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October 2014



New Must Have Scent: Krigler – Champfleury 132.

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Albert Krigler first started blending perfumes with the rarest ingredients from all over the world in 1904.  The legendary perfume house continues to live on through Albert Krigler’s great-great-grandson, Ben Krigler.

132 New Must Have Scent: Krigler – Champfleury 132.  

Champfleury 132 was first launched by Albert Krigler in 1913 and now Ben Krigler has revived this much-loved perfume for the modern age. “It is a truly timeless fragrance that never loses its charm, so I’m thrilled to bring it back and recreate a piece of my great-great-grandfather’s legacy,” says Ben Krigler.

The fresh and energetic notes of the fragrance pay homage to Champagne, France, the lush and magical place that creator, Albert Krigler, fell in love with throughout his travel in Europe.  This timeless scent is a refreshing combination of citrus notes with a sophisticated woody finish.

Where to Purchase: www.krigler.comThe Plaza Hotel One West 58th Street NY, NY



October 2014



Scorpion Scooper & Come Clean Giveaway

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We are hosting a really super crappy giveaway!

Here’s What You Won’t Do!

Here’s What You Can Enjoy!

·         NO bending

·         Single-handed operation

·         NO touching

·         Works on all surfaces

·         NO cleaning needed

·         Lightweight

With its unique design, Scorpion Scooper easily dispenses dog waste directly into the attached bag by simply squeezing the handle! Waste bags attach directly to the scooper for easy and clean disposal, and also allows for multiple pick-ups per bag – saving both money, and the environment!

Screen Shot 2014 10 12 at 4.03.23 PM Scorpion Scooper & Come Clean Giveaway

and a Poopin Come Clean Soap Bar!

poop Scorpion Scooper & Come Clean Giveaway

To win! Fill out this survey on www.whenicomeclean.com

Good luck!



October 2014



New PetBath with No Mess

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unnamed New PetBath with No Mess Atlanta, GA. Washing your pet can be a painstaking process with messy results. Problems such as: Chronic back pain, and discomfort; Being bitten or scratched while washing; Concern over pet safety and a contained environment; Bathing during inclement weather; Getting the water & mess all over. PetBath single handedly solves ALL of these problems! The PetBath provides a safe and clean bathing environment for the pet, it is an innovative and one-of-a-kind, yet simple approach to bathing your pets, indoors or outdoors.

PetBath Key Features:

  • Multiple rows of water jets on the inside, gently spray water on your pet. You apply shampoo and/or conditioner via the control valve
  • Wide doors give you easy access to scrub your pet while keeping you free of any mess. Once cleaned simply close the doors and let your pet shake off the water.
  • Bathe pet indoor or outdoors
  • Drain catches hair for easy removal
  • Non slip floor for safety

“PetBath is easy to use, no mess and no fuss. The pet parent can finally bathe their pet and not themselves.” – Derrick Anderson, President & CEO

Over 62% of households in America have a pet which equates to  73 million homes with over 164 million registered dogs and cats and 84% bathe at home. PetBath will save money, time and inconvenience for millions of Americans.

The PetBath will be produced in five different sizes, and made of durable heavy duty plastic, yet it is lightweight and portable. The innovative and practical design has generated interest from national retailers and distribution channels,  anticipating a mid 2015 product launch.

The crowd fund campaign on Indiegogo starts on October 15, 2014… PetBath is offering unique perks and rewards as well as huge discounts on the units (CLICK HERE)


PetBath America is an Atlanta, GA based design, manufacturing and distribution company that specializes in pet grooming solutions and customized bathing devices, body wash, conditioners, accessories and more. PetBath America is committed to manufacture in the U.S.A., doing its part to Help Keep America Working.  For more information call 800-676-2035 or visit at www.petbathamerica.com



October 2014



Preorder Come Clean Pop Culture Soap Bred Jordan 11 @theKarlieHustle

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c600x474 Preorder Come Clean Pop Culture Soap Bred Jordan 11 @theKarlieHustle


This all natural soap is made of plant based glycerin of kosher origins, coconut oil and 100% pure essential oils. It has soothing effect on your skin when diluted with water and is also known to soften the skin. Glycerin soaps are considered to be effective for all kinds of skin. Glycerin acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to your skin keeping it hydrated at all time. The low pH of the glycerin soap helps your skin retain its natural moisture and remain fresh throughout the day. Come Clean glycerin soap is free of synthetic chemicals and is all natural.

