RoseArt – Craft Kits for Tweens Inspired by YouTube

Do you still remember how much fun your young girls have last year? It is a very valuable time to do some crafts diy with your busy teenager kid. Gladly, she likes and enjoys it. So, this year, there are more products for you to choose, having more memorable family moments!

From YouTube star, Lauren Riihimaki, LaurDIY Craft Kits are inspired by craft tutorials, life hacks, and décor ideas.

Rose Art LaurDIY Crystal Chandelier Kit
(MSRP $19.99)

Rose Art LaurDIY Mini Planters Kit
(MSRP $19.99)

New this holiday season, give the LaurDIY Crystal Chandelier Kit. Crafters can have fun with paper and crystals to form an incredible, iridescent, chandelier.  The LaurDIY Mini Planters Kit teaches you how to build a wooden stand, paint the pots with custom LaurDIY colors, and decorate them with stickers and glitter. Add the included faux succulents to make the perfect accent pieces for any space! LaurDIY Craft Kits are $19.99, for ages 8+ and can be purchased at Amazon.

For holiday gift 2019, RoseArt/Mattel also launched a new line of DIY makeup kits called BeYouTology. The perfect holiday gifts for tween girls who love watching DIY makeup and craft channels on YouTube, these kits encourage girls to get creative and play with color as they mix and blend their own personalized makeup.

BeYouTology Luxe Cosmetic Bar Kit
(MSRP $29.99)

The BeYouTology™ Luxe Cosmetic Bar is a creation station that holds pigment pearls and all the tools needed to mix colors and make eyeshadow, highlighter and lip gloss. Select colors, crush and blend the pigment pearls in over 60 color combinations!

Create 60+ Color Combinations with:

  • Cosmetic Bar
  • 72 Pigment Pearls
  • Stylist Mixing Cards
  • 6 Lip Gloss Containers
  • Compact case for eye shadows

BeYouTology Lip Gloss Kit
(MSRP $9.99)

The BeYouTology™ Lip Gloss Kit lets girls design their own personalized makeup for lips using the color mixing cards (or experiment on their own). With four colors of pigment pearls to work with, girls can create 20+ lip shades. This kit can be used on its own or as a refill for the Luxe Cosmetic Bar.

Created 20+ Lip Shades with:

  • 16 Pigment Pearls
  • Stylist Mixing Cards
  • 3 Lip Gloss Containers

About RoseArt®

Creates fun, innovative and easy-to-use products that create engaging creative experiences, nurture development in children and ensure success! The brand is primarily known for Art Materials, Color Blanks™ and Fuzzy™ Posters but we also offer innovative products in the craft and toy activity categories.


Get in Style: Essential Tips to Match Your Outfit with Your Luxury Watch

“How to match my watch to my clothes?” Fashion-conscious people often ask this question when preparing their outfit of the day. Well, the fact is that style doesn’t really stick to hard-and-fast rules. It’s all about how you feel about yourself while wearing a particular type of clothing. 


But if you want to be practical about matching your watch with your outfit, it won’t do you harm to follow some of the time-tested rules for this purpose. Are you eager to know how to match your watch with your clothes? Read on below. 

Complement the Color of Your Watch with the Color of Your Shoes

If you’re not sure how to pull off a fashion style that will amaze everyone, try matching the color of the timepiece you’re wearing with the color of your shoes. 


When you’re wearing a pair of shoes in blue or gray shades, grab a silver watch from your collection. For brown, tan, or beige shoes, on the other hand, you can’t go wrong by wearing a gold luxury watch. 

Consider the Formality of Your Outfit

The type of watch you’re wearing should complement the formality of your clothing. So, what type of watch should you wear with a casual attire: a digital or analog watch? And what about with a formal outfit? 


Well, the designs of both types of watches are different. That’s why you have to be picky about them, especially if you’re dressing for the occasion. 


Digital timepieces are sporty when it comes to their looks. They typically have a big LED digital display, so they’re perfect to wear in casual or informal events. Analog watches, on the other hand, are more formal in appearance. Thus, they’re perfect to wear when you’re going to formal occasions.  


Watches with leather bands are also more formal than timepieces with metal bands. Black leather assumes a higher level of formality than brown leather. Silver or gold metal bands are excellent to complement with dressy outfits. Timepieces with rugged, worn-in leather bands will do well with casual attire, such as jeans and tees. 

Metal Complements Metal

It’s also crucial to consider the finish of the watch case and the color or finish of your clothing accessories. Most watch cases have platinum, silver, or gold metal finishes. Well, it’s as simple as picking the same color of your watch case and your belt or necklace, for instance. 


A watch metal case finish that’s all-black is also popular nowadays. This type of metal case finish is perfect to match with silver or gold accessories. 

Leather Matches Leather

If you’re wearing leather shoes, then choose a watch with a leather band for the perfect match. Now, let’s go on with the color of the leather. 


For brown leather shoes, a brown leather watchband can complement well with that one. If it’s black leather, go for a black leather watchband. 

