LYNQ – More ports for your MacBook

LYNQ is designed to bring the ports you’re used to back to the new MacBook or ChromeBook. It connects to your computer’s USB (Type C) port and gives you all the ports you’ll ever need! LYNQ will even let you charge your MacBook and mobile phone at the same time while using both.



LYNQ gives you all the ports you need to connect to the devices you love.


LYNQ gives you 3 extra powered USB ports that lets you connect printers, portable hard-drives, keyboard, MIDI instruments, thumb drives and more! Plus, you can charge your iPhone.


LYNQ has a standard SD and a micro SD card reader built in. You can access high capacity (HC) and extra capacity XC cards up to 2 Terabyte.  You can also keep your high-capacity micro-SD card installed and turn LYNQ into portable USB-C backup drive for your laptop.


Get smooth, full screen HD (1080P) or Ultra-HD (2160P) with LYNQ. It mirrors or extends the video from your MacBook’s USB C port to any large screen TV or  projector. It’s the perfect way to share videos, presentations and more.


Connect to your work’s secure wired network or administer network devices such as modems and routers with LYNQ’s built-in Ethernet high-speed port. IT supports speeds from 10BaseT to 1000BaseT and is always there in case you ever need it.


When connected to your MacBook, LYNQ can charge and sync your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.


LYNQ doesn’t get in the way of you charging your new MacBook. It’s USB Type-C port also allows you to connect your wall charger to recharge your laptop. You can continue to use connected drives and peripherals without skipping a beat.


ARE YOU READY FOR THE USB-C REVOLUTION? The latest and upcoming models of Apple’s MacBook, and other PC’ Laptops are getting thinner and manufacturers are moving away from the larger USB (Type A) connector to the smaller, USB (Type C) connector. This makes many of the existing devices we own unable to easily connect to the newer computers. Plus, these thinner laptops lack many of the extra ports we need like SD card readers, video output and more. LYNQ is design to ease the transition to the newer USB Type-C equipped computers and give you all the ports you need to connect with the devices you already own.

Dollar for dollar, LYNQ offers more ports than the Apple AV Multi-port adapter designed for the MacBook 12″. Plus, early bird supporters can take advantage of LYNQ early bird pricing at only $75!


Perfect Summer Pick Me Up with Frownies

This is my first summer in Las Vegas and nothing can prepare you for the dry desert heat! You need naps after your morning swim I needed something to help me feel perky and revitalized. One spritz of Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray, you’ll instantly feel freshened and more awake. With ingredients such as essential rose oil, organic aloe vera, plant-based hyaluronic acid, and comfrey, the Rose Water spray contains loads of antioxidant protection for younger looking skin.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 4.45.33 PM

No one will able to dim your gorgeous glow this summer, with Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray. Enchanting, delicate and pure, this revitalizing toner will keep your face fresh and flawless during the hottest season of the year.

After hours under the sun from walking around the amusement park, hanging out at the beach or simply out shopping, you may need a quick pick me up. Made of essential rose oil, organic aloe vera, plant-based hyaluronic acid, and comfrey, the Rose Water spray contains loads of antioxidant protection for younger looking skin. Versatile and practical, use it as a refresher, toner or makeup setter.

Rose water is naturally filled with anti-inflammatory properties, leaving skin feeling silky and smooth. It can also maintain the skin’s pH balance, reduce redness and irritation, and is great for oil control.  Apply this toner all over your face and neck to reduce pore size, plump fine lines and cleanse skin. Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray is light enough for daily use and beneficial for every skin type.

Feel confident and beautiful with Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray and reveal your inner summer goddess.
Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 4.45.26 PM
Formulated with hydrating glycerin and aloe juice, antioxidant-rich grapefruit seed extract, healing comfrey, plumping hyaluronic acid and toning rose water.

  • May be used to activate the adhesive of your Frownies (shown at right).
  • Keeps anti-aging at bay by smoothing out fine lines.
  • Regain skin’s radiance with a brighter more youthful appearance.

For four generations, Frownies has been run by a family of women committed to ageless beauty since 1889. Understanding that injections and surgery aren’t the answer, Frownies are highly nourishing, luxurious skin treatments of potent, all-natural anti-aging antioxidants that effectively address the physical causes of lines, wrinkles and cellulite.  Frownies are a Hollywood favorite used by classic beauties like Olivia de Havilland and hot trendy new stars like Rashida Jones.  Other celebrity fans include Missy Pyle, Rene Russo, and the always beautiful and ageless Raquel Welch.


