IT Cosmetics’ Best Deal Before The End of May

IT Cosmetics QVC Today’s Special Value is going live TONIGHT, Friday, May 24, 2019 at midnight (ET)!

IT Cosmetics’ IT’s Your Summer Essentials! 4-Piece Collection contains life-changing products that transform your complexion, lips and lashes for summer—and beyond! This Today’s Special Value® will be offered for one day only! As a reminder, each day, QVC picks one special item they believe shoppers will love, and offers it at an exceptionally low price from midnight (ET) until 11:59 p.m. (PT) that day.

About Each Product:

NEW! Heavenly Skin Skin-Hugging Foundation Brush No. 707
A makeup bag must-have, your game-changing brush features a unique brush head that hugs the contours of your face to flawlessly apply your CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 and other favorite complexion products!

Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 Poreless Finish Full Coverage Cream
Discover full, natural-looking matte coverage, skincare and SPF 40 UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen—in just one step! This hydrating, color-correcting breakthrough is oil-free and available in 12 shades. Plus, it’s infused with charcoal, known for its detoxifying properties, colloidal clay and Moroccan lava clay, known for their oil-absorbing effects, and tea tree extract, known to combat blemishes.
In a two-week consumer perception study:
97% said it created a smooth matte finish
94% said pores appeared minimized
94% saw reduced appearance of shine

Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment
Featured in a beautiful rose shade, your lip-loving innovation gives you intense hydration, plus a natural-looking pretty flush of color—and is infused with essential butters, oils, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.
Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara
This mascara gives your lashes the look of super volume, super length and super elastic stretch, all while wrapping them in super black pigment. The effortlessly buildable formula features Elastic Stretch Technology and gives your lashes Superhero powers in just one coat!

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Gifts for the #1 Dad!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, look no further than a gift suggestion for the best gifts you can get for Dad! Get him what he really wants (and needs!) this Father’s Day!

Have a sip in the shower?

Have a sip in the bath?

That sounds the best life ever. No matter it’s your routine to start a day with a hot shower, or having a relax time enjoy the weekend bath. Having a drink is always a nice idea. But it is kind of not handful to put a glass next the bathtub as it is very easy to fall down and break. You don’t want to turn your bath time to a glass cleaning time. I want to introduce a very helpful tool to you!

SipCaddy® is the first & only shower beer holder that also holds your shower wine and bath wine! The all-in-one showerwine, bathwine, and showerbeer holder.

It is #1 top selling shower caddy on Amazon – Best Gift list

  • Versatile design conveniently holds cups, stemware, cans and bottles.
  • Strong, durable, recyclable ABS plastic.  Dishwasher safe.
  • Heavy-duty suction cup sticks to most glossy non-porous surfaces, including plastic, ceramic, metal, glass and mirror.
  • Suction cup made in the USA – highest quality available  – rated at 7lbs and built to last for years!

Enjoyed in showers and baths everywhere.

  • Only cupholder in the world that also holds wine glasses! Cans, plastic bottles, solo cups, wine glasses, some coffee mugs- whatever, whenever, wherever you desire.
  • Custom form has been 3D designed and prototyped for the highest quality production.
  • Highest quality, American-made suction cup included- rated at 7 lbs. when applied properly to a nonporous surface. Ideal for glass, mirror, and smooth tile.
  • Strong, recyclable, dishwasher safe ABS plastic.

SipCaddy®, the all-in-one showerwine, bathwine, and showerbeer holder. Highest quality, American-made suction cup rated at 7 lbs when applied correctly to a non-porous surface. The most versatile cupholder ever invented! #1 Shower Caddy on Amazon. A favorite and top gift for every holiday!

SipCaddy® is fully patented with the USPTO. The original, first, and only portable cupholder that also holds wine glasses.

SipCaddy was designed and developed by a small team of drinking enthusiasts, architects, and designers, led by two brothers. The designs were extensively prototyped using 3D printing, which allowed them to test and fine tune SipCaddy to hold the widest range of drinks possible, with the most efficient use of material and a clean look.


Why Should You Help Your Old Folks Get the Best Senior Care Service?

