Posts Written On April 16, 2009

Stiletto… Run??!!

So excited, hello Shay! Double the blogging and so much fun ^_^

Are you KIDDING me?!??

Rules are: 3-inch plus. 100 metre dash, winner’s time was about 14.7 seconds. HOLY SMOKE STACKS. No running in high heels for me.

Happening in Toronto this summer

Here is what the 2008 winner in Berlin said:
“The 24-year-old office worker claims to not have trained specifically for the event, but apparently she didn’t have to. “I have to run around every day with high heels on, and I’ve always been a good runner,”

she spent her prize money on… shoes!

If you are interested in getting involved or sponsorship opportunities – get at me


New Kid on the Blog – Shay Ironmonger

Hey guys… as you may have already realized, I am the new blogger partnered up with Yvonne as! Hardly able to contain my excitement, I thought I’d use my first official blog entry to introduce myself…

This is MOI
Born Shayna Christina Ironmonger, background is bi-racial; Mum’s from England, dad’s from Jamaica… a true Capricorn in nature; “resourceful, ambitious, organized, realistic, loyal, witty, fearless, thoughtful… simply irresistible” :p

Stuff I like
writing, the hills, singing in the shower, word plays, reading, summer nights, strawberry milk, snapping pics, Amy Winehouse, a cup’a tea, pastels, summer dresses, good friends, getting inked, bronzy tans, pad thai, down time, Tropicana oj, boxer briefs, Yorkshire England, blogs, galleries, pantomimes, warm blankets, manicures… and pedicures, lupe fiasco, bracelets, black & white photography, tights, my city, top shop, hats, sunny side up, high heels, NCAA basketball, UK Vogue, vintage shopping, bed head hair prods, sex in the city, white-sand beaches, slow jams, opal, artists, museums, French toast, fun stationary, European fashion, concerts, festivals, hair dye, lipstick, Etta James, cotton candy, ”…”, xoxo’s