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You know the Bloc’s hot when you run into them on Queen St West. Tonight at KoolHaus.
Bloc Party is an autonomous unit of un-extraordinary kids reared on pop culture between the years of 1976 and the present day.

United Kingdom

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Vivi Westwood for Melissa Shoes

Every year, I have an obsession with finding the perfect white summer shoe: so why should 2009 be any different! Before going out for dinner and after dropping of my ‘The Status of Things’, I was strolling on Queen St W today and saw these!

Pretty cute huh! Perfect for the April showers and rainy days ahead. They are called the Lady Dragon – PVC = no blisters! I first tried Melissa shoes in Lavish and Squalor but didn’t know how I felt about them. But after reading this…

“Vivienne Westwood and Melissa have combined to take a modern twist on a classic piece of Westwood footwear – the Lady Dragon Shoe. This heeled Melissa shoe is made from beige PVC and features an adjustable ankle-strap. A large red heart lays on the toe.”
– Made in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, the eclectic British fashion designer known for popularizing punk fashion
– Hypoallergenic plastic material easily molds to the foot, providing superior comfort while being 100% safe to your health 


You can see the whole collection here

Last year, I got these cute ones from Chinese Laundry… Love them, wore them so much they are goners..
so I think these VVxMel are going to be my signature ‘white shoe’ for spring!

Melissa Plastic Dream Site

About Melissa
Based in Brazil, Melissa has a single brilliant concept: super-comfortable, easy to wear, and seriously stylish footwear crafted in natural rubber. You might know them from the original 1970’s jelly sandal – they were one of the originators of that all-time classic! This sustainable and recyclable material molds to your foot after a few days of wear and provides a nearly scandalous degree of comfort. It’s also totally waterproof! And if your shoes get dirty? Clean them with good ‘ol soap and water.

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The Status of Things


I am leaving these booklets around various stores on Queen St W as a part of the new spring promotion for HeyDoYou. It is a month worth of my status updates from Twitter and Facebook combined. It’s a pretty fun read, let me know if you pick one up. They are at B2 and Aritzia this weekend ^_^

Here is a snippet for all you out of town readers:

