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LG Denim DIY

LG sponsored a denim design competition for designers under 25 yrs old in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. How come no one heard about this contest?? And why is there only 60 in the Facebook group?? Yikes…Maybe HighRoad Communications should have hit up social media consultants like myself next time. It’s a shame really cuz the prizes are pretty wicked.

LG Denim DIY is a dynamic, interactive design contest open to Canadian “Under 25” designers, sponsored by LG Electronics Canada.

The premise is simple: create an original pair of jeans that are fun, funky and “runway ready”.

All design submissions will be featured in one of three regional competitions that will take place in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Each submission will be modelled as part of a runway fashion show and judged by a panel of fashion industry VIPs. A winner will be selected from each of these three cities and will be flown to Toronto for a final contest announcement, where LG Electronics will crown Canada’s top “Under 25” denim designer.

The LG Denim DIY contest winner will receive:
• $5,000 fashion endowment from LG Electronics Canada
• All three regional winners will win a trip to Toronto for the event finals
• Winners from the two other regional competitions will receive an LG LCD television

Why enter?
• Pitch designs to fashion experts and network with industry VIPs
• Mesh with the manufacturing side of the business and the process of bringing new fashion designs to market,
• Work under tight budget and time deadlines
• Exposure to Canadian fashion media (cross-Canada PR campaign will be engaged around the contest) and potential for gratis publicity and press coverage

The fashion show will feature all submitted designs and models galore, outfitted in the jeans and strutting their collective stuff on the runway. A panel of industry experts will choose a top design and the grand prize winner will then move to the national finals in mid-March, with the chance to win a $5,000 fashion endowment from LG.

Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Time: 12:30pm
Location: Sears Eaton Centre, Street Level – North Entrance (290 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON)

We’ll have a ton of student designers onsite from schools such as George Brown College, Humber College and Ryerson University, available to discuss their denim creations and the challenges of being a young designer breaking into the industry.

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Christian Siriano x Payless

$25-$45??? When do they hit stores?? The collection was unveiled New York Fashion Week this month….They will available in Payless stores and in the Fall of 2009. The designs are expected to range in price from $25 – $45.

For realz???

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Amber Rose

Look out for the next fashion power couple.  Amber Rose is 25, half Italian, half Cape Verdean. We dont’ know her horoscope sign but we are on a mission to find out. SHE IS A LIBRA… here is her myspace page. Since Shay posted about Amber Rose on What Women Want and prompted searching for more dirt on this fly girl – i did some digging too!

It all started with this:

(i said it cuz it was the first thought in my mind!)

Then Nebby said:

Then I said:

Looks like I was right (says so on the Rundown)! Because Miss Amber Rose was a lesbian before she dated Kanye West!

There she is with her ex Tiffany (with hair!) and without hair.

I think Amber Rose stands out way more with her hair shaved. The other look was just so regular. One of the best blog comments I read about her is on Janet Charlton’s Hollywood blog. “Is she from the future?”

LOL… Move over Brangelina… KA-MBER ROSE (i just made that up) are SO gonna be the CONTROVERSIAL couple this year.

Yeezy’s new breezy. She is also supposedly really good friends with Rihanna and convinced her to cut her hair short… kinda makes sense if we think of the time when Stronger came out and when Rih cut her hair, kinda lines up I guess. There are SO MANY blog posts about this girl right now! Some people are seriously hating on her.. look what I found on ATLnightspots:
“Excuse Me Ladies And Gentlemen… Gold diggers and Groupies. Sorry to burst your bubble But Ms. Amber Rose AKA “Paris” Is a Stripper at the well known SUES RENDEVOUS in Mount Vernon NY at 96 Gramatan Aveune Mt Vernon NY. She is as fake as a $2.00 Bill.”

I dunno, I kinda like her for the same reasons I love Kanye, they are different, they speak their mind and they got mad cool styles, Style Icons. She loves em stunner shades that’s for sure.
What’s her sign?? i think she’s an Aries or a Scorpio She is a LIBRA – just cuz im a Gemini (like Kanye) and i know those are good matches.. Gemini + Libras = ♥♥♥♥

Amber Rose, Vivienne Westwood, Kanye West

You can get the Disco Pant at American Apparel. She has them in fire engine red too. They are $123 CAD.

With CB

New York Fashion Week.

Bag looks familiar?

Pretty Sweet made one for the Shopaholic party!

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I know where it’s at

Woke up this morning with this song in my head… 🙂

Don’t deny, don’t be shy, just come around.

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