Virtual French Excellence Week

Sometimes I think the French know something about life that we don’t.  French toast, french kiss, french manicures… and then there’s more!  Remember the last season when Carrie goes with Petrovsky to Paris but it’s nothing but dog poo on Manolos and heartache.  Ouch… Places and things, we always attach fantasy and assumptions about them. Is that a good thing? I guess – but out of my travels, I have this to say – a place is just a place. If you have globe trotted as much as I have, you can attest to what I am saying. The most important thing is where your friends and those you love are.  Don’t let geography dictate how you dress, how you think or your ability to fall in love.  There are unstylish people in New York, heart breaks in Paris, lackluster spirits Shanghai and dream crushers in Toronto.  When you know who you are, define your style and live your passion – trust me, somethings do translate!

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