Belvedere ONE X

Word on the street is that this is your new summer DRANK. Jet Set girls all over the world are ordering the one x cocktails. What do you know, the Goose and the Bel are head to head once again. The site is dope and Kanye hearts it. The first bottles of Belvedere IX (pronounce “One X”), Belvedere’s new vodka with 9 ingredients: guarana, ginger, jasmin, ginseng and cinnamon… and its bottle designed by André… + and it’s 50%.

These are the magical ingredients for a fun night. Why? Let’s see…

guarana = energy
ginger = anti-nauseate
jasmin = reduce stress
ginseng = improve stamina
cinnamon = improves memory

I think you can see where this is going…

Remember when we blogged about the new club XS…
Street art collabs = dope.
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