One on One with @JellyTooFly Pt 3

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“If you everyday wake up saying, ‘I wonder how this person feels I should live my life today. You ain’t never going no where.”- JellyTooFly

In the final part of my one on one interview with JellyTooFly we talk about the release of her debut mixtape, her team, her thoughts on hip hop in the Canadian music industry and much more!

The mixtape drops tomorrow, so make sure you show your support and L-O-V-E!

peace and love

Happyyy Holidays!

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I rode Amtrak home yesterday for Christmas and it was the first time that it was really packed where a majority of my 7-hour train ride had no empty seats! :( I still definitely recommend them though.

I kept myself occupied with the movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, which came out this past summer. If you haven’t seen it or are in need of a last minute gift, I would recommend this movie. It stars Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell, who both add comedy, romance, and good looks to this film.

Anyway, I also just wanted to say SAFE TRAVELS to those who are traveling and to spread some cheer by saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all! <3

(My cat Zoey, who was not so thrilled with this reindeer costume!)

Rocking with @benchcanada NEW Headphones!!!

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Bench Canada is now taking over the techie’s world. Slowly they are introducing accessories for your devices. Now in all Bench stores in Canada you can purchase headphones, earbuds, laptop covers and my new fav. IPhone/IPod sleeves that clean your IPhone/IPod.

One item that really stood out was the headphones. I love anything different, love shades of colour, splats of colour here and there, and these headphones have it all. My favourite thing about these headphones were that they were customize. This is highly important because I like to have things that are different. I also love that they can be used just like music studio headphones. I work with some music artists and this is a great factor when selecting their headphones , because the songs and beats that are composed need to song perfect on any sound system. These headphones block the noise from outside and lets your music shine.  Plus they are reasonlly priced at $69.99, I think this would be a great Christmas gift.

Another thing that I love about this line is the earbuds with their own personal case. I know alot of people that always loose their earphones, I’m one of them. I have about 50 different pairs at home because I buy new ones when I cannot find the ones I’ve misplaced. The great thing about these earphones is that (just like the headphones) they have great sound quality. I listen to music, probably more than the average person so I need to be able to listen and hear pitches, lyrics and the instrumental. I need to be one with the music and these actually let me zone out into my own world and listen. Pick these earbuds at Bench stores for $59.99.

xoxo, @itstanyag


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