoe. Since the beginning, 80%20 has been featured in many notable publications and stocked in stores all over the world.

Seamless bras, hidden wedges, invisi-line – What next?

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Dream House

I absolutely love this ad. A fun house, a fun life, basically what I am all about. It gets hard sometimes when you are no longer a kid but not yet an adult. There are always a lot of expectation, a lot of waiting and learning how to be patient. Patience is knowing that the best is yet to come and not everything has to happen now. Waiting is something I have never been good at and I have been doing small exercises to help myself understand patience. For example, when I am shopping and waiting to pay – my instincts are to go to the shortest line and look out for the cashier who is just opening up. I shimmy my way over there and pay as soon as possible. The new exercise involved going to a mid size line and waiting patiently. Crazy huh? That is just a small example. In the grand scheme of things, I understand my impatience stems from fear. I am afraid of wasting time, I am afraid of running out of time, I am afraid of being late, being irrelevant and what else? Impatience = belief that time is running out. My mom always says, the time you have on earth has already been allotted. What you have, how much you receive and what your life will be is predestined. She has told me that constantly since I was young. I believe in human agency but I also believe in mistakes. I believe carelessness and rushing causes you more wasted time in the long run. I think being organized is the key of being successful and living an artful, meaningful life will make you happier at the end. I want my dream house, but I don’t want a house if that means it will cost me my dream. Ya dig?

Live your dream, whatever that may be. Have you seen UP?

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