Posts Written On April 04, 2009

JLo for Samantha Thavasa

Everyone knows how much of a JLo fan I am. Love love love everything about her. She is the latest celeb to endorse the purse line Samantha Thavasa. See her highness in Tokyo looking casual and cute.
I am SO in love with the campaign and how the babies in it.. the modern mama. When i have kids, you can bet your $$ that i’ll be that yummy mummy!

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cutenessssssssss 100%
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Other celebs to put Sam Thavasa bag on include Posh, Knowles sisters and now J to the L-O!


Schelle Sweets

Had the pleasure of meeting Michelle from Schelle Sweets yesterday and she shared with me some of her delicious creations.  All of her cookies, cakes, loafs are organic and can be found at Pusateri’s in Toronto or online here.

“There are NO preservatives in our products, if you cannot pronounce it, you should not eat it. The ingredients in my products a two year old child can pronounce :)”

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Pattern Swatch




I often find myself overhearing conversations while shopping. People will say things like, oh that stripy look, or that grandma kind of pattern, or that lumberjack coat thingy, or that preppy gossip girl kinda look. Well – Here are the correct names of patterns that are en vogue. Hope it helps!

Nautical Stripes


Fleur de Lis or Floral Pattern