36 hours in Frankfurt

I had an eventful week!  On Monday night, I flew to Frankfurt to attend a beauty workshop for P&G and Wella for an international brainstorm.  Sali came from London, Donald came from Hong Kong and I came from New York to discuss various trends in hair, beauty in our local markets.

It was a full day of beauty pow wows with STURM und DRANG, a German-based research institute and strategic consultancy!

Here I am with the crew

Yvonne Kai, NYC / Media Marketer & Beauty and Cosmetic Blogger / www.yvonnekai.com

Donald Chiu, Hong Kong / Stylist, Make-Up Artist and Photographer / http://www.donaldchiu.com

Sali Hughes, Brighton / Journalist, Writer and Beauty Columnist / www.salihughes.com

Andrea Hecker, Munich / Stylist, Colorist / www.haarfaerberei.de

Here are some cool things I saw while walking around the Zeil

The Zeil is a a super duper mall with a glass swirl right through the middle

Kanye was right! I found a lot of mayonnaise color benz… aka miracle whips! They are the TAXIS!

I had a bratwurst

I saw parts of the light festival with art installations (Luminale 2012)

Til next time… Back in NY now and jet lag like a mug 🙁


Alessi at @Scavolini_Soho “Italy Comes Alive!”

Last week, I attended the delicious final event of the “Italy Comes Alive!” series. Sweet samples created by Tarallucci & Vino’s Chef Riccardo, made with Baci Perugina chocolates were served up to guests along with bubbly.

I’m one of those rare women who isn’t really into chocolate, but these desserts were so luscious and delectable that I had to keep myself from making loud “mmm” sounds with each bite!

The event was held at Alessi at Scavolini Gallery Soho, where the fully-functioning, high-end kitchen displays were used for preparation and a cooking presentation.

If you missed “Italy Comes Alive!” it was a series of events celebrating Italian style in partnership with Peroni and Baci Perugina, and featuring collaborations with Del Posto executive chef Mark Ladner as well as Tarallucci & Vino, all held at the Scavolini Soho Gallery.



Under the scarf…

Everyone’s been saying that I’ve been “hiding” my hair. This is true to some extent, but I haven’t been hiding it; I’ve been protecting it. I kept it wrapped all winter, and it will remain wrapped up until the summer. I find it’s better to keep my hair wrapped up during the cold months to keep it from breaking, and the weather is so crazy during spring, that I prefer to keep my hair safe under my head scarf 🙂 However, when I’m home, the head scarf comes off, and my hair is free to “be” where the temperature is warm and STABLE. The fro will be back in the summer 🙂

peace and love



LOVING the Wild Diva Glasses!! @Roberto_Cavalli

“The alluring Wild Diva model is a celebration of woman and pays homage to her femininity. An iconic, glamorous, savage model with a unique look whose audacious shape and surprising colors make it very daring; these sunglasses are for women who want to be noticed.”

Roberto Cavalli and Marcolin are treating us to a BAD A** Special Edition Sunglasses Collection for Fall/Winter 2012-13. The Wild Diva glasses come in black tobacco, purple, extreme pink (oh my g-d!), violet, yellow and acid green, all with matching or contrasting shaded lenses.

I’d rock em’ all damn day, and I might even rock em’ at night just cause! I’m loving the second skin effect, and the crocodile/ostrich/shagreen print… totally giving me life!

Need. Want. Please and Thank You.


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