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“Realeza Jewellery Display Pillows”…

Featured today is the style of Tia, designer of the glamourous “Realeza Jewellery Display Pillows”. Realeza translates to Royalty in Spanish… check out the style of this ambitious duchess!

What’s your name: Tia

Star Sign: Cancer

What area do you rep? Brampton

Describe your style: innovative, unique, trendy

Fav stores: H&M, Queen St, Forever 21

Fav designers: Gucci, Chanel

3 things you can’t live without: My ipod, cell phone and jewellery pillows!

Cocktail of choice: Malibu Pineapple

FB or MySpace: FB!

Last purchase: this necklace

Trend you can’t wait to rock: Bright colours and long skirts!

Check out Tia’s style on

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