Posts Written On April 20, 2009

Photos Galore

So sorry for the delay but, as promised, here are the photos from ‘Guys & Dolls’ presented by Lost in the Willderness & Brazen Hussy as well as ‘Men in Suits, Women in Dresses’ presented by Maxamus!!!

Men in Suits, Women in Dresses



Boardgames and wine are perfect for rainy days like today.

“How would you know if you are going mad?”

 Gravitas is the game that gets people thinking and talking again. The award winning game is simple; there is no board, no tokens, and no dice. It is a game of questions and discoveries with no right or wrong answers.

“There are life questions and deeper philosophical questions,” says the creator Alan Gratias. “The game gives us permission to reveal ourselves by answering questions we have never been asked before.” For example, one card picked at random asks the following: How much is enough? What do you wish your mother understood about you? Who is riding in your sidecar? These questions and 426 others make up the inquisitive game of Gravitas. “It is better than a session with a shrink,” one enthusiast observed. But fair warning, as Jeanne Beker points out, “Gravitas is a strip tease of the mind and can be addictive.”

The rules are straightforward. The player with the birthday closest to the date of play asks the first question. The opening questioner selects any card and picks one of three questions. Each player answers that question. Then the questioner decides which player has the best answer and awards that person the card. The first person to win three cards in a short game, or five in a long game, is the winner or the ‘Gravitarg’ of the occasion.

Gravitas is the perfect dinner party addition and is gaining tremendous popularity with the new trend in ‘staycations’. More and more people are choosing to forgo their dinners out and vacations in favour of spending time with family and friends at home. It seems that staying in is the new going out- there is nothing better than Gravitas for a night off from technology to connect with real people in real time.

Gravitas is available in select boutiques in Toronto and Ontario and online for $39.95.

The Story of Gravitas:

‘Gravitas’ comes from the Latin word for substance or depth of personality. The original idea for the game came from Alan Gratias’ Millennium dinner party where he asked guests to bring items for a time capsule. The items for the capsule inspired great discussions with unexpected revelations and profound insights over the course of the evening. Gratias saw how the party had evolved into something more and the idea of the game of questions was born. Over the years, Gratias developed a database of questions that help people reveal how they feel, who they are, and what they have learned along the way. These profound, personal, and fun questions now make up the game of Gravitas.

About Gravitas:
Developed by Alan Gratias, Gravitas is the game of discovery – of who we are and how we have lived. By trading insights, wisdom, and savoir faire, Gravitas gets us thinking and talking again. The game consists of 143 cards with three questions per card- totaling 429 questions.

For more information visit


Making it Sunny through the Rain

Somehow, each time it rains all options of fun things to do go out the window, the excuse being… “It’s raining”!
CP24 is saying we’re looking at a few days of this stuff so instead of letting it put a DAMPer on having fun I’ve compiled a list of ‘Stuff that’s fun without the sun’ lol… njoy
· Get lost in a good book – to name a few… ‘A year in the Merde’ by Stephen Clarke & ‘Remember Me’ by Sophie Kinsella
· Download some new itunes
· Paint ur nails a sunny color – I love coral or electric fuchsia
· Exercise – hitting the gym always gives me a fresh start to the day
· Clean out your closet – this way when the rain dries you can easily grab your cutest ensemble and enjoy the sun
· Check in on – xoxo 😉
· Shop… shop… shop – malls are always a warm, dry place
· Start a ‘to do’ list – of all the fun things you want to do this summer
· Have a spa day – complete with a facial, manicure, pedicure & massage
· Hit a museum or gallery – you don’t know what you’re missing until you get in there so hit up your most creative of friends and check it out if you never have… the galleries of Africa & Greece at the ROM are a few of my favs
· Have a film fest at home – I’m in love with TCM (Turner Classic Movies)
· Bake yummies – cupcakes, cookies, croissants, cinnamon buns… mmmmm
· Lastly… as an English chic by origin I still see the fun in putting on a pair of Wellies (Wellington rain boots) & trenching around outside… to each their own!
[above: Marc Jacobs Wellington Boots ($145) below: Jimmy Choo Hunter Wellington Boots (£235), Burberry Stud Trim Wellington Boots (£225), J Crew Men’s Wellington Boots ($115)]


Dog x Honda Element

New York Auto Show 2009 unveiled the new ‘dog friendly’ concept car for Honda Element.  I personally think that it’s a great step towards the new age life style.. but I don’t want to be the ‘dog lady’ – I don’t want the Element to have the same Minivan stigma from the 90’s.  Who knows? I personally see me and Jacob in drop top but that’s just me.  It’s funny because I always shy away from guys with ‘fancy’ cars because I know he probably won’t take a muddy/wet Jacob and me on a hike anytime soon.  I found this commercial that made me laugh:

In Japan (where Honda is from) there are more dogs and cats than there are children under the age of 15. No wonder.  I travel a lot on the subway and streetcar with Jacob but I think having a car + a dog is definitely a plus. You can leave your dog in the car when you are running errands, he can sleep in the car when you are shopping and you can go to more places that are far away together.

Man’s best friend’s best friend. Now friendlier than ever.
Dogs agree: The Element is one of the most “pet-friendly” vehicles ever. Now we’re taking a good thing and making it even better with the new Dog Friendly™ Element concept coming fall 2009. The specially designed collection of accessories will include pet restraint systems, a folding ramp, pet bed, water bowl, electrical fan and more—all designed for the safety and comfort of your beloved canine companion and you.

The Dog Friendly™ Element made its public debut at the 2009 New York Auto Show.

The Dog Friendly™ Element Concept is likely to include:

  • Pet restraint systems
  • Cushioned pet bed
  • Load-in ramp
  • Dog-pattern second-row seat covers
  • All-season “dog-bone” rubber floor mats
  • Spill-resistant water bowl
  • Electrical fan
  • Tote bag
  • Dog Friendly™ exterior emblems
  • A leash, collar and dog tag ready for custom engraving

More info here on Honda


Soooo SAD! Photo faux pas!!!

Went to two of the most anticipated parties in Toronto this weekend… took photos galore of gorgeous Torontonians… Went to upload them to the blog this morning only to find photo dilemma after photo dilemma…

First and foremost; NEVER lose an Olympus camera’s USB cable because “GOOD LUCK” if you think you’ll be able to find another one that fits… IT’S NOT A UNIVERSAL SIZE & neither is the only memory card that’s compatible with it! So (two hubs & a flea market later) I decided I would take logical option number two; burn to disc at blacks… and that went fine… except for the fact that when I got there at 5:15pm I discovered that blacks is the only store at the Common Mall that closes at 5!!!! :S
Needless to say…uber sozz, photos will be up tomorrow… I PROMISE!!! xoxo