Stay Fresh with this Hand and Body Soap

Features a mini Jordan 11 collectible toy inside!



October 2014



Name Your Car Day @Ford

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We name our kids. We name our pets. In fact, we even name our cars. Today (Thursday, October 2) is Name Your Car Day, and according to a recent survey*, one in four owners name their cars!

Through the years, pop culture has borne a variety of vehicle names, from “Bullitt” in 1968 — to Mad Max’s “The Interceptor” in 1977 — to “Eleanor” in Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Naming one’s car can be a unique and personal process, and to mark the special occasion, Ford teamed up with Fit Pregnancy to reveal the list of top 10 favorite names** for the year and naming trends for the one that’s getting you from point A to point B. So next time you bring that brand new “baby” home for the first time, you can welcome your car with a special name!

2015 ford f 150 front side view in motion Name Your Car Day @Ford


Without further ado, we present to you — Ford and Fit Pregnancy‘s favorite car names for 2014! (In alphabetical order)

  • Betty
  • Black Pearl
  • Ester
  • Fiona
  • Jarvis
  • Lucy
  • Penelope
  • Scarlet
  • Stella
  • Rocket


  • Lights, Camera, Action —  Movies and TV names are still all the rage! While this trend isn’t exactly new, pop culture, especially TV shows and movies, can turn a relatively unheard of name into the baby name of the year — and car names have followed suit. Ford drivers have called their cars “Stormtrooper,” “Millennium Falcon,” “My Precious,” “Black Pearl,” “Jarvis” and “Optimus Prime” to name a few!
  • A Perfect Ending — Names ending in “et” are nothing new, but they’re becoming increasingly popular. While the actual spelling is a pretty big trend, the sound is probably the more important factor — and one that car owners have honed in on! Ford owners have given names such as “Scarlet” and “Rocket” their cars.
  • Classic Cool — Very vintage is very cool. Old-school names are just like that great vintage piece — eternally cool and never goes out of style. These are also classic favorites for car owners, and Ford drivers have a long list of lovely lady names that have been given to their cars. Names like “Fiona,” “Betty,” “Lucy,” “Ester” and “Penelope” make the list!

master FPC094 300x300 Name Your Car Day @Ford

*Survey conducted by Nationwide Insurance.

**In 2014, Ford polled its online Facebook community to discover the favorite names Ford owners gave to their favorite Ford cars.



October 2014



Looking Good: Styling Your Hair and Make-Up On Your Wedding Day

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Once you have planned your dream wedding day to the final detail, it can be difficult to know how to style your hair and makeup. There is so much choice with different bridal styles. Bridal hair magazines have a wide range of different, gorgeous styles. Let’s be honest, the choice can be overwhelming. Do you go for a classic up do? Or do you choose something a little simpler? When you start considering how to wear your makeup on the day, suddenly it all becomes something of a minefield. Most brides are ready to throw the towel in at this point! It can be very difficult to decide how to style your look for the most important day in your life.

Many brides are keen to look like a better version of themselves. Makeup and hair can be a trial for many women. Some prefer the DIY route, whereas others want a professional makeup artist to assist them with the quest of looking the best.

Whatever route you choose to take, there are some utterly divine hair and makeup styling tips that you can use on your dream day. Let’s take a look at them.

