Coffee Meets Technology at the New York Coffee Festival 2018

Technology also brings coffee with the new innovation.

The Bubble Lab, a company doing robotic products of the coffeemaker. Their amazing products in a row—The Drip and Drop Machine, The Water Heater, and the Filter have made the coffee bar a high-efficient place for you to get coffee, enjoy then go. These products have not been released on the market yet, but I was told that the company will sell them next year both in the US and China.

In this festival, some pastry companies have also got their booth and introduce delivery service to most of the cafes in New York City. Patisserie Vanessa, the handcrafted daily kitchen located in La Marqueta, Harlem, has offered catering service by taking orders from their virtual pastry shop. You can have your individual French Pastries by baked-to-order on click.


Yes, delivery lets you get the food from elsewhere, and the AI-powered system can let this process become even quicker. SumAll, a social media-based software help cafes automate their back office administrations like ordering inventory and scheduling staff. You can not only manage the supply chain better but also, as they say, “makes creating and maintaining your hourly employees’ schedules easy”.

DeLonghi, the coffee appliance manufacturer has an Instagram game for the attendee to join. You can pick one of the boards which have hashtagged types of coffees to take photos with, then posted on social media. If you have the luck to win, the prize would be one fancy espresso maker.

photo booth.JPG

And this is not the only chance you can take photos. Right near the entrance, there is one photo booth which you can take selfies with friends, then you can either email it or get one tangible color photo in seconds.

For more information, please visit the website of The New York Coffee Festival 2018:



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Wake Up with The New York Coffee Festival 2018

Image result for new york coffee festival

There is enough stock of coffee in one place to get you to rise and shine. In the past weekend(from Oct 12-14), the New York coffee festival was held all day long. Metropolitan Pavilion, this 4-floor venue was crowded with more than 10000 coffee lovers and industry entrees, to gather together for celebrating this coffee scene.


The New York coffee festival this year was full of surprises. Not just the product itself, but the interactions made by coffee-makers and audience have also brought the coffee a new meaning.

When you came in the entrance, the booth you see just on your left is the latte art workshop. One barista was using the high-speed latte foamer to make one first latte—the Golden Bee Latte quickly. The milk used in it tastes like turmeric mixed flavor, which will be the perfect coffee choice for fall, with grains of bee glue and lavender aroma on the top.

bee production


Speaking of art, the coffee festival has also held an art project this year. Several pieces of work made with different materials were shown on the wall. Qu lulu, the previous editor of Heydoyou, has her work “ new york coffees in my sketchbook” been selected by this coffee art project.

lulu work

coffee art project

Well, the art of coffee is not just the art on the wall, and also originates from the sound and alcohol there (excuse me for a second).  On top of the art project, there was also a music scene on one separate stage, bringing attendees together to taste coffee with the huger background of live music experience ( of course more enormous than what the usual cafes have).


Beside the stage, there was also a coffee cocktail bar nearby. From there, you can either order or get one alcoholic coffee drink( Free for the Super VIP Attendee). All the drinks are sponsored by Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur with three choices in a column: Martini, Tonic, or Spiked Ice Coffee.

coffee bar

At this event, I am also happy to see the diversity of coffee products as well as the countries they come from. For instance, I have tried GEISHA, this type of expresso commuted from Italy. The strong sour taste has been pushed straightly to my nose if have it only. However, once it is mixed with milk, the feeling will become magically creamy.

Italian Coffee

The ministry of Kaapi, the coffee brought from South Indian has hailed the coffee tasters with its amazing brewed coffee( from ground coffee powder), and wonderfully decorated by all kinds of milk.


Stay tuned for tomorrow! I will keep writing about the tech and media part of this coffee festival.





barre3 at The District at Green Valley Ranch to Host One-Day-Only Class
to Benefit The Animal Foundation

For the first time in Las Vegas, barre3 will host “Bark and Barre.” Think goat yoga… but instead of goats, there will be lovable dogs. Instead of yoga… it will be barre.

barre3 will host this unique, canine-friendly fitness class. Participants are invited to bring their dogs to play freely and roam during class, which will take place in a fenced off area located in front of the main stage at The District at Green Valley Ranch.

barre3 is a 60-minute class combining the techniques of ballet, yoga and Pilates. This special class will be taught by barre3 Henderson Founder Jackie Edlund. No shoes are required; participants are encouraged to bring their own mats and towels.