Sports Watches for Sporty Attires

Sports watches are durable and reliable. They don’t have to be shiny like dress watches, but their casing, strap, and dial have to be made from rugged materials. Sports watches should have features such as a chronograph to make it more useful when playing sports or going on an adventure. 


Another good thing about sports watches is that their designs suit well with your sporty outfit. You can even wear them for casual outfits by choosing a sports watch with a neutral-colored dial or a band in a dark or metal color. If you’re looking for a sports watch, go for Omega Speedmaster for that purpose. 


You should see to it that the watch you’re wearing complements well with your outfit. The matching of your watch and your clothes is crucial to upgrade your style and make you feel better about how you carry yourself. You can take some cues from the pointers mentioned above on how to pull the right match between your watch and outfit. 




Get cleaning with Squeak!

Wow can’t believe it’s fall already and Niko is 9 months old! With a crawling baby and a dog who loves to roll everywhere – keeping the house clean and disinfected in a huge challenge everyday. Pet and children safe products they are also effective are hard to find but we found one!

SQUEAK! Takes the guess work out of making your own products and come in fun designed bottles where you can see the product- make sure you shake it well before use so the EO and water can mix. This line was designed by a mom who had the same concerns about safety and efficacy.


Hi! I’m Jayna. 

A mom of 3 that loves to cook, workout, blog, eat anything related to avocados and dark chocolate and indulge in a heavy glass of wine (red or white 😉 here and there (ok here, there and anywhere). I love my family more than anything in the universe and I may be a complete lunatic when it comes to keeping my family and everyone in earshot of me safe, healthy and informed. I will let you know why you should eat more greens and fat and less meat + dairy. I will also gladly supply you with a list of ingredients you should avoid eating, rubbing on your skin and spraying in your home.  But what I love the most is bringing up conversations that you don’t necessarily want to hear but know you should. I want to change your life and continue to change mine. For the better, safer + healthier. It’s time.

SQUEAK happened organically. I began blogging and posting videos about making safer cleaning products and people just started asking me to make products for them instead of making it themselves. So I did. Well, one thing led to more things and SQUEAK was born. You see, traditional cleaning products (even the ones that say “green” and “natural”) aren’t so safe. The entire cleaning industry (similar to the personal care + supplement industries) is virtually unregulated. So I asked myself:

WHY THE EFF would our country allow dangerous ingredients to be used in household + commercial cleaning applications???

WHY are we still letting our schools spray our kids down with bleach wipes + Lysol? 

WHY don’t more people know this??? 

According to environmental experts, the average household contains 62 toxic chemicals. From PHTHALATES + SYTHENTIC FRAGRANCES that are known endocrine disruptors  (found in air fresheners, dish soap and even toilet paper). To 2-BUTOXYETHANOL that can contribute to narcosis, pulmonary edema, and liver and kidney damage (found in window, kitchen and multipurpose cleaners). And then there’s CHLORINE + AMMONIA that can cause acute and chronic respiratory issues, create a poisonous gas when mixed together and disrupt thyroid function (chlorine is found in scouring powders, toilet bowl cleaners + mildew removers, while ammonia is found in polishing agents for bathroom and kitchen features and glass cleaners).

This list is abbreviated, but you get the point. For more information about this list, click here.

I hope you’re a little mad. I hope you are deciding right now that YOU deserve better. And I hope that you throw any products that include this chemical shit storm away. Make your own cleaning products or seek out clean brands you can trust. Just start now. Today.

Our mission here with this little SQUEAKY company is to educate the world (or anyone who will listen 😉 about cleaning up our cleaning acts. And our success will never be based on how many products we sell, but by how many lives and homes we help make cleaner + safer.

Come on. Get SQUEAKY with us.




CLIMATE WEEK STREET ART AT CENTRAL PARK ZOO: Pictures included for Arlin Graff and Greenpoint Earth’s Animal in the Amazon Mural

World famous street artist Arlin Graff painted a mural at Central Park Zoo during Climate Week NYC to benefit the animals whose habitats have been destroyed in the fires ravaging the amazon.

Pieces of the mural, titled “Habitat Fragmentation,” are being auctioned off in two different sizes (2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’), and all proceeds will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

“Habitat Fragmentation,” created in partnership with Greenpoint EARTH, depicts a parrot native to the Brazilian Amazon. It was spray painted onto plywood. Each piece of the original 8’ x 16’ mural will be signed by Arlin Graff.

“Everything in nature is connected,” said Graff, who donated his time and art to the project.  “Everyone who takes home a piece of this mural is part of a larger effort to protect our natural world.”

Graff is a Brazilian artist whose vibrant, prismatic murals of animals have been commissioned for buildings and galleries all over the world. “Habitat Fragmentation” and the live-painting activation at Central Park Zoo was produced by Greenpoint EARTH, a new initiative from Greenpoint Innovations that raises awareness of climate change and nature-based solutions.

