Posts Written On October 2008

Blue & Cool

When the commercial for this product first aired, it totally caught my attention so i just had to try it out.
So i squeezed the bottle to 10 ml and silently sang happy birthday in my heart til it was time to spit. I was soooooo sad to see that there were NO BLUE STAINS like the commercial!!! 🙁 maybe i wasn’t plaquey enough?? Boo. I will try again and again -n Anyone else try it? What are your thoughts?


Chocolate Ball

Remember we went last year? 🙂 Back for more with more chocolate than ever!
Excitement surrounding The 3rd Annual Chocolate Ball is mounting as the weather gets cooler and the holiday season gets closer. Now in its third year, The Chocolate Ball will take place once again at The Palais Royale in Toronto on Friday, October 17th, 2008.

In support of Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer, this year’s theme is PUTTING ON THE GLITZ, a retro-styled glitz and glamour gala reminiscent of the early Hollywood era. In keeping with the theme, more than 30 musicians and singers will keep The Chocolate Ball from a meltdown. Led by the Toronto All-Star Big Band Orchestra, guest recording artists including June Garber, Michel Berube and Paula Shear will join in for a memorable night of entertainment.

Advance Tickets for the CHOCOLATE BALL are $150 for VIP, $125 for General Tickets and $100 ($85 in advance) for After 9 Tickets. Tickets are available by calling 905-593-1608 or by visiting the official website . Tickets are also available at


Pillow Puppy

Scooter Pillow
Scooter, a scrumptious piebald dachshund with enough charm for a pound full of puppies, makes a splendid companion. Based on pillow designer Aaron Stewart‘s own pup, Scooter is the perfect size to cushion your tired neck at home or in the office (co-workers love dogs). The real-life pets come from all over the world, but they all have one thing in common: they make squishable, perfect pillows.
Made in New York.
Measures 27″ x 7″.

Price $75.00

Buy it on


I smell cuter than u!

Thanks Matchstick for the amazing HL kit! Bursting with samples, vials and cuteness! 2 bags and a charm bracelet, 5 fragrances and 1 LilANGEL… and tons of samples! Woo wee!

Oh yes, look what a great match, me and lil angel are a match made in harajuku.

If you are looking for a new fragrance to rock you world, is the perfume equivalent to glossy pink lips and fake eyelashes… HARAJUKU LOVERS just hit stores and we have a hook up just for you –> you can’t really smell cuter than me but if you want to smell cute like me ~ get your free samples here! ^_^