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You Should KNOW

Love, love, LOVE Katy Perry!!! If you don’t know who this songstress is by now, you need to ask somebody… she’s Amaaazing!!!

Being on again/off again girlfriend of Travis McCoy, band member of Gym Class Hero’s (a fav of mine at the time), Katy’s music first caught my attention with the single “You’re so gay”. Her controversial approach to the man that attempts to stay on the ‘down-low’ with his sexual preferences was a song basically saying…“RELAX”! Anyone I know (including 5 year old family members) can chime in to the lyrics of “I Kissed a Girl” and are dancing in their boots to her newest single “Hot & Cold”, Katy has blown up and left a mark… not only is her music insanely fun but it’s subject matter gives us something to think about!!!

Now lets talk fashion…

There’s no surprise of recent tabloids stating that Katy & Rihanna have hit off a great friendship because looking at fashion sense alone, they totally fit. Both women test fashion limits without going to the extent of tackiness… and come out on top and unique. Catching the eye of designers such as Betsey Johnson & Karl Lagerfeld, Katy’s fashion is a cross between sexy and innocent with a retro 50’s buzz. The majority of her attire can be found in vintage markets, but not only is Katy’s style ‘vintage’ it’s got a pop of punch when she wears fruit-inspired accessories from earrings to shoes.

You’re So Gay Video, Katy Perry

4 Reasons to watch Obsessed

This week, me and the Twitter fam went to see Bey’s new movie Obsessed. A lot of people love to talk about how Beyonce can’t act or how she is not an actress. Let me just say this. The primary emotions in this movie she had to portray were ‘angry’ and ‘crazy’. Seeing that she is always poised, always a lady – I am sure Beyonce has a lot of these emotions stored in reserve, if you know what I mean. I liked the movie and the crowd cheers and laughed and cheered and laughed some more. All in all what a movie should be – entertaining!

Reason #1: Idris Elba

Reason #2: Learn the fine line between flirting and psychotic

Reason #3: How to stand your ground even in midst of a fight with someone you love

Reason #4: The ‘responsible hot dad’ scenes

Let me know what you think!


Free Seminar

I attended Carol Moxam’s Event Edge Boot Camp and learned all the in’s and out’s of event planning. For those of you who have been to my events, clearly that is a difference when you learn from professionals and those who are the best in the field. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear her speak at this free event. Highly recommend it to those in event planning, fundraising, marketing, public relations and brand management.

See you next Tues!


Loving EARTH!!!

Got the chance to check out Disney’s Earth Movie yesterday and if you follow me on twitter (shayxoxo) you’ll already know… it was AMAAAZING!!!

Narrated by James Earl Jones, the film follows the lives of different animals on our planet for an entire year; these include two baby polar bears, a baby elephant and a baby hump back whale each accompanied by their mothers. It also features foxes, wolves, birds of paradise, walrus’, sharks and the list continues.

Full of humour, tragedy, action & romance Earth Movie brings out the humanity in all of us and shows us how interconnected we truely are…


James Earl Jones, Earth Movie

Bird of Paradise’s mating ritual… so funny


Rees Wavedeck

 Was delivering 1 love T.O t-shirts today and walked along Queens Quay with Jacob so he can spy on mallards making love in the sunkissed Lake Ontario… But then I saw this… 
What the heck is this? Is a ‘wavedeck’ somewhere you wave to people from?

A key feature of Waterfront Toronto’s central waterfront design is a series of wooden wavedecks that resemble the contours of the Lake Ontario shoreline and provide generous public gathering spaces at main waterfront streets. These unique spaces will also act as gateways to the waterfront. The transformation of the central waterfront will include four wavedecks located at Spadina Avenue, and Rees, Simcoe and Parliament streets. The wavedecks provide visitors with an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the lake in areas that previously lacked public access.

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