Many older people in Australia prefer to stay in their own home to spend the rest of their lives. However, some families consider this arrangement as not always the best senior care solution to provide for their old folks because of some unexpected problems that typically result in such an arrangement.

As per Housing Decisions of Older Australians report in 2015, 60 percent of Australian seniors would choose to remain in their homes as they age.

The same report also disclosed that a majority of that number were hesitant to plan or seek advice for their senior care needs, sometimes reaching to a point where aged care decisions are only made after a health crisis, or at a time when they are most vulnerable and when their families are at their most stressed situation.  

The Importance of Aged Care Planning and Availing Support Services

Smiling Man Holding Woman's Left Shoulder

It’s undeniable that talking about frailty and aging may not always be pleasant. But it’s crucial that families have a conversation about this topic because it means planning and giving the necessary senior care for their old folks.

In that way, families can consider the various senior care solutions available and begin the essential steps to take, such as appointing a power of attorney, updating wills, finalizing advanced health directive, seeking financial advice, and arranging ACAT assessments to see the eligibility for aged care packages of their older loved ones.

Many families want to support their elderlies in their wish to spend the rest of their lives in their homes. However, they have misgivings about the reality of taking care of an aging loved one with increased frailty and vulnerability.

While many people are reluctant to admit it, caring for older loved ones can become stressful, especially for those who have to juggle between taking care of their older folks and assuming the responsibilities of work and their children.

Sometimes, this arrangement can result in burnout on the part of family caregivers and a feeling of spending time with their older folks as something of a daily to-do list, instead of an enjoyable time to connect with them.

Options for Senior Care Service

Woman Raising Her Both Hands

While a lot of old folks can handle the fact of staying at home with support from family members and home care service providers, some elderlies need a higher level of aged care service that staying at home may not be viable.

Also, some of the older people who receive home care service feel a sense of social isolation and loneliness. As a result, this factor can affect their physical and mental wellbeing. Furthermore, these old folks also get a lower level of funding and care than they need

Although staying at home as you age sounds like an ideal way to grow old, senior care specialists say that other alternatives offer the best way to age in place. Some of these aged care options allow older people to maintain their independence while receiving the care and support that they need.

So if you have loved ones who need senior care service, you should not shy away from discussing it with them and the rest of the family members. In this way, you can know the best options available that are different from conventional nursing home facilities, providing your older folks to live and age in a home-like environment.

There are senior care communities in Queensland that offer a relatively new model of taking care of older people. These communities maintain a level of independence to their residents by allowing them to live in comfortable, private apartments while personalized care is provided to them. There are also social and lifestyle activities that make the stint of their residents a worthwhile experience.

Of course, these communities also allow their residents to spend quality time with their families. The family members can choose to take part in the care of their older loved ones whenever they like.


Providing your older loved ones the best senior care service is essential. In this way, you can allow them to live with all the necessary support and care that they need for the rest of their lives, and it can also be easy for the rest of the family members to face the reality of taking care for their old folks. So you should know and plan for the best age care service for them.


Rugged Evolution – Rugged Is The New Smooth

For Father’s Day, beard care products can be one of the best gifts for a dad who has beard. I would like to introduce you to the newest brand in beard care. Rugged Evolution is a line of natural beard care products designed to nourish and care for beards while maintaining the highest quality ingredients.

Rugged Evolution, which was founded by 24-year-old J. Arrington, offers balms, oils, shampoos, shaving lotion, beard brushes, and more. For the dad who is serious about his grooming, gift him a set that fit his needs.
The small gift set ($39) includes a balm and an oil and two bottles of 2 oz conditioning shampoo.
The large gift set ($75) includes a balm and oil, an 8oz conditioning shampoo, a wooden comb, and a boar bristles brush.
About the BEARD BALMS:

Rugged Evolution’s balms will give you the look of a man of distinction. All balms are dispensed in reusable rust proof flat 2oz tins. Made from all natural products the balms are blended to strengthen and add luster/sheen to all beard types. There is a wide range of mild to strong scents. These may be purchased separately or in a combo set. $20.00


Satisfying fresh scents for the well groomed beard. The oils are a light weight blend of all natural ingredients. May be use separately or layered over the balm. These may be purchased separately or in a combo set. 15ml amber glass bottle with a dropper cap. $15.00

The year 2018 was an incredible year for Rugged Evolution, Inc. After several amazing events, including a star-studded launch party, at the end of the year, the young company was chosen as a brand to watch in Essence Magazine’s December 2018 Gift Guide. In addition, they were number 14 in the Essence online article.”14 Gifts for Men on Your List” And 2019 has already proven it will be another awesome year. So look out for Rugged Evolution and its young CEO. Because as their slogan says, “Rugged IS the New Smooth”.

