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October 2014



Looking Good: Styling Your Hair and Make-Up On Your Wedding Day

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Once you have planned your dream wedding day to the final detail, it can be difficult to know how to style your hair and makeup. There is so much choice with different bridal styles. Bridal hair magazines have a wide range of different, gorgeous styles. Let’s be honest, the choice can be overwhelming. Do you go for a classic up do? Or do you choose something a little simpler? When you start considering how to wear your makeup on the day, suddenly it all becomes something of a minefield. Most brides are ready to throw the towel in at this point! It can be very difficult to decide how to style your look for the most important day in your life.

Many brides are keen to look like a better version of themselves. Makeup and hair can be a trial for many women. Some prefer the DIY route, whereas others want a professional makeup artist to assist them with the quest of looking the best.

Whatever route you choose to take, there are some utterly divine hair and makeup styling tips that you can use on your dream day. Let’s take a look at them.

Screen Shot 2014 10 01 at 2.50.27 PM Looking Good: Styling Your Hair and Make Up On Your Wedding Day



Look Like You: That’s Who He Fell in Love With

While it may be tempting to pile on a heap of makeup and look like someone else for the day, this is not the route to take. But, if you don’t use contouring makeup and tricks of the trade in reality, you certainly don’t want to do that on your wedding day. Think about Kim Kardashian. She wore a lot of makeup on her wedding day, but she is a big fan of makeup in the first instance.

Think about your own personal style in the main. If you wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, toning it down on your wedding day may cause people to be somewhat surprised. Likewise, if you are more of a natural beauty which only wears a slick of mascara, caking on the foundation will surprise your guests too. You want to look like you, but better. Wear the makeup that you always wear, but opt for top quality brands and implement a skin care regimen so that you look fantastic.


DIY or Professional Route: Which is Better?

It all depends on your own skills and expertise. If you are not au fait with putting on makeup, doing your own may be somewhat problematic. After all, you want to look fabulous. So, if you are a little slapdash with makeup, it may be ideal to get in a professional makeup artist. This will ensure that you look picture perfect for the main event. You don’t have to do this with your bridesmaids. You can look the bell of the ball and leave them to do their own makeup. Consider how you want to look on your big day and communicate clearly with your makeup artist. There are a wealth of wedding planning tips and articles online, so make sure that you use them. Go for trials and see how they complete your look. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with the makeup that they put you in. If not, it may be advisable to do it yourself.


Don’t Forget to Prime!

If you haven’t heard of primer, you must have been living under a rock. Primer is the key to making your face look flawless. Primer is the ultimate beauty to have at your disposal. On your wedding, this is going to be vital. Ensure that you have a good quality primer that assists you with your makeup and skin tone. You should prime your face for a perfect finish. What is more, primer will ensure that any blemishes within your skin are reduced. It is critical that you have this with you. Pores and fine lines will be filled in, giving a matte like smooth appearance. This will make your wedding photos look nothing short of amazing.


Hair Styles: What Are the Top Trends for 2015?

Many brides will forgo fashion when it comes to their dress. But, having the perfect hairstyle will very much depend on trends. You want to look nothing short of fabulous, but your hairstyle should compliment your wedding dress.

There are some incredible ways to wear your hair on your wedding day. Here are our top picks.

Up-Do’s: Simple and Elegant

Many brides-to-be choose to have a simple, yet elegant up do. This is, usually, done with brides who are keen to include a veil or tiara as part of their accessories. There is a wealth of up do options that you can consider. Some people have curls that are pinned to the lower portion of their head with bobby pins. Others incorporate braids and curls into a side bun. There is a wealth of up do choice. It all depends on what accessories you have chosen. For many women with tiaras, headbands and slides they want to keep their hair the focal point. The accessories are used to compliment the hair style and add a touch of glamour to their hair.

Loose Wavy Down Wedding Hairstyle with Floral Brooch in Side Looking Good: Styling Your Hair and Make Up On Your Wedding Day

Bohemian Waves

If you have something of a bohemian style wedding dress that is adorned with lace, pure waves can look enchanting. Think Kate Moss and add a simple flower to your hair. This can look very elegant, but also not ‘overdone’. The key to keeping it bohemian is to accessorize less for maximum impact.

