Help Kids Blast Off with This STEM Toy – Under $30

kids are going crazy for the brand NEW Stunt Planes by Stomp Rocket! We love the tricks and loops they make and this is definitely the gift I am giving all the kids in my family this holiday season. Now available at for Presale! Nationwide in Mid-November!   

Stomp Rocket®, the award-winning brand behind the world’s highest-flying, 100% kid-powered rockets, is thrilled to announce the launch of Stunt Planes. These three different planes were designed by aeronautical engineers to do amazing tricks, from loops and flips to glides and rolls. Stomp Rocket® Stunt Planes are available just in time to inspire and delight kids this holiday season!

Everything kids do changes how these Stunt Planes fly! This is a great way for kids to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts through active, outdoor play. For example, kids can learn about trajectory by changing the launch angle of Stunt Planes. They can learn about force by stomping harder or softer. And they can discover the importance of aerodynamics by launching Stunt Planes with a head wind, a tail wind, a cross wind or no wind at all.

Stomp Rocket® Stunt Planes Features:

  • 3 Unique Planes in 1 Package –  Each package includes three amazing Stunt Planes, which look and fly very differently. Looper makes giant loops, the Wildcat flips, turns, and soars, and the Glider does tricks and glides over 100 feet!

  • 100% Kid-Powered – Kids get plenty of active outdoor time as they run, jump and stomp to  launch their Stunt Planes.

  • STEM- –  Stunt Planes can get kids excited about scientific concepts like gravity, force, trajectory, and the power of air. Who knows? These planes could inspire the next generation of aeronautical engineers!

  • Portable – Unpack Stunt Planes  in the back yard, at the park, on playgrounds, at birthday parties, at campsites, and at family gatherings for safe, year-round fun.

  • Instant Entertainment – Stunt Planes  are ready to launch in seconds. The planes and their brand new, sturdy launch stand come fully assembled, with  no batteries required.

  • Ages 5 to 12 — Adults love Stunt Planes too!

You can thrill kids’  thirst for knowledge even more by adding the Stomp Rocket’s® book Stompin’ Science: Making Science a Blast to their holiday stockings. Filled with short, fun lessons appropriate for kids from elementary to middle school ages, Stompin’ Science makes it easy for parents and teachers to inspire excitement about important STEM principles and even help kids conduct their own experiments with Stomp Rockets.

Starting in November 2017, you can find Stomp Rocket® Stunt Planes at and on,, and in Mills Fleet Farm stores. Other Stomp Rocket® products are also available online at BedBathand, and in-store at Toys R Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Big 5. 

About Stomp Rocket®

Run, jump and STOMP! For 25 years, Stomp Rocket® has been entertaining kids and their families, and stimulating active, outdoor play. The Original Stomp Rocket® is 100% kid-powered, and the product line includes rockets that soar up to 400 feet in the air, as well as toys that are appropriate for kids as young as age 3. Stomp Rocket® has sold over 5 million toys and won numerous awards from industry experts, including Good Housekeeping, Creative Child Magazine, Dr. Toy, iParenting Media and Toy Directory Monthly. Stomp Rocket® is made by D&L Company of Minden, Nevada,


The Essence of Nature & The Wisdom of Time Honored Science – Arya Essentials

All-natural Ayurvedic-inspired line Arya Essentials which is gorgeous brand draws from the wisdom of Ayurveda to create lovely, healing products perfect for soothing skin and hair issues year-found. All products strictly follow Ayurvedic principles while incorporating modern day intelligence, and uses only high quality botanical ingredients (many sourced from India) to rejuvenate, nourish, and protect the skin.Celebrity fans include Jessica Biel, Sophia Bush, Elsa Hosk, and Marisa Tomei.

Arya Essentials Botanical Cleanser ($55)

Leave your skin refreshed and deeply clean with this all natural oil cleanser. This gentle exfoliating and cleansing treatment lifts away impurities and makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It restores the skin’s natural moisture barrier and the pH balance while leaving it soft, hydrated and glowing. Formulated with Turmeric, an ingredient that has been used for thousands of years in India as a secret to a perfect and clear complexion, and papaya seed oil to gently exfoliate and soften skin, Arya Essentials’ Botanical Cleanser deeply cleanses and conditions to clarify skin without any residue for skin that is soft, glowing and hydrated. Recommended for normal, combination and dry skin types.