About Rugged Evolution:

By the time Arrington Gavin, CEO, was fourteen years old he had a full beard; the last time he was cleaned shaven was for his high school graduation. Over the years, he started growing his beard again and began experimenting with different products – some he liked, some he did not. But one thing he always searched for was natural ingredients. Whether taken internally or externally, Arrington is a huge advocate of natural products.

While doing much research for the right ingredients for his beard in 2016, Arrington began to share his findings with his family and friends. He then went on to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Wellness Recreation and Sport in 2017. His passion for the art of the human body left him with a burning desire to help individuals accomplish their personal best by living a healthy lifestyle through fitness and wellness. From that desire gave birth to Rugged Evolution – a beard care line of products that he could make available to other “men of distinction.”

Whether you are sporting a goatee, shadow or full beard, Rugged Evolution products are designed to enhance all types of hair. Our natural products nourish, moisturize and hydrate dry itchy skin that hides behind a beard.


Rugged Evolution Incorporated is committed to providing our patrons with hand made products that have 100% all natural ingredients. Whether you wear a goatee, shadow or full beard our line of products will enhance all types of hair.


Moon Bathing, a new renaissance

Happy Spring! Girls!

It’s the time to open your beauty inside and out.

Bathing is a regular routine for me to feel refresh and relax. It is the time that fully belong to myself. I can listen to music, watch movies, even enjoy a bottle of Champagne. Why not? Ritual bathing is on the verge of a new renaissance — and the contemporary method is to sync these botanical baths with the four phases of the moon. Based on your commitment to trends in health and wellness. So I want to introduce you a new moon bath style – bathing with Moon Bathing.

True wellness arises when we re-align ourselves with the rhythms and elements of nature. In an increasingly chaotic and over-stimulating world, Moon Bath’s bathing rituals inspire you to create space to slow down, tune in and reconnect.

Combining ancient wisdom with modern intuitive alchemy, Moon Bath curates earth integrated Botanical Bath Teas, Infused Sundance Sea Salt, Facial Rituals and Sacred Smoke aromatherapy.

Simple and natural, the products contain no synthetic chemicals or preservatives — because those don’t belong on our skin. The ethos of the modern bathing renaissance is to move beyond bathing as simply cleansing ourselves, and toward bathing as an opportunity to drink in through our skin the varied benefits of plant medicine.

They see the triple bottom line approach to business as an important way to make positive social and environmental change. Their initiatives include sustainable packaging, carbon neutrality, employment of underrepresented populations, and partnerships with socially and environmentally mission driven vendors. Moon Bath is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donating at least 1% of annual revenues to qualified environmental nonprofits committed to creating a healthy planet.

Inspired by living in alignment with the lunar cycles, they invite you to tune in to the rhythms of nature and create space to connect more deeply with yourself through Ayurvedic self-care rituals.

BOTANICAL BATH TEA — Lunar Collection

Moon Bath’s Lunar Blends are intentionally crafted Botanical Bath Teas that enhance your connection to the energy of each of the moon’s phases.
All of the Lunar Blends promote healthy skin, healing and relaxation — but to receive the most potent energetic benefits, Moon Bath encourages you to bathe weekly with the Bath Tea that corresponds to the current phase of the moon. The lunar cycle has four distinct moon phases: New, Waxing, Full and Waning.


