Posts Written On April 27, 2009

Flud Watches

Many networking and business skill books mention that it is important to always have a ‘what’s it’ when you are out and about. Whether is it that interesting tie, a unique hair accessory, a punch of color in your wardrobe or an interesting pin on your lapel or crazy shoes… the ‘what’s it’ is a great conversation starter. From the book, How to Talk to Anyone they suggest you always always have something like this when you are any event and also take notice of other people’s ‘what’s it’.

A great spring summer ‘what’s it’ I totally dig is the fresh FLUD watch. They are perfect for industry types like us when we are out and about. You always know what time it is, you have a dope accessory and you keep them guessing.

Here are my top picks:
#1. Boom Box

#2. Turn Tables

#3. Big Ben

Mine’s on the way! Guess which one I got!