Clean and Clear your Pores for the New Year

Rejuvenate and Refresh with Microdermabrasion – The perfect gift for 2012!

Going to the spa is wonderful, relaxing… and expensive. When you don’t have the cash or the time to schedule a spa treatment, try some great DIY products for a spa glow in the comfort of your own bathroom.  For example, microdermabrasion is a pretty costly procedure at your local salon or spa, but you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost – and use your products over and over again to further increase the value.

Why do microdermabrasion at home? For starters, it sloughs off the dead skin that’s been accumulating to reveal fresher, younger skin and get you glowing. And for those of us who use anti-wrinkle creams and serums, revealing this new skin is thought to help with absorption.  Even if you’re not worried about anti-aging products just yet, microdermabrasion at home kits are also perfect for unclogging pores and deep cleaning your skin, while frequent use can help reduce enlarged pores, blackheads, fine lines, and more.

 Of course, if you’re going to purchase something like this, you want to ensure you’re getting the right thing – try out online shopping sites like ShopNBC to read customer reviews, compare prices, and weigh your options. Additionally, they have a variety of popular skincare brands like Isomers, SKINN, and more. So rejuvenate your skin without spending several hours and lots of money at the spa!

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Meet @Fatema_Issa Our Winter Guest Blogger

Hi everyone! My name is Fatema Issa and I’m excited to present myself as the newest guest addition to HeyDoYou!

I wanted to use this first entry as an opportunity to introduce myself, but rather than bore you with a pre-meditated autobiography, I thought I’d let the people who know me best do the job for me. I sent out a spontaneous mass text message to my closest friends and family: “Describe me in one adjective…GO!” Here are the responses, unedited 😉

Friendly, social, confident, funny, loveable, put together, loyal, passionate, bosslady, diplomatic, fashionable, balanced, sweet, virtuous, bright, eloquent, beautiful, determined, patient, fancy, grounded, chic, happy, wonderful, lively.


I LOVE … NYC, romantic comedies, iced caramel lattes, daylight savings, the color red, time with family, music, turquoise stones, walking in the park, mascara, bbm, massage chairs, travelling, people watching, pb&j, chapstick, random throwbacks on the radio, pinkberry, coloring, sunshine, shopping with friends, horoscopes, relaxing days out, quiet nights in, meeting new people, shoes, glitter.




New Album: @AdrianYounge Presents @Venice_Dawn Something About April

Have you heard Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn’s first full-length album, Something About April??

Have you heard Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn’s first full-length album, Something About April??

Something About April takes you back to a different era, with its retro, pyschedelic, funk-infused instrumentals. Yet, it maintains a modern sound thanks to the infusion of soulful R&B vocals. This album is perfect for zoning out on the train, exercising or anything in between!

The CD was released on November 29 and will be available on limited-edition vinyl on December 13.  The album is also available on iTunes.

Listen to the first single, “It’s Me,” here.

 xoxo, Olisa


The Art of Re Use – Interim Women’s Shop

The Art of Re Use project in the past few years has really grown. They offer a boutique style shopping experience for thrift and vintage pieces, giving an original take on second hand shopping. The Art of Re Use is a very interesting concept because you are reusing fashion pieces therefore being more eco friendly and sustainable.

Our favourite clothes collection is coming toToronto once again and this time it’s for WOMEN!!! The Art of Reuse is opening an Ivy League store next spring for women inTorontothat would love to look stylish for under $50. With the most unique jackets, the woolliest sweaters, the sexiest dresses and accessories all at the low price of $50. Will you be checking it out??


xo, Tanya


Fragrance LOVE @BottegaVeneta

I recently received a bottle of Bottega Veneta’s first collection of fragrances for women, and was a little surprised; as I didn’t know Bottega Veneta did fragrances… I was skeptical about whether I would like it or not, but after one spritz, I was sold! It’s elegant, sensual, sophisticated and definitely unforgettable. I got lost in this fragrance… This is Bottega Veneta’s first collection of fragrances for women, and it’s a total success!

I L-O-V-E it. Have you tried it?

Thank you Coty Inc. for sharing this with us.

peace and love



@GossipGirl Recap: Rhodes To Perdition

Oh dear, we have an entire episode dedicated to the Ivy/Charlie (Kaylee DeFer) dilemma. At first, it looks like she’s is getting her way easily enough in convincing CeCe (Caroline Lagerfelt) to lift the limit on her trust fund money within the first three minutes of meeting her. Really? Well, at least ex-boyfriends cause a little more trouble. Max (Brian J. Smith) is determined to get that $500,000, and is using Serena (Blake Lively) as his bait.

This means Serena finally finds out that Ivy and Charlie are one and the same while eavesdropping behind a little Rhodes feud between Carol (Sheila Kelley) and Lily (Kelly Rutherford). She invites Max over and confronts Ivy, demanding an answer. CeCe comes to the rescue by fainting during this whole situation. Everyone stands up for Ivy/Charlie saying it was Carol’s fault and whatever Max says is instantly reprimanded and his over gets blown as the not-so-nice blackmailer. And what’s more? Carol and Ivy get the cash! Looks like this alter ego is done-zo — Charlie’s officially a Rhodes now.

On another note, Blair (Leighton Meester) has this idea that some sort of Freaky Friday scenario just happened between Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Louis. She makes it her top priority to set things right and ‘fix’ Louis so she can continue on with her fairy-tale story. But as she digs deeper, she finds out about Chuck’s too-late proposal and his acceptance for his lost. As a result, she blames herself. “It was me that brought out your dark side. And now that I’m with Louis I’ve done the same to him. I’m sorry.”

Nate (Chace Crawford) is now in charge of the NY Spectator, but it’s significantly less dramatic now that Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) is off the front page. It’s turning into a huge family matter and I’m drowning in the fillers. Same goes with the hate-fest on Dan Humphrey (Penn Bagdley) and his not-so-winning book. Great job in making every other man in town look absolutely terrible so Chuck Bass can look like a saint!

Xoxo, @missamandachen

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