0d4b13e078c7440936df91d1d960889a Looking Good: Styling Your Hair and Make Up On Your Wedding Day

Curly Girl

Some ladies choose to have a full set of curls on their wedding day. This is perfect for brides that have chosen a strapless dress and want to cover their bare shoulders in some way. Having a beautiful extended set of curls can look stunning. But, this style tends to compliment those that have a veil placed in their hair. This is so that the form looks more like a wedding do. After all, many of us curl our hair for a night out anyway. You want your hair to look truly unique on your big day.

There are so many options to consider when you are getting married. But, having the perfect makeup, and hairstyle can really enhance the look of your dress.



September 2014



Kickstarter of the Week @LIVwatches

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The LIV Genesis is an exquisite, Swiss-made, sapphire crystal, full-featured watch. Designed for the man who won’t be told what to do.

 Kickstarter of the Week @LIVwatches

Check out this amazing new Kickstarter!

This video was produced by Year2020 – My husband’s incredible production company based in New York City.



September 2014



How to Add Some European Flare to Your Look When Travelling Abroad

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If you’re a thoroughly dedicated follower of fashion, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to keep up-to-date with all the latest trends. If you also happen to have a vacation coming up in a European destination, this post is here to help make sure you ‘look the part’ when traveling abroad. So, with this in mind, we’re going to share some awesome tips and ideas on how to incorporate a little European chic into your vacation style.

Screen Shot 2014 09 30 at 11.43.09 AM How to Add Some European Flare to Your Look When Travelling Abroad

Image from Flickr


Laid-Back Mediterranean Cool

We love the Mediterranean look. Their style is as much about staying cool in the blazing hot climate as it is about looking cool and staying on-trend. Long floaty gypsy-style skirts and strappy tops are typical staples in most female Mediterranean wardrobes. The key is to pick on ensemble that you can wear to the beach, and go straight for an evening meal and drinks later on. So, you could opt for a brightly colored vest top, and then pack a matching blouse that you can throw on as it cools off during evening time.

French Chic

Are you lucky enough to be traveling to France in the very near future? Well, even though we are insanely jealous, we’re going to help you out anyway. Mainly because we’re just really considerate like that. The great thing about French style is that it’s simple, classic, and so it looks just as good wherever you choose to wear it, whether you happen to be at home or abroad. If you’ve got a slim figure, nothing says French style quite as much as the nautical look.

Try teaming a pair of capri pants with a striped camisole and kitten heels. If you really want to go for it with the nautical theme, you could add a sailor style hat to complete the ensemble. But remember, try and choose something subtle – you’re going for classic and chic. Because if you choose something too ‘out there’ there’s a very real risk that you’ll end up looking like some kind of modern-day Popeye.

Brit-Tastic Fashion

If your vacation destination happens to be somewhere in the United Kingdom, you’ve got off pretty lightly in the fashion stakes. British fashion, whether English or otherwise is pretty much a case of anything goes, which is a dream come true for all you creative types. There’s nothing quite so fun as mixing things up and experimenting with different looks and styles. But if you wanted to go for any one look, we’d recommend emulating the classic London punk look. Famously inspired by legendary fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, it’s a look that’s seeing a revival this fall. So, keep a look out for some of the punk-inspired collections that have already graced the catwalks this year.

If you’ve not yet booked a vacation, and this post has you converted to the idea, you needn’t worry. You can book flights to Istanbul and other European cities on travel websites such as Venere, as well as many others.

So, there we have it. Plenty of ideas and inspiration to help you make the very best of your European vacation. Don’t forget to send us a postcard!

Screen Shot 2014 09 30 at 11.43.42 AM How to Add Some European Flare to Your Look When Travelling Abroad
Image from Flickr



September 2014



New Gadgets That Will Help You Be Updated

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When it comes to staying in the know it pays to have some absolutely top tech to use to keep you updated with all the latest goings on in the world as well as being a great way to play the latest games and apps.

Because there’s so many great gadgets to choose from we’ve decided to go through a few of the cool pieces of tech that are due to come out and we’re eager to get our hands on.

