Soma Included in Target’s 2015 Made To Matter Program

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Since its launch in September 2013, Soma’s incredible success story and meaningful giveback mission has created an indelible legacy for the brand. By incorporating cause, design, convenience and sustainability, the world’s first 100% sustainable water filter has brought attention to the importance of having a proper water filter at home while simultaneously raising awareness about the need for clean water abroad in developing countries.

soma-xlThrough Soma’s partnership with charity: water, they have helped launch water projects in 5 different countries and within their first year of business, Soma was able to provide clean drinking water for over 3K people. They hope to meet their goal of donating clean drinking water to one million people in need around the world including countries such as Ethiopia, India and Cambodia.

The “Made to Matter” program is an exciting step in Soma’s brand story and signifies the company’s commitment to making the world a better place. It’s important to Soma to not only provide clean drinking solutions but also to educate consumers and companies alike to live consciously and become more socially responsible. Much like its colleagues in the “Made to Matter” program, Soma is proof that dedication to sustainability and charitable initiatives goes a long way, leading to a better tomorrow.

CEO and founder of Soma, Mike Del Ponte, is thrilled to finally bring Soma products to Target through this platorm. “We designed Soma to be not just a product, but an experience and one that is unlike that of any other water filter. Soma is truly made to matter,” Del Ponte said. “I am very proud of our accomplishments thus far, and we are honored to be a “Made to Matter” brand and equally looking forward to taking this next step with Target.” Soma will be available at Target stores on March 22, 2015. For more information about Soma visit

About Made To Matter: The important new platform shines a light on brand leaders of the future and innovators that deliver a positive influence to society as a core part of their business model.

About Soma: Soma is on a mission to improve life for everyone who drinks water, with sustainable, plant-based filters that make water healthy and delicious, beautiful carafes and pitchers, and a convenient filter subscription service. Soma believes everyone deserves clean drinking water, and actively supports organizations dedicated to solving the global water crisis. Soma was founded in 2012 by Mike Del Ponte, it’s Chief Hydration Officer, and is based in San Francisco. For more information, visit

NYFW: Mara Hoffman Backstage Beauty

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There were only 2 hours to runway time and models are seated in place for their full beauty transformations. In order to bring Mara Hoffman’s Fall/Winter 2015 inspiration to life, each individual had to rotate around the room, moving from CATWALK by TIGI hair care section to the wall of Maybelline’s make-up artists and finally to ZOYA where each model gets freshly manicured nails before being fitted for showtime.

Hair back Mara Hoffman Hair side Mara Hoffman
This year, Hoffman’s collection was inspired by Luke Skywalker. Thomas Osborne, creative director of Hair by Catwalk by TIGI

explains his take on the look. “We created dual textures – there’s a tightness on the top and then a 70’s looseness towards the bottom of the braids. We let the braids take on its own life. Especially in this time of year, when you’re out in the cold and wearing a hat, your hair comes out in this fresh looseness and we wanted to embrace that.”

IMG_20150214_132229_1Osborne assures me that having very long hair was unnecessary. If your hair isn’t this long, it becomes more important to use great hair product.” The two products used to create this look includes CATWALK by TIGI’s

1) The Bodifying Spray, which prepped the hair for the hair for the braid. and

2) The Session Series Work It Hairspray to set the look.IMG_20150214_131843

This year’s nail design was free-flowing, using vegan-friendly nail polish brand, ZOYA. “You paint from light to dark and there are no straight lines to paint. You can use the brushes already in the bottle and you can go on an angle down the nails.”

IMG_20150214_133739 IMG_20150214_134751~2 IMG_20150214_140139 IMG_20150214_150546 Make up Mara Hoffman

In this look, there are a total of 5 colors. The only satin color is the pink color, called Brittney. All of the other colors come from the ZOYA collection and you can switch out colors as you desire. Inspired by the sand and sunrise of Luke Skywalker’s planet, Lottie, the Creative Director of Maybelline applies a golden bronze to the eye. She finishes with a little bit of darkness to give it a soft, modern edge of today’s woman. The skin is left very dewy, natural and fresh.