The price per participant is $23 with proceeds benefiting The Animal Foundation.

Following the class, The Animal Foundation will have cute dogs available for adoption.

Interested guests must register here – limited space still available.  Only 25 participants will be allowed; space is extremely limited. A limited number of dogs will be allowed, so participants are encouraged to sign up their fur-friends as soon as possible. Participating dogs must be accompanied by current vaccination records.

barre3 is a boutique fitness studio located at The District at Green Valley Ranch.  Barre3 is a unique 3-step, 60-minute program that “creates the strength of an athlete with the long, lean graceful lines of a dancer.” Isometric holds serve to align and strengthen muscles, while precise movements involving a small range of motion help dig deep into the muscles for maximum toning results. The barre3 program is low impact yet involves dynamic movement that energizes the body and elevates the heart rate. barre3 benefits those looking to get in shape and those already fit but looking to break plateaus while staying motivated.

The Animal Foundation is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of all healthy and treatable animals in the Las Vegas Valley. The Animal Foundation operates the highest volume single-site animal shelter in America, saving more than 25,000 pets last year. Founded in 1978, The Animal Foundation’s lifesaving programs are designed to address the root causes of pet overpopulation and homelessness and include: adoptions; low-cost spay/neuter, microchipping and vaccination services; lost & found pets; Community Cats and more. In June 2015, The Animal Foundation announced Mission: Possible 2020, a strategic initiative to save the lives of all healthy and treatable animals who come to them in need by the end of the year 2020.

With over 385,000 square feet of retail space, the District offers a unique collection of over 70 name-brand and boutique shopping, office, and dining options including The Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Shake Shack and King’s Fish House. Specialty retailers include Anthropologie, Victoria’s Secret, Brighton Collectibles, Bath & Body Works, Charming Charlie, West Elm and Athleta. The District at Green Valley Ranch features a beautiful outdoor setting complete with a fountain, splash pad for children, and a lush park, all conveniently located in Henderson, Nevada, off the I-215 at Green Valley Parkway. For more information, visit  Follow The District at Green Valley Ranch on Facebook at
and Instagram.

This Sunday, Oct. 14
9:45 a.m.  Class participants to arrive with their dogs for check-in
10 a.m. barre3 class to begin
11 a.m. barre3 class concludes, The Animal Foundation adoption begins
12 p.m. Event wraps


  • Men and women working out, while dogs interact and play.
  • Passersby at The District, stopping to watch the class and the dogs.
  • Dogs available for adoption.

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Gift Guide for Pets: The Brilliant Self-cleaning Dog Pad

Having trouble take care of the poops of pets?

The Brilliant Pad self-cleaning dog pad is a self-contained indoor waste station for small dogs who are used to using housebreaking pads.

Get your dog to use the Brilliant pad!

Special Price: $149.99


The Ways to Use it:

1)Evacuate both liquid or solid waste simply press a button and your soiled pad will be rolled into a sealed compartment and you are left with a fresh pad.


2)Odors and wetness are contained by the sealed compartment and within the soiled roll.  When the red indicator light illuminates it is time to throw away the used roll, caps, spindle and all.


The amazing points of this pad are that the caps and spindles are bio-degradable.  The rolled pad contains an amount similar to using 27 large pads.  The Brilliant Pad rolls use less material than the average house-breaking pad which means it takes up less space at recycling centers.


The Brilliant Pad can be programmed to change automatically 3 times per day or you can change the pad manually by pressing a button. 

*It is suggested that the Brilliant Pad is used by dogs already used to using waste pads.  The Brilliant Pad is for small dogs only.   

