Posts Written On April 09, 2009

Shoe Heaven

Shoe heaven aka the Petite Feet Sample Sale!

These were size 7 🙁 too big
boat shoes!

Wanna see what I bought?

Tan over the knee, peep toe leather boots – Jessica Simpson

These are crazy! Shannae saw them and told me I HAD to get them.. So I did. I think I’ll wear these with denim, with leggings with a killer skirt, with a LA attitude, with some statement jewelry… Go see what Shannae bought over at What Women Want.
Sunshine yellow leather pumps with corset details – Jessica Simpson

Every since I saw those yellow t-straps in that Old Navy spring ad campaign, I have been looking hard for those statement yellow heels. These just might be it! So fun and playful, if you like the play the games I play! I’m gonna Polyvore these bad boys soon. Sigh. So this is what true love feels like.

Olive super sexy CFM heels 🙂 – Jessica Simpson

These shoes are so bADDDDDDD they are so teetering high that it’s probably a staple for those ‘i date a basketball player’ type. Just saying… love all of them! Make sure you check out the sale its on all weekend.

Yowza, that’s right!

(Scroll up and click the pink flyer on the right.)


XS is the new Republik

Went down to check out the hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations done to pump blood and vitality back into the Richmond club stripe – the newest hot spot is XS (excess, not extra small). Dazzling crystal chandeliers, chocolate dipped strawberries and a cute saxophone player. Not bad! Hope the clubheads won’t be too drunk to notice :)

For more info, check out: ClubXS

Belvdere 1X bar


Finally went down to Loblaws and got me some Joe makeup 🙂

They replenish every Weds at the Queens Quay Loblaws!