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March 2013



The Spring Canvas Lands’ End Catalog

Written by , Posted in New York

The spring catalog, which was shot entirely in Nashville, aka Music City, along with some fun gifts from that city and an item from the spring collection. Lands’ End Canvas invites customers to create their own look with simple, well-crafted clothes that offer possibilities, not prescriptions. Because the most essential luxury of modern life is charting your own course.

Authentic inspiration. Modern interpretation. Effortless, lived-in style.
24270 10151465608764306 956579905 n The Spring Canvas Lands’ End Catalog
They included a really handy field guides from Wildsam and chocolates from Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Company to make it a perfect!

Check out Canvas Lands’ End Facebook page to see their new looks



August 2012



Pardon Le Dopeness

Written by , Posted in Toronto

Check out the latest installment from Pardon Le Dopeness (PLD), a lifestyle brand established in the city of Toronto, which includes an ensemble of t-shirts, tanks, headwear, and leggings. Every design is drawn by hand and the installment also features two collaborations.  And the video introduces a new artist out of Toronto, LEMON, whose song was used for the behind the scenes video of our photoshoot.




December 2011



@AKOOClothing Holiday Party

Written by , Posted in WorldWide

AKOO Clothing, rapper T.I.’s clothing line, had a holiday party last Friday, but it wasn’t all about yule tide self-indulgence.  This private party was a canned food drive for the the Food Bank for New York City, and a donation of a minimum of 2 cans was mandatory to attend.

During the jubulence of the holidays, it’s all to easy to overlook those that are less fortunate.  But the fact is, there are many people in our own city that go to bed hungry at night. Enter Food Bank, which helps provide 400,000 free meals a day for New Yorkers in need.

The event, held at SL in the Meatpacking District, featured a Grey Goose open bar and an evening of music and good times.

Here are some shots from the night:

IMG 4159 1024x568 @AKOOClothing Holiday Party

IMG 4142 2 1024x768 @AKOOClothing Holiday Party

IMG 4166 1024x768 @AKOOClothing Holiday Party

IMG 4165 768x1024 @AKOOClothing Holiday Party

IMG 4154 768x1024 @AKOOClothing Holiday Party

IMG 4149 1024x768 @AKOOClothing Holiday Party

IMG 4146 768x1024 @AKOOClothing Holiday Party

IMG 4144 768x1024 @AKOOClothing Holiday Party

IMG 41671 1024x768 @AKOOClothing Holiday Party

IMG 4163 944x1024 @AKOOClothing Holiday Party

For more information about the Food Bank for New York City visit: www.foodbanknyc.org
For information about AKOO visit: www.akooclothingbrand.com

xoxo, Olisa



November 2011



Be daring with @B_DeSClothingCo

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Brittany DeShields, a self-taught Fashion Designer from Philadelphia, PA has a Fall/Winter Collection out right now. “B. Alluring, B. Beautiful, B. Confident, B. DeS,” is what DeShields’ line is about. Her first collection B.DeS, came out in 2008 and is made up of sexy styles for the confident woman who isn’t afraid to show off her body.

Here are some of my favorites:

B.DeS  120x300 Be daring with @B DeSClothingCo Veda

B.DeS2  97x300 Be daring with @B DeSClothingCo


B.DeS3  192x300 Be daring with @B DeSClothingCo

Fuchsia Alba Skirt

B.DeS4  104x300 Be daring with @B DeSClothingCo Lighthouse Bodysuit

A lot of her dresses have a sheer look so it is very daring! Check out ILoveBDeS for more of her collection of dresses, skirts, and bodysuits. To find out more information you can also check out BrittanyDeShields.com.

If you want to wear something bold, colorful, and form fitting, this fashionista is definitely the one to check out!

‘Follow’ Brittany DeShields on Twitter and ‘Like’ her on Facebook! icon smile Be daring with @B DeSClothingCo



November 2011




Written by , Posted in Austin, WorldWide

Sup Cole World!

I had the privaledge to sit down with one of if not the mbest Austin,TX based clothing lines here and talk to them about their clothing line. Enjoy…
(GE = Golden Empire)

images1 @GoldenEmpire

1) What was the inspiration for Golden Empire? => GE- I wanted to build a brand that encompassed the talents my friends and I have including tattooing,fashion,music,skating,photography & film.

2) I see there’s alot of females who have tattoos and such, do you target that demographic? => GE- Im a tattooer myself, I love dope tats and hot girls that have em so it only made sense.Im not saying that all my models have to be tatted up but good tattoo work is definitely a plus.

tokey 800x586 @GoldenEmpire


3)  What’s the response Golden Empire has received from the people?  =>  GE- Its been great.We are a small indie brand that doesn’t do any crazy marketing or promotion so its awesome to see people rockn and reppin our clothes because its something unique and not because everybody else is wearing it.    

4)  What’s your personal favorite piece of clothing from your clothing line?  => GE-  tough choice.”Lucky Kenzo” is my shit but I would have to choose the “Night Owl” me and my buddy Cal came up with that for one of my original designs,its a classic.  

images2 @GoldenEmpire

5)  Does Golden Empire have fall line for men and women? => GE- for sure,We a dropping new hoodies,crewnecks and tees for the fall.lookout for the rhino joint.


6) Speaking of men and women, where do you find your models? They always have such a great look. => GE- the majority of my models are friends of mine the others are independent models who I came across and just had to work with.Major shouts to Heather Berhosky,Jody Kovac & Heels & Candy.

PrestoRich GE Tee002 @GoldenEmpire


7) Any upcoming projects you would like people to know about => GE- We are working on a few ill collabs with The Cool Kids, Jgoods & Kydd Jones.we also recently moved to Dallas and have a few things in the works for Dtown.






September 2011



Be Optimistic @Lifeisgood

Written by , Posted in WorldWide

“Do what you like. Like what you do.” Very well said motto by the company, Life Is Good. The apparel and accessories company has a mission to spread the power of optimism. The company was founded by brothers Bert and John Jacobs and since 1989, when they designed their first tee, the company has spread across the US (based in New England). Jake is the famous face for Life is good who along with everyone else “keep the good vibes flowing.”

16361 l Be Optimistic @Lifeisgood

Above is a “Football Season” tee I got for my dad and below is my new fuchsia mug I just bought for work and a zip-up I got for my mama.

16491 l Be Optimistic @Lifeisgood 17180 l Be Optimistic @Lifeisgood

A lot of their products have positive messages and I own a bunch of their tees and sweaters, which are super comfortable.

What this company also does is fundraise to help kids overcome life-threatening challenges, which include violence, illness, and poverty. The Life is good Playmakers is what they call it and to fundraise for this they have a 2-day festival every year with music, fun activities, and just a great experience.

I love their stuff! Check ‘em out on Facebook.

316270 10150317219943522 27152833521 7933158 1776480693 n 300x300 Be Optimistic @Lifeisgood

pixel Be Optimistic @Lifeisgood
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