Nails at Mara Hoffman

One Million PIBBLE March Raises Awareness of Discrimination

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Washington, D.C. — Millions of pit bull terriers – commonly referred to as Pibbles – now have a voice during the first ever  One Million PIBBLE March  organized bycomedian Rebecca Corry  (Comedy Central, King of Queens, Last Comic Standing).  Founder of the  Stand Up for Pits Foundation, Corry will lead this historic event  on the West Lawn of U.S. Capital in Washington D.C. on May 3, 2014 from 12:30 – 2:00 pm.
emma ricky
With the goal of raising awareness, inspiring federal funding and creating new programs, the March will discuss ways to eradicate the discrimination and abuse.  Recently, President Obama spoke out about the ineffectiveness of the breed specific legislation (BSL) laws and ways to see it abolished.  The reality is the dog fighting epidemic is worse than ever before, with the majority of abuse being committed by youth ages 13 to 21.
“My goal is to create safe and humane communities for humans and pets alike through raising awareness and identifying solutions,” said One Million PIBBLE March organizer Rebecca Corry.  “I believe through laughter, positive images and education, we can make a difference. Quite frankly, this is a societal problem that affects us all as abuse that begins with pets can quickly extend to children.   The targeting of pit bull terriers is unfortunately a direct reflection of broken society, but one that can be fixed and starts with constructive, awareness-building events like our One Million PIBBLE March.”

This historic international event – inspired by Corry’s own pit bull terrier, Angel — is attracting attendees from all over the United States as well as Canada, England and Germany to name a few.  With more than 5,000 registered attendees to date and growing, Corry is spearheading a PIBBLE movement.  She will also be performing during the Stand Up for Pits comedy tour at Gotham Comedy Club in New York on April 23rd  and the Arlington Drafthouse in Virginia on May 4thto continue efforts for this cause.

To date, confirmed guest speakers for the One Million Pibble March include:
·          Key-note speaker Jamie Buehrle, wife of Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Mark Buehrle, whose family has been personally affected by discrimination and forced to live apart due to BSL laws
·          Leah Brewer, owner of the first-ever hero Pibble, Elle the Hero Dog of 2013
·          Roo Yori, the proud owner of Hector, one of Michael Vick’s rehabilitated dogs and the late, great Wallace, subject of the  New York Times  bestsellerWallace
·          Officer Kelly Steinhorn of the Baltimore Police Department, who famously saved the abused Pretzel the Pit Bull
·          Several owners of other rescued pit bulls terriers who endured unspeakable abuse
Additionally, many recognizable celebrities are supporters of The Stand Up For Pits Foundation, including:
·          Kaley Cuoco (Actress, The Big Bang Theory)
·          Whitney Cummings (Actress, Whitney)
·          Courtney Cox (Actress, Friends)
·          David Arquette (Actor, Scream)
·          Bill Burr (Actor, Breaking Bad)
·          Cheri OTeri (Actress, Saturday Night Live)
·          Moby (Singer-Songwriter, Innocents)
·          Janeane Garafolo (Comedian, Saturday Night Live)
·          Torrey Smith (Baltimore Ravens Superbowl Champion)
·          Gerrard Shepperd (Baltimore Ravens Player)
·          John Rallo (MMA Fighter)
“For 20 years I believed entertaining people was what I was meant to do until Angel came into my life and showed me that standing up for pits through entertainment is my true calling,” continued Corry.  “She has given my life a greater sense of purpose.  Angel is the inspiration for this March, Stand Up For Pits and living proof that Pit Bull Terriers are in fact, inherently good.”

About The One Million PIBBLE March
The One Million PIBBLE March, produced by C3 Presents, is sponsored by The Honest Kitchen, KAE-O, The Pit Bull Princess, Pit Bulls of Instagram, Urban Suburban Apparel, Pit Bulletin Legal News Network & Radio, Pit Bulls are for Lovers, Show Your Softer Side and Stand Up for Pits Foundation. To attend the One Million Pibble March, learn more about how to create change, or donate to the Stand Up for Pits Foundation, visit

The “Be Their Voice” video promoting the One Million PIBBLE March with Angel can be viewed at:
About Stand Up For Pits Foundation
Stand Up For Pits Foundation was created in honor of Rebecca Corry’s pit bull terrier, Angel, who was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles as a victim of horrific abuse.   Through a live, nationwide comedy show with performers such as Bill Burr, Kaley Cuoco and Whitney Cummings, the Foundation raises money to positively advocate and educate about the true nature of Pibbles.  The Foundation is also organizing the first ever One Million PIBBLE March in Washington D.C. to further their educational and awareness-based platform.  All funds raised up until May 3 go to the One Million PIBBLE March.  Learn more

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