Earth Day with Green Toys Puzzles

Fun and learning fit together with the Green Toys™ Puzzles! The colorful Dump Truck, Garden, and Tea Time puzzles are just right for toddlers developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

These durable, 4-piece sets perfect starter-puzzles, with easy-to-hold 3D pieces that encourage imagination and pretend play. Children can easily identify the shapes of the pieces, building cooperative play and communication skills as they ask for a wheel, cupcake, or flower to complete their masterpiece.

With 2 nephews and a brand new niece, I know there are plenty of occasions in need of new toys. Toys that the kids can learn from and benefit the earth is a major bonus! I can’t wait to have my niece try out the new Green Toys Puzzles. I think she will need a break from her brothers’ lightsabres and robots and love her Garden Puzzle.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 1.56.41 PMManufactured in the USA Made from 100% recycled plastic No BPA, phthalates or PVC Meets FDA food contact standards Easy to clean and dishwasher safe Packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks – See more at:

Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic with no BPA, phthalates, or PVC. Dishwasher safe. Meets FDA food contact standards.  Packaged with recycled and recyclable materials printed with soy inks. Color combinations may vary.

Available Spring 2016. MSRP $12.99 per puzzle.

Green Toys has launched its #PledgeToPlay program where they are asking for families to disconnect from technology for one hour per day and play “unplugged.”

We are all at the age when we have kids in our lives whether they are our own or our dear friend’s. So consider Green Toys for your next gift for the little ones!



Scan 195Honeydrop Beverages, the leading producer ofsupercharged cold-pressed raw honey lemonades, announced six new refreshing and healthy lemonade flavors: Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, Lavender, Basil, Limeade and Charcoal Lemonades. Each 10 oz. bottle of the new lemonades contain a tablespoon of local raw honey providing purifying and nourishing drinks that are gluten free and contain active enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

 “Our new raw honey lemonades demonstrate the versatile flavor and benefits of rawhoney,” says Becky Byszewski, Director of Sales for Honeydrop Beverages. “Our newlemonades are not only ridiculously refreshing but are easy on consumers wallets, with an MSRP of $2.99 – $3.49 for each 10oz bottle. By expanding our line, we’re excited for our consumers to try our bold new lemonades that taste great, are low in calories and avoid refined sugars, artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals.”
In addition to its current slate of cold-pressed lemonades – the Apple Ginger’ade, Matcha Lemonade and Apple Kale’ade are packed with raw Manuka Honey sourced from New Zealand, while the Strawberry, Turmeric and Cayenne Lemonades are made with raw honey sourced from local beekeepers throughout various regions of the United States, depending on where they are sold.
Honeydrop‘s new collection of raw honey lemonades contain specific ingredients with health benefits including:
  • Passion Fruit Lemonade: Add a little pep to your step with the addition of cold pressed passion fruit lemonade. This immunity-boosting vitamin C fruit from South America will help keep sniffles at bay while traces of local pollen in the honey help build your immunity to those local allergens. And yes, drink those passion fruit seeds. They are damn good for you!
  • Lavender Lemonade: This nutritionally enhanced version of the old classic adds pressed lavender and raw local honey to the mix for a potent lemonade to help you chill and relax. Essential oils in lavender have been used for generations to calm the nerves while traces of local pollen in the honey build up your immunity to those same allergens.
  • Pomegranate Lemonade: Cold Pressed Pomegranate juice combined withfresh squeezed lemons make for a ridiculously refreshing raw honeylemonade. This nutritionally enhanced updated version of the time-honored classic will keep you dreaming for more!
  • Basil Lemonade: Pressed basil; fresh lemons; Yup, like drinking homemadelemonade with fresh basil picked from the backyard.
  • Limeade: Cold Pressed Lemons and Lime mixed with raw local honey. This ridiculously tasting lemonade will refresh you ALL. DAY. LONG!
  • Charcoal Lemonade: This detoxifying lemonade all starts with local honeycombined with raw lemons and activated charcoal sourced from coconut shells. Activated charcoal has been used for generations as a remedy to absorb toxins and relieve general detoxification, digestion issues, gas and bloating. We suggest using it before going to sleep or when on a full stomach.
Honeydrop Beverages’ new flavors will be available at retailers across the country beginning April 2016. For more information or to purchase Honeydrop online
Honeydrop Beverages’ line of cold-pressed raw honey lemonades contains a tablespoon of raw honey for purifying, nourishing juices that enrich overall health and well-being. Always gluten and GMO free, Honeydrop‘s ingredients, which includeraw, local honey and supercharged antimicrobial Manuka honey, are of the highest integrity and minimally processed to preserve their amazing health benefits and flavor.Honeydrop Beverages also donates proceeds to local beekeepers to battle Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), an epidemic threatening the global bee population.Honeydrop‘s line of beverages can currently be found at leading retailers such as Whole Foods, Fairway, Fresh Direct, Central Market, Fresh Market, Mrs Greens, and other fine retailers. Honeydrop also makes ordering and delivery easy with a simple online ordering system and direct delivery service, including national shipping.
For more information and to order online, visit:
Consumers with a personal buzz can learn more at or
Distributors and retailers interested in stocking Honeydrop can
Follow Honeydrop on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures

Just like our bodies, we are only given one earth.  Making changes in your personal health takes effort and close attention, so it’s no surprise that when attempting to make changes to the Earth’s health similar attention is needed. As the author of A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures, Sophia Ruan Gusheé understands this with mastery.

Below 3 Tips from Sophia to boost our Planet’s health this Earth Day:


  1. Learn more about proper recycling practices.
  • For instance, did you know that lightbulbs, ceramics, pyrex, and broken glass cannot be recycled at home? That pizza boxes can only be recycled when the spots with grease residue have been discarded? Or that it’s perfectly fine to add glossy paper, like junk mail and magazines, to your paper recycling bin?


  1. Support the planet’s health by eating more plant based meals. Experts say that switching to a vegetarian diet will reduce your carbon footprint more than abandoning your car would!
  • If you’re thinking – didn’t I recently read that lettuce is worse for the environment than bacon? – Rest assured that when you compare lettuce and bacon pound per pound, and not by calorie, a pound of bacon has six times the carbon footprint than a pound of lettuce, according to the Environmental Working Group.


  1. Focus on reducing toxic exposures
  • Industrial chemicals, used to make our consumer product, have been found all over the world – in humans, in wildlife, and in the most pristine corners of the world, and have been linked to a slew of adverse health effects in humans and animals. D-toxing your products will help reduce the demand for harmful chemical ingredients, which will promote the health of our planet.



Better than Coconut Water New Detox Water

Detox Water, is an Aloe infused water packed with health benefits. It aids in balancing essential body systems, both internally and externally, with a range of B and C Vitamins for optimum health.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.45.29 PMIn addition to regulating blood sugar and acting as an anti-inflammatory, it’s also known as a natural anti-aging tool for improving overall skin health.

With no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, it’s a delicious and healthy choice for staying hydrated without feeling guilty – at only 15 calories per serving.

Totally delish! Refreshing and nice alternative to coconut water and other sports drinks. My favorite flavor is Pinamint 🙂

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