Click n Curl – Your new summer hair style

Click n Curl is a round brush with a set of detachable brush heads that create amazing volume and loose flowing curls.

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The detachable handle turns the brush heads into a roller, allowing each section of hair to cool and set while you continue styling. Unlike other styling tools, Click n Curl allows you to dry and style your hair all in one step. Full sets are available in four different sizes (XS, S, M, L) and come with six brushes and a universal handle for $39.99 on

unnamedThis is the must-have hair tool for achieving a salon-quality blowout at home.


Summer Travel Fashion Essentials

Summer is now going on, which means the kids are on break from school, and it’s time to get out of town and take a break from all of the stresses of life! We’ve put together the perfect guide for vacation fashions.

Filthy Etiquette 


Dress in style this summer with Filthy Etiquette Polo Shirts! These polo shirts provide a trendy twist to the classic polo shirt, and will keep you cool and comfortable on your travels all season long. Available in a variety of styles, Filthy Etiquette is the perfect addition to add to your wardrobe for those breezy summer days ahead.

$59.99 at



Get the cute layered look for your upcoming vacation! The Halftee is a MUST-HAVE for any woman’s wardrobe! The Halftee is exactly what it sounds like: a lovely-looking and even softer-feeling top that stops just below the bust line. This allows you to layer all you want without ever having to mess with your undershirt. You won’t have to yank down on your shirts, or pull up your skirts. That’s a battle not worth fighting. The Halftee stays exactly where you need it to no matter your shape or size, to maintain that sleek, svelte look and slim, trim style. As you head from the city streets and subways to the office, or lunch with your gal pals followed by a sexy dinner date…show up prepared with Halftee.

$18.99 to $34.99 at

Brixlee & Co.


For the wine enthusiast who loves a passport full of stamps and a cabinet full of wine, a Brixlee & Co. original is a summer vacation must have. A clever play on the word wanderlust, the “Winederlust” tee is dedicated to passionate travelers who love to try wine from all over the world. Each Brixlee & Co. shirt is made from only the softest, highest quality cloth on the market and hand printed in the USA. Not only does this result in a flattering fit, but also an irresistibly touchable feel.

$26 at www.brixleeandco.comCan be shipped globally.

Mother Trucker & co.


Mother Trucker hats are absolutely perfect for those beach getaways to keep your face covered from the sun and still look cute doing so! These hats are smaller than traditional trucker hats, with less space on the cap top to ensure a perfect fit! The brand boasts a variety of styles including their latest WHAT’S UP BEACHES COLLECTION that is perfect for summer. Think catchy phrases like BEACH PLEASEHOT BEACHSHELL YEAH, and JUST BEACHY.

From Phoenix With Love


It’s important to pack trendy but comfortable clothes for traveling, but often it can be hard to find both in the same pieces. From Phoenix With Love creates clothing with the softest materials but doesn’t lack on style or sass. Everyone everywhere will love the “On Vacation Til Further Notice” shirt! It’s a shirt that shows how fun, flirty, and funny the woman wearing the shirt is!

Sun Kitten Swimwear


Sun Kitten Swimwear has you covered whether you’re basking poolside or traveling to the world’s most beautiful beaches. Sexy sun kittens are about to take over the coast with this new line from Lizzie Rovsek of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County and we don’t want you to be left in the sand. Feel like royalty in the beautiful Heiress Kimono cover up – wear it over a swimsuit during the day, or dress it up with some wedges for a night out. Fabrics from Italy; made with love in the USA. Sold in Dubai, Australia, Dominican Republic, Central America, and all over the United States.

$198 at

Nudy Patooty

Traveling to a hot spot for your next vacation? Nudy Patooty is a line of high-tech tailored undershirts for women that tackles the problem of sweat stains, pit on (PUN intended!) for any body and taste. Worn inconspicuously under lightweight fabrics, it boasts Dual Dry technology to wick away sweat under the arms so stains don’t happen! It even regulates body temperature with ultra-soft bamboo fabric that is also certified organic.


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