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Laid Off Camp

Misery loves company, as the saying goes, but so, too—one could argue—do creative ideas. It should come as no great surprise, then, to see growing numbers of laid-off professionals coming together at newly launched LaidOffCamps to network, brainstorm and find inspiration for the next phase of their careers.

Founded in January, LaidOffCamp organizes free, ad-hoc gatherings of unemployed and nontraditionally employed people—including freelancers and entrepreneurs—who want to share ideas and learn from each other. Sessions at LaidOffCamp meetings address topics such as living on an extreme budget, building a personal brand, how to be a freelance consultant and more. The camps are based on the Bar Camp model in which all attendees participate, and there are no prescheduled presentations. All planning and coordination is done through the LaidOffCamp wiki. The first day-long LaidOffCamp took place earlier this month in donated space in San Francisco, and was reportedly packed to bursting with attendees and potential employers alike. Many more LaidOffCamps are planned, beginning next month in Los Angeles.

Necessity is the mother of invention, to use another oft-repeated saying. It may be rough going these days, but it’s also a time of opportunity, both for innovators and for sponsors. Apply free love and/or sympvertising today, and reap the rewards for years to come!

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Living on a budget
Building your personal brand
Finding a job / work in this market
How to freelance / be a consultant
Finding co-founders
Affordable health insurance


From NatalieDee


Ice Cream Pumps

I went to Destiny in Richmond Hill with Janice and Julian last week for some Strawberry French toast, Pineapple bubble tea and some quality time.  This place is pretty cool. You should go check it out.

“Destiny Business Corporation has combined the elements of club and entertainment into dinning place to convey the message of New Orient Environment, which demonstrates the most fashionable style in young generation from Asian countries. Elegant environments, innovative food, traditional Taiwanese food connected to Japanese food have created our difference from others. Our professional staff makes the tea and drinks healthy and special.”


They also have all these cool looking drinks that I LOVE. It’s so hard to choose just one. They have all kinds of shakes – not just Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry! And then, if that doesn’t impress you, Destiny also has all types of exotic sodas, tea concoctions, jellies, beans, ice cream, cakes and all sorts of yummy-ness.

What an adventure for the senses. Then I saw these:

They have a plethora of back issues of magazines of all sorts – I found my favorite JJ magazine! Japanese fashion is crazy and fascinating for me…Does anyone know where I can get these????

Joe Fresh Beauty

Me testing the matte lipsticks & my Renee’s Poppyseed dressing 😉

Joe Fresh at Loblaws launched their beauty line this month and it’s mostly all sold out. I am so sad that I waited on this because the quality, colors, selection and prices are phenomenal! $4 for cheek tints and $8 for brushes!! 

I’m realllllly feeling the cheek tints in pink and bronze – so spring ‘Fresh’ – SOLD OUT

When are they going to replenish?? I guess to check back often and every time you pick up your milk and oj.

I also really wanted the nude matte lipstick!!!!!! But that’s also sold out :(:(

The gloss in the clear tubes are cute and clean… it’s totally sold out everywhere at the Jarvis & Queens Quay location.

I just might head up the to the Landowne and Dupont locale this week. I still need to check the pigment of the eyeshadows etc to give it a true review but for now *thumbs up*
Joe Fresh Beauty website


Nicole ‘Stiletto’

Miss Nicole ‘Stiletto’ is a makeup artist at Donato Salon & Spa and a beauty columnist for My City Toronto. Here is Nicole at the Fashion Showdown – I just LOVE this look! What a doll. Tell Nicole she is fabulous here.

Get the same look here:
Bebe Ruffled Shoulder Crepe Silk Top $79 USD

BDG Solid Pocket Knit Skirt Urban Outfitters $38 USD

and of course some banging python heels! Miu Miu Python platform sandals $985 USD