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Happy Birthday Shay Shay!

Happy Birthday Shay Shay!
Shannae is the founder of What Women Want, the expert on all things astrology, the official epitome of what every girl should aspire to be. She suits up in the am at her finance job and then rocks the latest and greatest, tearing up the dance floor and poppin bottles at all the exclusive events in the city. Sigh. I love her 🙂 I met Shannae back in 2006 at her first WWW Event…on MySpace!
then we guest spoke at Ryerson Fashion class together…
I love how she knows every single eligible bachelor in Toronto and the 200 km radius around the city. ha ha.. I will never forget when I said, oh shay, i met ________ and shes like OMG ________ is this, when to school here and does this! lol this girl never ceases to amaze me!
You know the kind of person who always can make you laugh or bring that objectivity that is so necessary when it comes to dating those trifling, good for nothings… thanks for listening to my hours of stories about guys :*(
Shannae speaks her mind, is curious about the world around her and always has an opinion on what’s what. So if you ask her, be prepare to hear what she has to say.
We were roommates for one year 😀
Endless amounts of fun. one thing i am say is im so happy we met! shannae, happy birthday and lots of love xoox
You are a true inspiration to everyone around you. So happiest birthday to you this year and many more to come!
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