Posts Written On February 06, 2009

IDS Opening Party

Yes – Read that, meditate and act upon it. Your surroundings affect you wayyyyyy more than you realize.
The crystal exhibits were simply breath taking! I want to be surrounds by sparkly things my entire life and every single minute of it. The CRYSTALLIZED with Swarovski elements is incredible and if you need a reason to go to IDS09. This is it.
This was my all time favourite thing at IDS09 this year. Maybe it reminds me of the jellyfish in the movie 7 Pounds, except not deadly. I want to buy this for my sister when she graduates from Law School. You can find them at
Hats and head accessories are a big thing this year, this is how you do it right @:D
Very cool – I think this is done by DaisyCake architectural chaining
Fabulous tartan dress! Creativity + beautiful = winning combo!

This promo is funny – imagine the job description: soap each other! ha ha ha

I had to stop these ladies to snap their photo! Hair accessory, check!

Bird in a cage!

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