1: iPhone 6

1 New Gadgets That Will Help You Be Updated

Image source

First up is the iPhone 6. Having launched only recently it’s already selling in record numbers this cool gadget comes in two formats, the base 6 model that has a 4.7” screen and 326ppi. Then there’s the other option of the iPhone 6 Plus that has a 5.5” screen and 400ppi resolution to provide you with the best graphical capabilities they can offer.

With a longer battery life, Apples new iOS 8 and the ability to support the new Apple Pay system the iPhone 6 is already becoming the best iPhone on the market.

2: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

2 New Gadgets That Will Help You Be Updated

Image source

After Apples launch of their new iPhone, Samsung decided they weren’t going let Apple get all the attention and so they announced they would be launching their new phone.

Coming in both a standard and curved screen option, this brilliant mobile is packing a Qualcom Snapdragon 805 chipset. It makes it a miniature processor powerhouse that makes the Note 4 the most powerful smart device on the market.

It also features a 2,560 x 1,440 pixel display that gives you crystal clear images. When it’s combined with mobile compatible games it can provide some absolutely jaw dropping graphics. Even gambling games will look fantastic on this magnificent mobile.

3: Apple Smartwatch

3 New Gadgets That Will Help You Be Updated

Image source

Another exciting development the smart watches are already eagerly anticipated by tech fans everywhere. These cool wrist companions rely on you already having a phone as your calls and messages are all routed into them from your mobile. They already come with an assortment of apps but it’s the prospect of the types of games we could play on them that’s got people talking.

The thought of being able to control a game with the flick of a fingertip on its tiny screen is incredibly cool.

4: Nexus 6

4 New Gadgets That Will Help You Be Updated

Image source

Although little is actually known about the Nexus 6 since Google have been quite quiet about it, we do know that it’s going to be using the new Android L operating system. This means that the new mobile device will have faster connectivity, better processing speeds and more stability with apps and downlodable’s.

With a 5.5” screen, 12MP camera and UHD video recorder we’re expecting crystal clear photographs with this great gadget.

Whether it will actually contain all of these features is just something we’ll just have to wait and watch out for, at any rate all eyes are now on Google to see what other teasers they might leak about their latest cool phone.

5: Nokia Lumia 830

5 New Gadgets That Will Help You Be Updated

Image Source

Finally to wrap up we have the new Nokia Lumia 830, the latest in Nokia’s successful Lumia line this phone comes with an awesome wireless charging pad and windows popular 8.1 operating system. It’s also got a 441ppi screen which gives you a better resolution than the iPhone 6 plus, so you’re guaranteed the best image quality you can get when you use a Nokia Lumia.

This is just a small selection of what we consider to be the best gadgets to use to keep yourself updated. There are of course plenty of others out there to choose but these ones are definitely worth checking out if you have the time or the money to buy them.



September 2014



National Coffee Day with @KrupsUSA

Written by , Posted in New York

In honor of National Coffee Day on September 29thwe wanted to share an innovative, gourmet recipe that will kick your daily brew up a notch, courtesy of KRUPS brand ambassador and U.S. Barista Champion Samuel Lewontin.

 National Coffee Day with @KrupsUSA

Sam Lewontin has worked as a barista since 2001, and can currently be found behind the bar at Everyman Espresso in New York, one of the county’s top coffee shops, where he is the General Manager. Sam is also an experienced barista competitor, most recently winning the 2011 SCAA Northeast Regional Barista Competition, and placing 4th at the 2013 United States Barista Championships. Today, Sam serves as a brand ambassador for KRUPS, worldwide leader in kitchen appliances with a passion for the best brew.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 double-shot espresso (use a naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia; Counter Culture’s Banko Gotiti works well here.)
  • 2oz. whole milk
  • 2oz half and half
  • 1/4oz. honey syrup**
  • 1tsp lemon zest

What to do:

1.       Combine espresso and honey syrup in a 5-oz cappuccino cup and set aside.

2.       Combine whole milk, half and half, and lemon zest in a small stainless-steel pitcher.

3.       Heat and texturize milk mixture, using a steam wand or a milk frother, until pitcher is just hot to the touch. KRUPS has a great milk frother for under $100 that makes brewing your favorite coffeehouse treat like a barista champ at home easy and affordable.

