…Happily Ever After

Got some news about my last significant partner’s life update… Found out on Facebook that he is having a baby! Well, I really didn’t know how to feel. The mind understands but the heart does not compute. Strange when you once imagined your whole life with someone and they are now living it out with someone else. Such is life. Emotions are so complex, relationships are so complicated. Hope Steve Harvey’s book can bring some clarity to my love haze. This picture I found today from 2004, made me laugh ^_^

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ck one

simple – fresh – light – modern – confident – universal – easy – cool

Whenever I smell ck one – I start thinking of my good friend Judy and the mini vile (with the leather string) she gave me. We were BFF’s before the term existed and she is in U.K. now in med school!

So ck one is coming back in 2009! I was so excited that HeyDoYou’s March Giveaway will be a FULL SIZE limited edition bottle of ck one for the best story AND ck one T-shirt for the best photo. Comment and send photos to yvonne@heydoyou.com

no matter the language we speak, differences in age, race, gender or culture, we are one. join ck one by coming together in the spirit of unity through the common language of music.

ck one was the world’s first shared fragrance and the biggest fragrance launch of all time 15 years ago.

ck one always has and continues now, to inspire confidence and encourage a connection with others, being part of a group.

ck one is accessible, universal and easy to wear.

ck one is inspired by a social movement of people coming together across geography, gender and culture. so, our goal on this page is to engage fans from nearly every country in the world.

“I use to wear this when I was 16 and i thought I was the coolest guy in the world. I was the S$%(*… It’s true.”Ken Masters

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New Do, New Hue

So a few days ago.. i was thinking man my hair’s getting really long!

A year ago (2008 April) I did the ABA in Toronto with Paul Mitchell and went from

to this!!

Cutting my hair short has be so liberating! You have to try it at least once in your lifetime. Then throughout the year, I experimented with Reds and Blondes

Anyway… I was at Aveda today from 9am-5pm.. We did some color correction and brought my hair to a level 8 blonde…

then to a desert storm ash

I think I love it!

Being a hair model is NOT for:

  • someone who clings on to their hair to define their look/personality style
  • someone is is afraid of change and will cry if something goes not exactly as planned
  • anyone anxious or timid
  • someone who has no hair, hair/scalp disease, severely damaged hair

Being a hair model is for:

  • someone who is broke & fabulous (hello, recession?)
  • someone who wants to help hair styling students practice on real people
  • a confident person who is versatile and likes to switch up their look
  • someone who is tired of having the same hair style since 9th grade

As long as you have an open mind and want to have a top grade hair cut & color for (free!)… do what I do! If you have any questions, ask me!

If you want to be a hair model, participate in hair shows and take your look from a ‘Idaho’ to a ‘NYC’…
Check out:

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Casting ^_^

To anyone tryna get their music video game on, I present you with…an opportunity. lol
My home boy Ron D (who also works at FLOW 93.5) is gettin ready to drop his next single, ‘4-Play’ ft. Kim Davis, Daniel Daley and L.

The video will be shot next Sunday at a secret location. If you’re interested in being a part of the video, you need to hit up and RSVP to rme4play@gmail.com. I know the location and it aint huge, so please dont show up unless you have been confirmed to be there. Any female models who are interested in a lead role, please hit up that email as well with a headshot and a contact card.

You will receive an email saying your confirmed.

Remember, no black clothing! Its supposed to give a really nice upscale fresh feel…I think I juss said everything on the flyer in a different word order. lol

Ill be there that day too…oddly enough, Im actually going to be the in the video…hopefully I wont have an anxiety attack on set. lol My big homie, P-Plus will be on set spinning as well…so you know this shits gonna be live…

Waddup Ron!

Waddup Karla aka Hustlegrl for designing the flyer!

Waddup FLOW 93.5! lol
HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected – Follow this blog!

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