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April 2012



D:Tox System by @GiovanniBrand

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DSC02534 D:Tox System by @GiovanniBrand

The D:Tox System from Giovanni Eco Chic cosmetics is a line of body and facial skincare products created to promote healthier skin through detoxification. The D:Tox system uses antioxidants to delve into pores and absorbs the day’s toxins, impurities, excess oils; featuring ingredients like activated charcoal and volcanic ash from the Mediterranean sea, goji berry, acai, and green tea.

DSC03085 D:Tox System by @GiovanniBrand

I’ve been using the cleanser and the scrub for about two weeks now, and so far so good icon smile D:Tox System by @GiovanniBrand

DSC03087 D:Tox System by @GiovanniBrand

Have you tried the D:Tox System? If yes, what do you think? If no, you totally need to try it, because it’s awesome. I have really sensitive skin, so I have to be careful about what products I use, especially on my face, but the results of using the D:Tox System have been wonderful! I am pleased.

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ps: The facial collection includes purifying cleanser, scrub, mask and moisturizer, and the body line includes a purifying body wash, purifying body scrub and a replenishing body lotion. GET YOU SOME.

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