‘Animal of the Amazon’ @ Nature’s Climate Hub 2019

In lead up to the United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Summit and Climate Week NYC 2019, Greenpoint Innovations launched Greenpoint EARTH to be the company’s creative hub for ‘art plus purpose’ projects to raise awareness about climate change and nature-based solutions.

Greenpoint EARTH’s 2nd Mural Project @ Central Park Zoo with internationally-acclaimed artist, Arlin Graff, to paint an ‘Animal of the Amazon,’ in lead up to the 4th day of Nature’s Climate Hub on 09/25. In collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Nature4Climate, Greenpoint EARTH’s latest project will bring to life the story of Brazil’s fiery deforestation and how it leads to impacts on our climate, and the critical life-sustaining habitats of this tropical forest environment.


A New Way To Shave: Good Head Guaranteed

You don’t mow your lawn with a hand saw. Why shave your head with a face razor? Get yourself the right tool for the job: get the HeadBlade®. While nothing under three inches is usually worth reporting, the HeadBlade is an exception. HeadBlade measures less than three inches long and looks more like hot rod than a razor.

When Todd Greene, owner and founder of HeadBlade, launched his first razor in 1999, head-shaving wasn’t even a category.  Since then, Greene’s company single-handedly pioneered the head-care niche and established HeadBlade as the trusted, effective, and painless head-shaving razor.

“Shaving my head with a traditional razor was difficult, time-consuming, and I got plenty of cuts and nicks,” said Greene.  “ I designed the HeadBlade to specifically address the contours of the scalp.”

HeadBlade is ergonomically designed with a ring that fits over your middle finger and patented suspension that makes for a close painless shave. HeadBlade pivots and allows you to glide the blade over your scalp with a natural motion. Like running a hand through your hair- or lack thereof.

Available in three models, the classic HeadBlade Sport, the HeadBlade ATX, and the HeadBlade MOTO are the sleekest most aerodynamic razors to ever touch your scalp. The MOTO is the latest iteration of the HeadBlade brand, featuring a fully rotational ball and advanced suspension, which increases the razors side-to-side maneuverability delivering a faster and better shave.

Other than a baseball cap, the HeadBlade is the most economical alternative to hair-loss treatments: transplants are painful and can cost $10,000; Hair Club for Men members shell out an average of $2,500 per year; and a year’s supply of Propecia can run $600. By contrast, HeadBlades costs $12.00, and refill cartridges start at $10.00 a pack, elevating head-shaving to an art. (HeadBlade is in a permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.).

HeadBlade MOTO


The perfect razor for anyone new to HeadBlade.

The newest addition to the HeadBlade family is the revolutionary MOTO Razor. It takes everything GREAT about the ATX and makes it better!! This unique design allows the razor blade to pivot up and down (following the contour of the scalp) while the body can lean side to side, just like MOTO GP racer! The dual-active suspension MOTO Razor System uses the same HB4 Refill Blade Cartridges favored by ATX users!  The MOTO works with the HB4 or HB6 blade cartridges.

Watch for a heads up in early November for the release of the limited edition HeadBlade S4 Goldfinger, featuring a gold-plated handle, luxury case and three replacement cartridges. All HeadBlades products are exclusively available at Starter kits contain one HeadBlade MOTO, one HB4 Blade Refill, and a HeadSlick Shave Cream, which retails for $30.00. More press materials coming your way.


Slice Delivers Sparkling Water Splashed with Organic Fruit Juice

Revolution Brands LLC announced it had begun accepting wholesale pre-orders for Slice – a new sparkling water flavored only with USDA-certified organic fruit juices, organic flavors and carbonated water.

Intellectual property attorney Joseph C. Gioconda of the Gioconda Law Group PLLC represented New Slice Ventures in acquiring the federally registered trademark rights to the Slice brand.  Spiral Sun Ventures, a seed capital fund that invests in early-stage companies that create better-for-you consumer products, has invested in New Slice Ventures.

Slice is now available in four flavors in 12-ounce cans:  Raspberry Grapefruit, Blackberry, Mango Pineapple and Apple Cranberry.  Slice will be sold by the 4-pack, but is also available in single serve cans.

Slice has no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors or caffeine.  Slice is only 25 calories per can which is up to 80% fewer calories than most regular cans of soda.

Mark Thomann, CEO of New Slice Ventures LLC, which now owns the Slice trademarks in the United States, said: “We are excited about the launch of Slice.  Slice is a great brand and one that can connect with a new generation of consumers who want something a little healthier than soda, but just as delicious.”

Glenn Backus, a former executive with H-E-B, Trader Joe’s and Supervalu is with Revolution Brands, which handled the creation and launch of the new Slice.  “We worked very hard to create an organic sparkling water that tastes amazing and has a sweetness much closer to soda than any other sparkling water on the market.

Customers have asked for a healthier alternative to their usual soda, but traditional sparkling water brands lack the flavor they crave.  So, we created the new Slice.  Only 25 calories per can with a refreshing sweetness that everyone will love.”

Let’s start a lovely day with a can of Slice!