Posts Written On August 11, 2008

Passion + Inspire!

Thank you for having LongOverdew speak at Derrydown Public School! Given the chance to inspire young minds and tell the story of ‘following your PASSION’, LongOverdew had the opportunity to be a guestspeaker for the coolest Gr 4 & 5’s in Toronto!

Passionate about what you do? Want to be a guest speaker at Derrydown PS? Email Mickella!


Palm Centro

You are not a somebody unless you have your Blackberry right? WRONG! For creative sassy types – Palm Treo is the way to go – easy navigation, email, text, talk, touch screen, and alternative underground brands is cooler than cool.

Check out these new ones they launched for Sprint! If you are thinking of upgrading to a PDA – check out + telus for amazing data plans! I have used the Palm Treo 600 back in the day and now 755 from Telus – and LOVE IT. BBerry pinning is unique but Palms are for girls who don’t wait to get pinned – if you know what I mean! Life can’t wait so make it happen.



JUZD (pronounce joost) is the planet’s first bamboo designer label. We are a new, trendy, and eco-conscious high end, street wear line. The whole JUZD collection is made from organic bamboo fabric.

Each shirt is powered and inspired by the JUZD legend of 1898. When you wear one you are undefeatable, you are unstoppable, you are juiced. You become your alpha persona.

JUZD is the start of a movement that is bringing the art back to clothing design. The JUZD shirt designs are one of a kind. Each shirt is individually numbered and is limited to as few as 1000. Each and every shirt is designed by its visionary, ensuring that it is in perfect essence with the JUZD philosophy.

We are passionate about creating innovative, organic, and edgy designs for the fashion forward eco-conscious individual. We empower you through style and comfort, using one of the most amazing natural fabrics on the planet, bamboo!

JUZD Streetwear Blog – A behind the scene look at the streetwear and fashion industry. The first bamboo clothing label team gives you their insight on the streetwear and fashion industry, social trends, bamboo fabric, predictions, and more.


My Milkshake


Fresh kept it fresh in Toronto and IDR’s Mark Tone debuted MilkShake Kicks on Sunday! They are fly enough to keep your lipgloss poppin. Check them out here on Blogger. They also have a lil Facebook Group started to get the buzz going!

What do you think?


Fat Free Pastry

Angela and Vanessa Simmons are the daughters of DJ Run. DJ Run, now Rev. Run, was a founding member of the groundbreaking rap group Run DMC. He now heads up Run Athletics, an athletic wear company, along with his brother Russell Simmons. Angela and Vanessa came up with the idea for their footwear line on Run’s House, a reality series on MTV.
Pastry Kicks was launched in spring 2007 as a lifestyle brand, and has a playful desserts and candy theme.

Check them out at 100% Fresh this year… crazy young entrepreneurs! I love them!