Purchase it here:

Visit Brilliant Pad here:



Cipriani Opens First West Coast Location in November 2018

Cipriani, the iconic Italian institution, is set to make its anticipated Las Vegas debut at Wynn Plaza at Wynn Las Vegas in November 2018. Following its expansion with restaurants across the globe, including New York, Dubai and the recently opened Cipriani Riyadh, Cipriani Las Vegas is the first location on the West Coast.
It all started in 1931 when Giuseppe Cipriani Sr. opened a quaint spot off a canal in Venice, Italy and called it Harry’s Bar. One family, four generations and over 85 years of history – the Cipriani name is synonymous with the type of cool glamour,  service and classic Italian recipes that attract a very eclectic international clientele, all with one thing in common; they like to have a good time.
“With restaurants and locations around the world, we want to continue to preserve and introduce to new cities our family traditions and Italian cuisine paired with warm and attentive service,” said Giuseppe Cipriani, third-generation member of the Cipriani family. “Vegas is a very exciting and ever-changing destination that attracts many of our loyal customers but also new visitors and residents every year, both for business or leisure.  We have been considering a Vegas project for a while, and this seems to be a perfect match as Wynn shares the same attention to detail, quality and service that we do.”
Designed by Florentine architect Michele Bonan, Cipriani Las Vegas will feature classic Cipriani design elements, including a nautical feel, glossy walnut and chrome accents and terrazzo floors in addition to color accents and lighting unique to the Las Vegas space.
The menu will include signature classics such as Carpaccio alla Cipriani, Baked Tagliolini with ham, and the sinfully delicious Vanilla Meringue. And for a true taste of Venice, the bar will serve the original Bellini, which was invented at legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice.
(Credit: Cipriani)

Cipriani’s classic vanilla meringue (Credit: Cipriani)

Entrance of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy (Credit: Cipriani)
Original Drawing of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy (Credit: Cipriani)
About Cipriani Las Vegas
Cipriani Las Vegas is set to open its doors in November 2018 inside of Wynn Las Vegas in the new Wynn Plaza. This will be the brand’s first venue on the West Coast.
About Cipriani
The iconic brand’s roots date back to a kind act that took place in Venice by a humble bartender named Giuseppe Cipriani who loaned a tidy sum to a customer named Harry Pickering, cut off from his family fortune. Repaid for his generosity, Harry’s Bar was conceived in 1931 and its famously relaxed atmosphere, great food and warm service have catered to a very eclectic clientele that has included Hollywood legends, royalty, artists and people from all over the world throughout the years. Harry’s Bar was recognized in 2001 by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Arts as a national cultural landmark.  It is the birthplace of ‘Carpaccio’ and the ‘Bellini’, a concoction of Prosecco and white peach purée, which was named after 15th-century Venetian painter, Giovanni Bellini.
In the 87 years since and with three generations of Cipriani family members leading the growth, Arrigo, Giuseppe and his sons Ignazio and Maggio, Cipriani has developed into an international hospitality brand with restaurants, landmarked event spaces, luxury residential, hotels and clubs around the world including Venice, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Monte Carlo, Ibiza, Mexico City, Dubai and Riyadh. The timeless values of love for service, lack of imposition, quality of products and luxury in simplicity are still as important today as they were in 1931.



Skincare Tips from Dove’s Expert for Fall

Fall starts, and it’s the time when skin gets itchy!

Listen to Dove Dermatologist, Dr. Mona Gohara, weighs in on the best practices for skincare in the shower.

She said: “

  • We are all super busy multitasking, so find a product that moisturizes and cleanses at the same time.
  • Avoid harsh cleansers that can strip away moisture. I recommend using Dove Body Wash or Shower Foam because they’re made up of gentle cleansers and actually deposit moisture into the skin.
  • Add moisture to your skin, as it is one of the most important tenants of skin health – it leaves the skin soft, strengthens the skin barrier, and can even reduce the appearance of fine lines!

Yes, the two products from Dove she mentioned come with amazing solutions, the Dove Shower Foam, and the Dove Body Washes.

Featuring the brand’s gentlest, sulfate-free cleansers, Dove Body Wash and Shower Foam provide the care skin needs. Experience 250 pumps of soft, airy lather with Dove Shower Foam or leave skin feeling softer and smoother after just one shower with Dove Body Wash.  

Formulated with the brand’s unique NutriumMoisture technology and gentlest cleansers, these two products can serve as a sanctuary with the gentlest and most caring products, no matter a morning or nighttime shower you prefer. 


Give it a try!

See more information here: