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Puppy Fund!

As most of you know, I love my dog Jacob more than a fat kid loves cake.  I have been looking for a friend for him and I think I found her!  She is a 6 week old Shar Pei.  Shar Pei’s were once used at guard dogs in China and are known for their wrinkly faces, fierce loyalty and snobbery. Perfect!
So I have 2 weeks to come up with $750 to get her.. If you want to donate to the cause Please click donate ->!

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Toika Lounge

Last night, we hit up Toika for the birthday party of Harris, the editor of Peace Mag.  Even with the snow, everyone came up in the spot looking extra fly!

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The Inuit have different words for different types of snow.
Katiksunik – light snow
Anui – snow packed hard
Iluq – thin snow on a window
Pokaktok – snow that looks like salt
Aput – snow on the ground
Massak – watery snow
Akillukkak – soft snow
Sillik – hard icy snow
Imalik – falling wet snow
Sullarniq -snow blown in
Apun – snow
Apingaut – first snowfall
Qaniit – snow in the air
Nittaalaq – snow thick in the air
Ayak – snow that has fallen on clothes
Aputitaq – patch of snow
Kannik – snowflake
Nutagak – snow like powder
Apirlaat – snow that has just fallen
Kaiyuglak – snow in ripples
Perksertok – drifting snow
Aniuk – snow to use as water
Apusiniq – snow in a drift
Miulik – sleet
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Probably one of my favourite things in the world is listening to the radio. I love the unpredicatbility of what comes on next and I squeal with glee when old/forgotten songs come on! Now you can stream the coolest radio site in the world wide web. Musicovery (music + discovery) allows you to mark your favourite songs, ban the songs you hate and listen for free.99! Premium membership is only $4US. You can pick genre, time period and mood. This is what makes this webradio truly original. The mood music is a quadrant ‘energetic’, ‘calm’, ‘dark’ & ‘positive’. Listeners can intuitively find music matching their mood. Today, I picked ‘dark’ x ‘calm’, R&B and the playlist they generated for me included:

Brandy & Monica – That Boy is Mine
John Legend – Save Room of My Love
Tamia – More
Alicia Keys – If I Was Your Women
+ lots more

This is perfect for those long work days where you simply cannot stand another Pizza advertisement :P. Or house parties where you want to impress your guests with your musical selection. I have gone through 4 laptops and numerous mp3 players in the last few years and have lost my music collection over and over again. So Musicovery saved my life.

If you like any of the songs you can directly click to buy it on iTunes, Amazon and Ebay. Tell me if it can possibly get better than that!

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