Le cuteness of Day Three @WMCFashionWeek

Some street/stalker style pics that I took in between, as well as during the shows on day three of World MasterCard Fashion Week. Love those shoes! (above)

Melissa has been rocking these hats!!


with their cute shoes 🙂

love it

NellaBella was in the house!

pretty colors

rocking that dark lip!

love these shoes

the girl on the left… loving everything!

always a pleasure running into Karlyn!

so badass!




love it all

cute glasses


shoes 🙂

me and mo secretly in pain lol

pretty skirt

Hawley’s always lovely 🙂

Fun times!

peace and love



Win a @LazerShirt

We are giving away a really fun T shirt (size Small) for Spring!  It is from LazerShirt and it glows in the dark everywhere you put the laser pointer on to!

If you want to win this for our Spring Giveaway just Tweet the answer to:

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Good luck!


@BariBeauty – Pure Ice Vinyl Remix in Platinum and Vintage Remix

Third post in my @Baribeauty series 🙂

Pure-Ice-Crackle-Platinum-and-Vintage Remix

This duo comes with two colors… Platinum (white) and Vintage Remix (black). I made sure to buff the tops of my nails to get rid of ridges then applied two coats of the white to make sure it was evenly distributed. PS don’t mind the messy white… cleaned up after I was done O:)

Pure-Ice-Crackle-Platinum-and-Vintage Remix

A coat of the black one which turns into a black/purple finish. As you can see the Platinum Magic Base Coat ‘white’ part turns into a light purple lavender color and the Vinyl Remix part stays black.

You can purchase your Pure Ice Vinyl Remix duo and the rest of Bari Cosmetics’ polishes here 🙂 ENJOY!

xo, June 🙂


An afternoon with @JewelMint #TFWMint


Yesterday Jewel Mint gave us a preview of their upcoming April collection, and even treated us to a TASTY and cozy lunch at 416 Snackbar on Bathurst. I thought the pieces were unique and super cute, with the box bag, tulip earrings and animal bracelets being my favourite pieces! Omg that box bag… need it in my life.




Alternative straps for the box bag

Justine and Chenessa

sooo good!

pretty ladies 🙂

need this necklace

I didn’t have any, but heard it was GOOD

love this ring!

hey hey hey 🙂

nom nom nom!

Fun times 🙂

Thank you so much for inviting me 🙂



@VillageVoice’s @ChoiceEats = Delicious

On Tuesday night I attended Village Voice’s sixth annual “Choice Eats” event.

Just picture this…you walk into the 69th Armory, a huge, historic armory built in the early 1900s, filled with 83 restaurants from the five boroughs, serving tastings of their most delicious dishes. Let’s not forget the craft beer, spirits and wine companies, serving up cocktails and pours to accompany the eats. If you’re even the slightest bit of a foodie, you’d think you died and went to heaven–so imagine how it was for me (definitely, absolutely a foodie)!

Each of the restaurants was hand-picked by Robert Sietsema, food critic for Village Voice.

If you missed this year’s event, there’s always next year. But be sure you buy your tickets early because it sold out completely this year, and I’m sure it will be the same for next year. Also, keep an eye on Village Voice’s calendar of events. They have various festivals throughout the year, like the Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival I attended in October, and the upcoming Choice Streets food truck tasting event in April.

And the winner is…

Allswell: Gentleman’s Relish with roasted garlic and anchovy spread on housemade sourdough and topped with soft boiled egg

This was my absolute favorite dish in the entire event.

My tasting glass

The event was sold out!

 Juliette: Cured Arctic Char & Maine Diver Scallop Shooters


From top left: Red Hook Lobster Pound~Shrimp Rolls, O Lavrador~Carne de Porco a Alentejana (pork tenderloin with clam and potatoes), Pataniscas de  Bacalhau com Molho Verde (codfish fritters with Portuguese vinaigrette sauce), Smorgas Chef~72 hour house cured aquavit gravlaks with creamy dill cucumbers and mustard sauce.

The lox from Smorgas Chef were unbelievable!

Red Hook Lobster Pound’s mascot!

From left: Fay Da Baker~pork bun and honey bubble tea

Best pork bun ever!

Whole Foods had bags for everyone!

Dirt Candy: Tomato chipotle cotton candy

Mama’s Food Shop~Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Roasted Vegetables

Such a simple description, but this had to one of the juiciest, most flavorful roasted pork dishes I have ever tasted!

Vandaag~Gravlax Smorrebrod

Surprised to see the neighborhood spot! I can’t even count how much Peppa’s Jerk Chicken I’ve had since moving to Brooklyn!


Smuttynose~Let’s say I had the random and bizarre impulse to jump over the table to grab a beer or something–I would definitely NOT do it with this guy standing there!!

Yummy cocktails by Bulldog Gin

Goat Town: Goat Face Sangwich

Gazela: makes delicious sangria

Northern Spy Food Co~Savory Buttermilk Pannacotta with roasted carrots, almonds and licorice

Sottocasa: Tiramisu

EMVI Chocolate

Doughnut Plant: P&J doughnuts

One of my local favorites! Even though I was sooooo full, I managed to make room for this and it couldn’t have been better!

This guy is so smart. While everyone else juggled their plate, glass, and event brochure, he was super smooth with his items laid out on a lavish platter, er, green tray!

Blue Point: Craft beer

Svedka, anyone?

Ditch Plains: hot dogs covered with mac ‘n cheese

Delicious…don’t judge me!

Until next time!!


Video: Day Three @WMCFashion Week

So after day two of World MasterCard Fashion Week, we were pretty disappointed and a little worried that the rest of Fashion Week was going to be um… boring. But as you can see from the picture, Mo and I had lots of fun! Bustle, LINE, VAWK, Cara Cheung and Melissa Nepton were some of my favourite shows.

Highlights of the day?

  • Stacey McKenzie on the BUSTLE runway. She killed the runway, and the crowd was crazy with excitement!
  • The women in the crowd shamelessly flirting with the male models during the BUSTLE show. There was winking, lip licking, whistling… you name it they were doing it lol.

A video for your viewing pleasure 🙂

peace and love


ps: awesome street style pics coming up next!

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