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ZeroGravity Accessories

They are the accessories with Attitude. ZeroGravity is based out of California, these 2 guys have been able to set their product apart from the plethora of iProducts out there!  There are so many things in our daily lives that can relate to these pieces, retro calculator, french fries, ketchup, manila envelopes and Michael Jackson.

Here are some of my favs.

Dali Skull

Drink up

Holy Bible Wallet

For more info, get at Shawn or Tyler at


The Bangz

Before I moved to Cali, I really thought that I’d meet dope ass fashiony people like the Bangz. Where are they? I have no idea where the real peeps with style hang out in Los Angeles. Holla!
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I keep seeing Foxtail keychains so I made my dad buy me one at the Rosebowl a few weeks ago.

 It’s wild!

They range from $10 – $1000 (Louis Vuitton) and they come from fox, racoons and minks. Mine was $15 and just lovely. Here I am shaking my tailfeather on Alvarado and 6th

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I got my summer BeautyFix and it gave me a chance to try out a whole slew of products so I am going to take my time trying them and tell you all about each and every one. If you received BeautyFix products too, please share your feedback here – I really want to know what are you new favs.

Me! Bath has some yummy products out right now. If you haven’t tried chocolate shower items, you should most definitely indulge. Maybe not for everyday but for those extra special shower dates ^_^ Am I the only one who has those? Come on! Dessert is not only for the kitchen…interested? For those of you who are… You should get this Cocoa Bean x Kola Nut yumminess.

Jacob wants me to wash him in it. 

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Xenadrine Cleanse Plus

I saw this at CVS today and just had to try it… Experiments are so fun. 7 day cleanse. Let’s see what happens. It’s patent pending and here are the ingredients. Detox… here we go!
Super Antioxidant Acai Plus
-acai fruit concentrate
– mango fruit
– black currant fruit
– Guava
– Peach
– Kiwi
– Red Raspberry leaf
– Senna Leaf extract
-cascara sagrada bark
– fennel seed
– horse chestnut see
-prickly pear leaf
-bearberry leaf
-gum arabic
interesting… I’ll let you know how it goes ^_^

Hot Guys x Baby Animals

New company, Hot Guys and Baby Animals, features everything women love to look at while benefiting nonprofit animal rescues.

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 14, 2009) – Hot Guys and Baby Animals is a new company created by women for women. Their first product, a steamy and cuddly 2010 calendar, is sure to be one of this year’s most memorable stocking stuffers’

“I got sick of seeing pictures and calendars of bikini-clad girls sprawled out on sports cars,” explains co-founder, Audrey Khuner. “I wanted to make something that would appeal to women like me. So I decided to combine my two favorite things: sexy men and baby animals.”

By purchasing this photographic wall calendar, shoppers are contributing to several nonprofit animal rescues, including Bunny World Foundation and Karma Rescue. Every baby animal in the calendar is a rescue and many of them still need homes. The calendar was created to bring attention to the growing need for animal adoption. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the organizations that help them find homes. “I am glad that this calendar is raising awareness about all the animals that need to be adopted.” Lejla Hadzimuratovic, founder of the Bunny World Foundation said. “The fact that part of the proceeds go to my charity and others like it is so important.”

Some of the male models ended up adopting pets from the shoot. “I knew working with dogs would be a blast, but I didn’t think I’d come home with one!” says Blakeley Hibbs (Mr. March). “I fell in love the moment I saw Sporty, and I feel great knowing that I’ve given him a new home.”

Shoppers can purchase their very own 12-month calendar and contribute to the cause at

Hot Guys and Baby Animals was created by Audrey Khuner and Carolyn Newman. Look for new products from this dynamic duo in the near future.

Carolyn Newman

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