Slip into a warm Moon Bath sweetened with velvety Milk & Honey and drift into a state of bliss. Receive abundant healing nutrients from coconut milk, honey crystals and trace minerals from unrefined sea salt, consciously-mined from the ancient Sundance Sea in Utah. Infused with a blend of sustainably sourced essential oils, this delightful element of the bathing ritual transports you to a state of grounded calm, uplifted mind and connected Spirit.


Nasty Woman is a rally cry that ignites the inner passion for equality and justice, uniting the voices on behalf of the collective wellbeing. By purchasing this product, you are donating $2 to Planned Parenthood and supporting a women-owned business. Enjoy this Nasty Woman Bath Tea to be reminded of how powerful, courageous and resilient you are.

What makes you nasty?

COSMIC GLOW – Botanical Face Mask

Cosmic Glow removes impurities, brightens complexion, detoxifies and calms the skin using purifying Moroccan Rhassoul clay and nourishing Ayurvedic botanicals.

SACRED SMOKE — Smudge Blend

Integrate Sacred Smoke into your bathing ritual and ceremonies to clear energy, purify the air and create space to tune in. Our smudge blend weaves together the spiritually grounding yet uplifting essence of Frankincense, Copal, White Sage and Lavender, providing a sweet and earthy ceremonial smoke that will cleanse your space and connect you to Spirit.

Moon Bath holds a deep reverence for the plants, materials and the people involved in the production of the products. Moon Bath strives to inspire the global community to re-engage with stewardship of their precious earth and communities by taking action to reduce our environmental footprint, uplift one another, and invest in regenerative practices.


LULU’s Real Morning Routine – Hair and Skin Products I am Using

Hi friends! Today I would love to share with you guys the skincare products that I am using right now for my everyday’s beauty routine. These products are the ones I love and I have been really enjoyed in my daily life. I want to introduce to you of the good products.

Now let’s get started. Here’re the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel at my bathtub. They are Garnier Fructis Active Fruit Protein Sleek & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Set. The body wash is from Rituals – The Ritual of Sakura Shower Gel.

After the shower, I usually start with my face – serum, toner, and oil serum.

La Mer – The Regenerating Serum

It Cosmetics – Miracle Water

Farsali – Rose Gold Elixir

Next, are eye cream, face cream and neck cream.

CBS For Life – Pure CBD Eye Serum

It Cosmetics – Confidence In A Cream

It Cosmetics – Confidence In A Neck Cream

After the face skincare,
I will apply the body cream to keep my body skin hydrating.
And then the hair products.

Rituals – The Ritual of Sakura Magic Touch Body Cream 

Mandom – Lucido-L Designing Tube Hair Cream Moist

OGX – Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil

Now it gets into the most excited process – Let’s do makeup.

Before all the colors added on your face, you know it’s very important to have a foundation basement on the face – Face Foundation, BB Cream or CC Cream. Also don’t forget the sunscreen, it should be your must add-on product you use daily.

IOPE – UV DEFENSE Sun Protector

It Cosmetics – Your Skin But Better CC+ Oil-Free Matte

It Cosmetics – Bye Bye Breakout

It Cosmetics – Bye Bye Under Eye

I know it has already gone through a lot of things, but as a girl, it is worthy of your time to do all of this because you can see the result soon.

This is before the color-adding process. I am pretty happy about it. In order to have a matte foundation for color powders. I usually use a Setting Powder to make it easier.

JOAH – Selfie Ready Setting Powder
Innisfree – Powder Puff

Now let’s apply the colors! Starting with eyebrow, then eyes and cheek.

It Cosmetics – Brow Power Powder
& Heavenly Luxe Brow Power Universal Brow-Transformer Brush

JOAH – Birthday Suit Eyeshadow

Colorpop –Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette

JOAH – Brow Down to Me Auto Brow Pencil
& Eye Candy Auto Eyeliner

It Cosmetics – Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette

Haha! Now how do I look? I am not a professional makeup artist, but I am trying my best to keep my everyday’s look nice, fresh and not too complicated.

Last but not least, adding the last touch on the face – Lipstick!

Chanel – Matte Liquid Lip Color

That is it! It take about 30 minutes everyday from skincare to makeup. Not a short time but I feel it is worthy. Let me know if you me to share my fashion styles or diet habits. I am always loving to share my life with you!