The Best Socks from @joeblacksocks

Blacksocks manufactures and sells luxury men’s socks by “sockscription.” Blacksocks is aimed at time-starved executives, who want one less hassle in their lives – and the convenience of having socks delivered right to their door. Our socks are made in Italy and you can buy them in any desired quantity or by subscription, which delivers 3 or 4 times a year.

Founded by Swiss entrepreneur Samy Liechti, who found himself with a looming hole in his right toe while at a tea ceremony with Japanese business executives, Liechti is the epitome of the Blacksocks consumer:  tech savvy, affluent, on-the-go and someone who appreciates service and quality.

These socks come in an beautiful package and it is made of the highest quality cotton.

Pima cotton – also called “the silk of South America.” This cotton is characterized by its high stability and tension resistant strength. Thanks to the cotton’s long fibers, the socks become linty less quickly and are more durable.

The classic calf socks: now available in black, navy, grey, brown and raspberry.

These socks are are completely skin-friendly and allergy-tested.

If you want to win a pair for your dad for pre-Father’s Day Tweet: @joeblacksocks are perfect for Father’s Day @heydoyou

Winners will be announced June 5 at random.


Pantone Lips with @YBCosmetics

As the official color of 2012, PANTONE is taking the summer season by storm in every way. From the runway to the red carpet, its hard not to notice the flood of this reddish tangerine shade wherever you turn.

So, take the tangerine tint to your lips with YoungBlood “Tangelo” lipstick! YB Cosmetics is known for its mineral powder foundations, and their lipsticks follow suit with a lanolin-free formula and  a special blend of natural oils and vitamins.

 Tangelo is the perfect punch of orange and goes great with cool tones like purples, greens, and blues. ( PLUS, it doubles as a under-eye primer 😉 )

Check it out on and order your Tangelo lip color for $19.00


Short but Sweet-New Spring Guest Blogger :) @Cindylru

Hey guys! Just wanted to formally introduce myself, I’m Cindy! 🙂 I’m a new summer guest blogger and couldn’t be more excited to start!

Short and Sweet

A few short but sweet things about me:

-Born and raised in Connecticut, high school in RI and college in Boston! Needless to say, I’m a New England girl at heart.

-Colombian background 🙂

-Things I love: pink, bows, sunflowers, goldfish, wheat thins, j.crew, NYC, Boston, London, photography, trying new food, SHOES, summer/spring, skiing, penguins, pinkberry, reading, baths, H&M, Forever21, and traveling. <–could never get enough of that

Warning: I am a hopeless romantic<–so you will be seeing a lot of that 🙂

-Dreams: retire/live in Tuscany, Italy

 Follow me on Twitter @Cindylru


Kanye West Presents Short Film at Cannes Film Festival

Is Kanye for real right now? After the embarrassment from last season’s Paris Fashion Week, I guess he’s lost all his marbles. I mean, this is Cannes. It’s not a place to drop your next music video. You might have better luck co-producing in a Steve Harvey movie.

On May 23 Kanye West featured his premiere and brought along his barbie-doll eye candy Kim Kardashian. It’s called ‘Cruel Summer’, inspired by his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It’s not really about anything terribly inspiring, but the really cool part is the fact that this is a “seven-screen-experience.” Does anyone know what he’s talking about?

I must say, the whole seven screen situation was sort of cool. The music was dope and I wanted to jump out of my seat and start dancing. It’s like an extended music video stretched along a bunch of screens (I was sort of expecting to watch the same movie happen on seven screens, oops). I’m not sure how noteworthy this is in film-making, but it makes a great commercial for more of Kanye’s self-promotions.

The public screening was held like a million miles away from the Palais, at the Palm Beach Casino on the coast. I guess Kanye didn’t want to brush up too close to the rest of the cast and crew attending the real selection at Cannes Film Festival.

Xoxo, @missamandachen

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