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On July 3rd, you are going to wear a white dress and have the time of your life. Yes there is going to be a gorgeous man name Wayne waiting for you to walk through the doors but no, you are not getting married. It’s better than that! It’s the ultimate summer kick off party.

Are you ready for the WarnerLifestyle All White Wear Affair? Here are some of my suggestions for what to wear!

Tickets, RSVP and info

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Anna Sui x Target

Anna Sui draws inspirations from the four main female characters on the CW’s hit showGossip Girl, OMG yes can’t wait to see! The collection is slated to hit 250 select Target stores and from September 13 through October 17. (from

So… I live in LA now and there’s a BIG Target store around the corner, so if you want something, hollar! I will try my best and get stuff for my Canadian homegirls 🙂

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Kid Kaza

Feel No Pain

Venice Beach is filled with amazing things.  There is a great stroll filled with art, creations and souvenirs for world wide visitors. One of my favorite artists is KidKaza

The Last Persian Prince

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WWW Presents Wine, Dine & Shop in a Dress

We had an amazing afternoon yesterday as HeyDoYou went out to C Lounge to support our friend Shannae of What Women Want who hosted a lovely afternoon of smiling, shopping & shmoozing at her event ‘Wine, Dine & Shop in a Dress’. We got the chance to meet and chat with some go-getter-girls like Kathleen & Michele of Brazen Hussy, Fitness Trainer Lyzabeth Lopez, Maria Serrano of Shoes From Argentina and Dee Bailey of Let’s Play Passion Parties. Thanks to Shannae for such an awesome event and bags full of awesome goodies!!!
Big shout outs go to HeyDoYou’s own Lola of ‘Formula by Bella’ cookin’ up a storm at the event with her gourmet cuisine!!!

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LAMB Trianna

I stopped by the Bloomingdale shoe sale at Beverly Center yesterday and fell in love with the L.A.M.B Trianna.  They are gladiators but done with Gwen Stefani’s signature style and attention to detail.  I think her prices $400+ are well worth all it. From all the celeb brands, Gwen and Jessica Simpson are really doing their thing.  LAMB is creative, high quality and detail oriented. Jessica Simpson’s shoes are highly creative, quality is good not great and she just keeps pumping them out (as you can see at the Petite Feet Sample Sale).  

L.A.M.B. Trianna Heel - Dark Brown
more pix here

L.A.M.B. Women’s Trianna offers traditional elements that come together in a very unconventional way. It combines the strappy, stud-decorated leather of a modern gladiator with soft, chunky lacings for a dash of nautical chic and a stacked, sculptural wedge for unlimited sex appeal. Dust bag included.

Should I get them?
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Party Rock Life

An LA based company with swagger on a thousand trillion! I had the pleasure of meeting Tina & Melinda at Area, one of the hottest clubs in West Hollywood. The club is decadent and reminds me Cheval vibe but the size of Maro in Toronto. Check out their fly style.

They got designer Swine Flu masks! $25 (sold out)

They got paint splattered Huck Finns ($60)

and my fave, Party Rock glasses! ($30)

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