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March 2013



Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

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PicsArt 1360379385888 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

Ford Canada, had their annual Blue party a few weeks ago, and even though it was SNOWMAGEDDON outside there was no way were going to miss it. And after last year’s fun times (and great food), we were definitely going to be there. It was a nightmare getting around downtown with all the snow, slush, and angry people, but once you walked into the blue lit hall, all the troubles were soon forgotten. There were shiny brand new cars everywhere, lots of people, and the sweet alluring aroma of good food.

20130208 201418 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO t’was heavenly!

I’ll admit that I pretty much parked myself by the food station for the first part of the evening, and got my eat on. After that it was time to socialize, get familiar with the cars, and have a good ole time. We played games, saw a few awesome dance performances, got our hair and nails done, saw the unveiling of the new 2013 Ford Fiesta, and just had an all round awesome time!

20130208 215430 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO Pretty in blue

PicsArt 1362079196506 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

loved this car! 20130208 202139 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO always a pleasure icon smile Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

20130208 214922 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO you know I had to get involved with all the props!

20130208 204123 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO the best fish tacos of life!

PicsArt 1362078222124 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

the sweet bar icon smile Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO PicsArt 1362078839340 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO Green is the new blue! The new hybrid

20130208 202511 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO 20130208 202922 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO oh-my-gawwwwd. so good.

20130208 202905 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

yes. PicsArt 1362077908250 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

another one of my faves!

20130208 215422 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO PicsArt 1362078356560 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

20130208 201408 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

the boys played games

20130208 212925 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

the girls got their hair done icon smile Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO 20130208 201558 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO potent blue cocktails icon smile Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

20130208 202235 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

Green is the new blue, so… that’s why I wasn’t wearing blue? My shoes and earrings were blue though icon smile Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO 20130208 202842 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO 20130208 204540 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO 20130208 221222 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

cutest! PicsArt 1362078099281 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO the new Ford Fiesta

20130208 202927 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

PicsArt 1360375090190 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO cars on cars on cars!

MG 9287 Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO I had a ball… obviously!

Thank you for inviting us! Can’t wait for next years Blue Party icon smile Event LOVE: #FordBlueTO

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September 2010





August 2009



Get cube’d

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cube Get cubed
Skimming through this month’s issue of ‘nylon’ magazine came to an abrupt stop when I was stopped by an ad for the new Nissan cube, Nissan’s newest mini MPV. First it grabbed me because it said “cube mobile device” with an image of the back of an ODDLY shaped car. Of course being my curious self, I read a lil deeper and had no choice but to visit their site… http://www.nissan.ca/vehicles/ms/cube/en/.
Sooo… it turns out that the Nissan cube is a square shaped car that is extremely ‘well rounded’… specs include loungy, spacious design; wrap around window frame; sofa seating; rippled interior design; 50 cubic feet of storage and side opening back door; Genuine Nissan interior with abilities to choose details right down to interior accent lighting; the list continues… it is the ultimate in personalized vehicles!
These words aren’t enough to justify this car, don’t let the look of it intimidate you, as I look around this shape seems to be the future of vehicles… peep this one!!!

nissan denki cube concept 2008 729654 Get cubed




February 2009



Mercedes Benz GLK

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The All-New Mercedes-Benz GLK asks: Where Do You See Yourself?

Mercedes-Benz Canada launches brand new microsite promoting the 2010 GLK.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Feb 6, 2009) – Mercedes-Benz Canada recently launched their latest online initiative in support of the Canadian introduction of the all-new GLK, a mid-size premium SUV.

Inspired by the innovative design of the bold new GLK, the microsite blends cutting-edge style with an independent spirit, prompting visitors to answer: “Where Do You See Yourself?” By interacting with a unique personality profiler, visitors are able to create an image of their own GLK experience, which then remains as the site’s backdrop for the duration of the visit; and is also available as downloadable desktop wallpaper.

A rich source of vehicle information, the site offers key technical and product insights essential to prospective buyers. The site also features an interactive media gallery full of crisp downloadable images and informational videos highlighting the all-new GLK.
GLK Wallpaper Mercedes Benz GLK
Mark Forsyth, Manager of Interactive Marketing and CRM at Mercedes-Benz Canada, notes: “A key objective of the site was to provide prospective customers with an emotional connection to the GLK, as well as to celebrate the style and uniqueness that the vehicle clearly possesses. This is one of our hippest and edgiest vehicles to date and we wanted to offer an experience that echoes the values of this demographic.”

Visit this must-see microsite at www.mercedes-benz.ca/GLK

About Mercedes-Benz Canada
Mercedes-Benz Canada is responsible for the sales, marketing and service of the four brands within the Mercedes Car Group in Canada; Mercedes-Benz, smart, AMG and Maybach. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Mercedes-Benz Canada employs approximately 1,050 people in 19 locations across Canada. Through a nationwide network of 18 Mercedes-Benz owned retail operations and 39 authorized dealerships, Mercedes-Benz Canada sold 24,117 vehicles in 2008, the best year ever reported for Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.
For more information, please contact:

JoAnne Caza
Director, Corporate Communications and Public Relations
Mercedes-Benz Canada

Michael Minelly
Public Relations Supervisor
Mercedes-Benz Canada


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