Screen Shot 2014 10 01 at 2.50.27 PM Looking Good: Styling Your Hair and Make Up On Your Wedding Day



Look Like You: That’s Who He Fell in Love With

While it may be tempting to pile on a heap of makeup and look like someone else for the day, this is not the route to take. But, if you don’t use contouring makeup and tricks of the trade in reality, you certainly don’t want to do that on your wedding day. Think about Kim Kardashian. She wore a lot of makeup on her wedding day, but she is a big fan of makeup in the first instance.

Think about your own personal style in the main. If you wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, toning it down on your wedding day may cause people to be somewhat surprised. Likewise, if you are more of a natural beauty which only wears a slick of mascara, caking on the foundation will surprise your guests too. You want to look like you, but better. Wear the makeup that you always wear, but opt for top quality brands and implement a skin care regimen so that you look fantastic.


DIY or Professional Route: Which is Better?

It all depends on your own skills and expertise. If you are not au fait with putting on makeup, doing your own may be somewhat problematic. After all, you want to look fabulous. So, if you are a little slapdash with makeup, it may be ideal to get in a professional makeup artist. This will ensure that you look picture perfect for the main event. You don’t have to do this with your bridesmaids. You can look the bell of the ball and leave them to do their own makeup. Consider how you want to look on your big day and communicate clearly with your makeup artist. There are a wealth of wedding planning tips and articles online, so make sure that you use them. Go for trials and see how they complete your look. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with the makeup that they put you in. If not, it may be advisable to do it yourself.


Don’t Forget to Prime!

If you haven’t heard of primer, you must have been living under a rock. Primer is the key to making your face look flawless. Primer is the ultimate beauty to have at your disposal. On your wedding, this is going to be vital. Ensure that you have a good quality primer that assists you with your makeup and skin tone. You should prime your face for a perfect finish. What is more, primer will ensure that any blemishes within your skin are reduced. It is critical that you have this with you. Pores and fine lines will be filled in, giving a matte like smooth appearance. This will make your wedding photos look nothing short of amazing.


Hair Styles: What Are the Top Trends for 2015?

Many brides will forgo fashion when it comes to their dress. But, having the perfect hairstyle will very much depend on trends. You want to look nothing short of fabulous, but your hairstyle should compliment your wedding dress.

There are some incredible ways to wear your hair on your wedding day. Here are our top picks.

Up-Do’s: Simple and Elegant

Many brides-to-be choose to have a simple, yet elegant up do. This is, usually, done with brides who are keen to include a veil or tiara as part of their accessories. There is a wealth of up do options that you can consider. Some people have curls that are pinned to the lower portion of their head with bobby pins. Others incorporate braids and curls into a side bun. There is a wealth of up do choice. It all depends on what accessories you have chosen. For many women with tiaras, headbands and slides they want to keep their hair the focal point. The accessories are used to compliment the hair style and add a touch of glamour to their hair.

Loose Wavy Down Wedding Hairstyle with Floral Brooch in Side Looking Good: Styling Your Hair and Make Up On Your Wedding Day

Bohemian Waves

If you have something of a bohemian style wedding dress that is adorned with lace, pure waves can look enchanting. Think Kate Moss and add a simple flower to your hair. This can look very elegant, but also not ‘overdone’. The key to keeping it bohemian is to accessorize less for maximum impact.

0d4b13e078c7440936df91d1d960889a Looking Good: Styling Your Hair and Make Up On Your Wedding Day

Curly Girl

Some ladies choose to have a full set of curls on their wedding day. This is perfect for brides that have chosen a strapless dress and want to cover their bare shoulders in some way. Having a beautiful extended set of curls can look stunning. But, this style tends to compliment those that have a veil placed in their hair. This is so that the form looks more like a wedding do. After all, many of us curl our hair for a night out anyway. You want your hair to look truly unique on your big day.

There are so many options to consider when you are getting married. But, having the perfect makeup, and hairstyle can really enhance the look of your dress.

pixel Looking Good: Styling Your Hair and Make Up On Your Wedding Day
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