4.       Pour textured milk mixture over espresso-and-syrup mixture, filling cappuccino cup to the rim.***

KRUPS%20MilkFrother National Coffee Day with @KrupsUSA

The Inspiration:

A few different pieces of coffee history come together in this drink. First, I’ve chosen a naturally-processed coffee from Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and natural processing, in which the coffee fruit is allowed to dry on the seed before being milled off, is the traditional method there. Second, this drink calls back both to the cappuccino, which behind espresso itself is the most iconic representation of Italian coffee tradition, and to the Espresso Romano, which is served with a twist of lemon peel. Third, this drink is a cousin of the Caffe Nico, a signature drink at Espresso Vivace in Seattle, which is one of the forebears of contemporary specialty coffee in the US. In the end, though, it’s just comforting and delicious– perfect for a cool fall morning.

Expert Tips:

**For honey syrup, combine 2 parts honey with 1 part boiling water. Stir until fully integrated.

***Since milk gains volume when textured, there will be 3oz. or so of the milk mixture left over when we’ve finished pouring. Were we to use less milk, however, it would heat too fast, and we’d be unable to control its texture. Milk, sadly, cannot be reheated without affecting its flavor, but you can always use the remaining milk mixture to make a “Backward and Forward” for a friend!


“I’m a big fan of pairing specific coffees (brewed either as espresso or as filter coffee) and more basic coffee drinks with meals. This both cuts down on the work involved in the meal, and allows the flavors of the coffee and the food to interact without any added clutter. This being said, here are the sorts of coffees (and drinks) that I would recommend pairing with breakfast or with dessert:

Breakfast, if you’re sitting down to it, usually involves rich, hearty flavors– bacon, eggs, buttered toast, waffles, pancakes and the like. To cut through all that richness, I’d recommend filter coffees with bright, juicy, fruity flavors, served black. African coffees– from Ethiopia and Kenya in the summer and fall, and Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania in the winter and early spring– work particularly well, as do more lightly-roasted espressos of all stripes. There’s usually plenty of dairy elsewhere in the meal, but if you’re craving coffee and milk, a lighter and more delicate espresso-and-milk drink– say, a cappuccino– is the way to go.

For dessert, you’ll want darker, richer flavors to stand up to the the sweetness of what you’re eating. Filter coffees from Brazil, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Latin-American coffees roasted with an eye toward sugar flavors– nuttiness, caramel, and chocolate– should be your go-tos here. For espresso, look to more traditional blends and roast profiles, either straight or in a small, dense drink like a macchiato. For a decadent punctuation mark on the end of a meal, prepare your macchiato with half and half instead of milk.”



September 2014



Get it all with @theBombsheller Leggings #fitterhybrid

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c600x507 Get it all with @theBombsheller Leggings #fitterhybrid


Amazing customized leggings that have 4 ways stretch that make a statement. These leggings have been to the depths of the sea to the heights of trapeze, from downward dog to hundred-meter dash, and from salsa spins to festival cartwheels. The latest dye-sublimation technology ensures your colors won’t fade, and our industry-first Seattle manufacturing facility guarantees quality in every stitch.

Screen Shot 2014 09 28 at 8.15.34 PM 1024x323 Get it all with @theBombsheller Leggings #fitterhybrid

Bombsheller leggings are designed by folks who want to see their own ideas materialize into fashion must-haves. Any artist  can create designs for us. They keep the rights to their work, set their own royalties, and profit from each sale.

Bombsheller custom leggings are made on demand, so everything is always in stock, there’s no inventory to slow down any order, and there’s no overstock headed to the trash heap. By automating the production process, Bombsheller made it just as easy to create a single pair of leggings as it is to make one thousand. This means we can turn orders around with ninja-like speed and minimal waste.

10707193 376978175788277 500261961 n Get it all with @theBombsheller Leggings #fitterhybrid

I have been wearing mine, designed by ENFU a lot!!  So happy with them and 100% recommend them icon wink Get it all with @theBombsheller Leggings #fitterhybrid

Check them out on http://bombsheller.com

pixel Get it all with @theBombsheller Leggings #fitterhybrid
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