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Are you a CHAMPION?


“Instinct for Victory and Power”-Davidoff Champion

The word “champion” is defined as, “the victor in a challenge, contest or competition”. Give us a shout on twitter (@thisBella_HDY), and let us know why and what you are the Champion in. Do this and the new Davidoff Champion is yours! Get it for yourself, or for the man 😉

A little about the fragrance:

“…refreshing impact of zestful bergamot and lemon create an invigorating start. The heart note then gains ground with its energizing galbanum essence and aromatic clary sage…completed in its dry down by the masculine classic cedarwood all the while keeping a durable oak moss allure.”

Thank you to everybody from Coty Inc, for sending this to us!

peace, love and health



Soft and Sweet giveaway!


As you can tell, my mind is off winter, and has officially planted itself in the dreams of spring and summer. In celebration of a new season, and new possibilities we’re doing a Soft and Sweet giveaway. Our friends over at Harbinger, have been spoiling us rotten with gifts, so we’re going to keep on with the spoiling, and treat you as well.

I know you hear me talking about healthy skin ALL THE TIME… I know… and I’m gonna keep doing it. When I tell you to drink lots of water and moisturize, I want you to do it like your life depends on it. lol. So in order for me to make sure that at least one of you is doing so, I’ll be giving away the last of Vaseline Extra Strength lotions from their Intensive Rescue line. The “Lil Angel” fragrance by Harajuku Lovers is also part of the giveaway; so not only will you have soft, supple skin, but you’re gonna smell sweet and totally edible too. So perfect for summer.

How can you win?

Follow me on twitter, and tell me why soft skin is a summer must-have. Then email me at bella  @, with Soft and Sweet as the subject, and tell me why you wanna be soft and sweet this sumer. EASY.

I look forward to hearing all your creative responses!

peace, love and health


ps: Thanks to Coty Inc and Harbinger for making this possible!

*More giveaways coming soon!


His and Her giveaways!


As a token of my appreciation for your loyalty, love, and support of HeyDoYou; we’re doing a special his & hers giveaway. Our friends over at Coty Inc and Harbinger have been showering us with many lovely gifts, and now we’d like to share some of our gifts with you, our wonderful readers.


Just to show you how much we love and appreciate you, we want to treat you to Playboy’s new fragrance for men, “New York Playboy.” It has been described as a modern, masculine fragrance and I totally agree. I’m quite a fragrance junkie, but I’m also extra picky, so trust me on this, it’s GOOD. New York Playboy is perfect for that undeniably charming, risk-taking, smooth talking and sophisticated man.  Busting with zesty limes and crisp green apple, fusing aldehydes, vinyl accords, then layered with spicy notes of elemi, a touch of black pepper for warmth and finally resting on a sensuous woody base of vetiver, mellow tonka bean and rick vanilla. It’s youthful, flirty, fresh, and all the ladies will find a reason to say something just so they can get a closer whiff of that goodness… and yes the guys will be crazy jealous too.


So you’ve made sure to stay healthy and fit this winter; by eating right and exercising, but what does your skin look like? Are you happy with it? Are you ready to show it off this spring/summer? If you answered “No” to both questions, then this is definitely for you. We all know how important it is to take care of our skin, and we all know there is nothing sexier than soft, stroke-able skin. And because we know how important it is to have your skin-game right, we’ve decided to do something special for you. Now you have the chance to step your skin-game up and try out Dove’s new  Renewing Body Wash from their Visible Care line. This body wash has nutrium moisture technology (moisturizers that occur naturally in the skin), and is shown to visibly improve skin in just one week. So now you can breathe easy and enjoy when he caresses your skin, cause you’re gonna be soft and smooth from top to bottom. Beautiful skin from a body wash? That’s easy.

All you have to do to win is…

His: Follow me on twitter (@thisBella_HDY) and show me how charming you can be with just 140 characters. Then send me a message with New York Playboy  as the subject to bella @, and tell me what the term “New York Playboy” means to you, and why you think it should be yours. If you want to win the Dove body wash for your lady friend, then you’re going to have to tell me why… and it better be good lol.

Hers: Ladies, all you have to do is follow me on twitter (@thisBella_HDY), and tell me the first thing that comes to mind when you think of soft skin with no more than 140 characters. Then send me a message with Dove in the subject line to bella  @, and tell me what soft skin means to you, and why you should be the winner of this giveaway. If you want both, you have to give me a fun & creative reason why you should win 🙂

Can’t wait to hear all your responses. Winners will be announced at the end of next week!

peace, love, and health


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