February 1 at 1:26pm Glossyvonne Kai Going to riverdale w pooch! Time to get dirty!
February 1 at 6:31pm Glossyvonne Kai 😀 brewing babeliciousless
February 2 at 4:26am Glossyvonne Kai My a heeee my a hoo my a ooo ooo
February 2 at 1:28pm Glossyvonne Kai Nurse.fighter.boy… Feb/6 watch the trailer at! Feb already?? Shopahloic party on the 12! Woohoo!
February 2 at 1:31pm Glossyvonne Kai Anyone going to ids09? Or the opening party this week! If u don’t know, get familiar!
February 2 at 1:33pm Glossyvonne Kai Opps.. Correct link is
February 2 at 2:45pm Glossyvonne Kai U can plan a pretty picnic but u can’t predict the weather
February 2 at 4:46pm Glossyvonne Kai Rk moving sale… Wut!!!!!
February 2 at 6:15pm Glossyvonne Kai Who wants to go to hello kitty x mac launch tomoro w me at 7pm!
February 2 at 8:08pm Glossyvonne Kai Lol obviously u don’t know the right ppl lol… Paying retail is for suckers haha oops did I say that outloud
February 2 at 11:32pm Glossyvonne Kai im taking flo 😛 but details here:
February 3 at 1:26am Glossyvonne Kai SHOPAHOLIC Feb 12 – Save the Date
February 3 at 6:01pm Glossyvonne Kai Hello kitty x MAC tonite weeeee
February 3 at 6:28pm Glossyvonne Kai I wish I could tell the future, see the future, create the future and make choices accordingly
February 3 at 9:46pm Glossyvonne Kai So thay went well! Met with shopaholic team 1 tonight.. Walking to hello kitty now 🙂
February 3 at 11:38pm Glossyvonne Kai hello kitty with TOFLO was so fun and cute catch it here.. in 5 mins
February 4 at 1:03am Glossyvonne Kai OH ya… ps, ET Canada is coming to Shopaholic! So buy ur tickets…
February 4 at 2:42am Glossyvonne Kai Don’t like this fb pic on comment thingamajig
February 4 at 9:10am Glossyvonne Kai Wow I can’t believe you are on twitter. Amazed
February 4 at 9:14am Glossyvonne Kai Y am I up? I’m not actually awake… I can sleep-tweet!
February 4 at 6:35pm Glossyvonne Kai oh man, today is funny. 😀 lol… Im driving around picking up items for the giftbags! any dudes wanna come help at the event? chicks galore
February 4 at 6:56pm Glossyvonne Kai walking to starbookie
February 4 at 8:31pm Glossyvonne Kai friday is date night! oh its only weds 🙁
February 4 at 8:32pm Glossyvonne Kai IDS09 tomorrow.. Interior Design opening gala, oh yes.. 🙂 decorate your life! Who’s coming?
February 5 at 12:53am Glossyvonne Kai Bbq congee at gold stone :9
February 5 at 12:54am Glossyvonne Kai Backyards make dog owners lazy
February 5 at 6:26am Glossyvonne Kai kissing is a good reason to be up late ^_^
February 5 at 12:26pm Glossyvonne Kai Getting Make Up For Ever item today for the Shopaholic giftbags! * Interior Design Show gala today!
February 5 at 4:11pm Glossyvonne Kai Computer s o s l o w o m g
February 5 at 4:58pm Glossyvonne Kai In love with arthur de pins
February 5 at 5:27pm Glossyvonne Kai twitter is kinda racy.. well mine at least 😀 like the new background?
February 5 at 9:06pm Glossyvonne Kai I am hyperventilating im so excited! So whatchu wearing? Watch the Shopaholic evite here! You’re probably in it!
February 5 at 9:20pm Glossyvonne Kai
February 5 at 9:41pm Glossyvonne Kai Getting ready to LES artistes XXXchangemix ft Movado.. Santogold x Diplo mixtape!
February 5 at 10:11pm Glossyvonne Kai i really have to leave soon and get ready because the media preview started at 5:30 for IDS and im wondering what I should wear… argg
February 5 at 11:39pm Glossyvonne Kai At ids. Proof that $ CAN buy happiness! Or at least a lot of cool stuff!
February 5 at 11:43pm Glossyvonne Kai Someone tell me where the ice wine cotton candy is!!!
February 6 at 12:42am Glossyvonne Kai Designers are just good looking people who believe in their talent more than the ‘system’. Inspired: make sure u check out IDS this wkd!
February 6 at 12:57am Glossyvonne Kai Ready to go right now, gimme the greeeeennn light!
February 6 at 1:03am Glossyvonne Kai How much does it cost to live an ‘artful’ life
February 6 at 2:19am Glossyvonne Kai im uploading IDS pix righttttt now! check in 4 mins or so
February 6 at 1:35pm Glossyvonne Kai Okay dog let’s go to the park now *wagwagwag
February 6 at 6:40pm Glossyvonne Kai He’s not that into u is so good! Ah such is life ps, ur still on my mind and u have my scene card
February 7 at 4:06am Glossyvonne Kai Kinda hate some people on twitter and I’m sure u don’t like me either
February 7 at 5:02am Glossyvonne Kai What do you know about the Lipstick Effect?
February 7 at 3:00pm Glossyvonne Kai Dim sum for moi
February 8 at 12:05pm Glossyvonne Kai Why would you sms me at 3am but block me on twitter? *sigh* sounds like a kanye song if u ask me
February 8 at 5:25pm Glossyvonne Kai Mimosas at the drake 🙂
February 8 at 10:57pm Glossyvonne Kai Omg kimmy karr! Omg brooke hogan ur dress is ripped! Omg flo rida off key!
February 8 at 11:00pm Glossyvonne Kai Jhud so skinny! Pony tail anyway
February 8 at 11:02pm Glossyvonne Kai Spaceboots!!!! U2
February 8 at 11:07pm Glossyvonne Kai J hud what r u wearing
February 8 at 11:09pm Glossyvonne Kai Omg! Where’s the intro I don’t like the tissue dress j hud
February 8 at 11:13pm Glossyvonne Kai Your blacks don’t match justin
February 8 at 11:20pm Glossyvonne Kai Why r there grey goose commercials??!

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…Happily Ever After

Got some news about my last significant partner’s life update… Found out on Facebook that he is having a baby! Well, I really didn’t know how to feel. The mind understands but the heart does not compute. Strange when you once imagined your whole life with someone and they are now living it out with someone else. Such is life. Emotions are so complex, relationships are so complicated. Hope Steve Harvey’s book can bring some clarity to my love haze. This picture I found today from 2004, made me laugh ^_^

HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected – Follow this blog!

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