Arya Essentials Purifying Toner

120 ml / $50

This purifying all natural toner is made of Rose and Tulsi water to balance and purify the skin, while the cucumber soothes and cools hot skin. Tulsi is considered to be a sacred plant in India and has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. It helps decongest pores and calm the skin. Rosewater is known for its anti-aging and regenerating properties while strengthening and toning. This soothing toner refines skin’s texture and leaves skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Arya Essentials Face Oil

30 mL / $95

This divine face oil imparts a glowing, bright complexion with all-natural ingredients including Amla and Brahmi to boost collagen production and antioxidant rich Tulsi to purify while enhancing radiance. As with all Arya Essentials products, this oil strictly follows Ayurvedic principles while incorporating modern day intelligence, and uses only high quality botanical ingredients (many sourced from founder Shadoh Punnapuzha’s native India) to rejuvenate, nourish, and protect the skin.

Arya Essentials Intensive Eye Balm

15 ml / $80

This night treatment is a restorative formula to reduce and prevent fine lines while brightening and protecting the delicate eye area.  Ashwagandha and Manjishta work together to reduce under eye circles and puffiness while Brahmi minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This concentrated blend of rich and effective botanicals increases elasticity, deeply hydrates and revives the delicate tissues around the eye.

Shadoh says, “I myself am not a big fan of eye cream and I hate putting it on twice a day so I worked to formulate this natural eye balm that is strong but gentle to work on fighting dark circles, puffy eyes and aging that can be used at night. The balm consistency absorbs better and is able to deliver the benefits to the skin sometimes that creams can’t deliver.”

Arya Essentials Hair Oil

100 mL / $68

Arya Essential’s Hair Oil is packed full of nourishing ingredients known in Ayurveda for their ability to make hair strong, healthy, and beautiful, including the practically cure-all coconut oil (used here to nourish, moisturize, and condition damaged hair), Amla, (known as one of world’s oldest hair conditioners!), which stimulates hair growth and prevents breakage by strengthening the follicles, Bhringraj, an ancient Ayurvedic herb used to treat split ends, promote hair growth, and prevent premature greying, Fenugreek extract, which rebuilds and strengthens the hair shaft, and sesame oil, believed to prevent UV damage to hair.


Arya Essentials Body Oil

100 mL / $70

This luxurious body oil is a unique blend of essential oils and herbs that moisturizes, soothes and balances the skin, and is lightweight enough for even the hottest of days (it also gives legs and arms a beautiful sheen). In India, Coconut and Sesame oils are used for daily massage to keep the skin glowing and radiant. The essential oils of Rosehip Seed, Neroli and Brahmi help regenerate cells, delay aging, increase elasticity and boost collagen production. The unique formula deeply hydrates your skin leaving it soft, silky and sensuous to the touch. This calming body oil is suitable for all skin types.

Shanti Bath Salt ($60)

Calm your mind with this mineral enriched bath salt that includes Jasmine and Vetiver, which evokes a sense of serenity. Himalayan salt crystals, considered one of the purest salts in the world, helps detox and soften your skin while leaving you relaxed and revitalized.

Shanti Body Scrub ($68)

Shanti from the Sanskrit language means peace. The Shanti Body Scrub is luxurious and incredibly calming. Pure raw sugar deeply exfoliates to instantly lift away dull cells while Himalayan salt detoxifies and purifies to reveal fresh vibrant skin. Using nature’s finest ingredients, skin is nourished and immersed in moisture to leave you with soft and silky skin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin.

More information please visit


Omega 7 – The Missing Link to a Natural Holistic Beauty Routine

SeabuckWonders Products Naturally Rich in the Rarest of All Omegas

Major beauty influencer, Kim Kardashian, attributes her beautiful, healthy hair to natural products like black seed oil. Like many other types of fatty acid rich plant oils, black seed oil has omegas and antioxidants. While this natural oil is great for hair and skin, it’s missing one major component: Omega 7. Someone needs to tell Kim about sea buckthorn oil– the best beauty oil on the planet and the only one with the rare Omega 7.

What is Omega 7?
Omega 7 is a fatty acid that is found in just a few sources in nature. The pulp of sea buckthorn berries contain more Omega 7 than any other natural source. Omega 7 and other components of sea buckthorn oil are wonderful for supporting the health of skin. It can help to restore the skins natural omega balance, protecting skin cells and aiding with the healing of cells.

The Real Beauty of Omega 7
is that Omega 7 provides health AND beauty benefits! It provides a wide range of healthful support for cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and immune systems, dryness and other inflammatory conditions, while also providing skin healing and beauty support.

Omega 7 Power for Hair and Skin 
Kim K knows that the best natural beauty oils can be used to support hair and skin. Sea buckthorn berry oil is so gentle and nourishing, it makes the perfect topical treatment as well as nutritional supplement. When combined with Biotin, you have the ultimate natural beauty recipe for smoother, more vibrant skin, healthy, shinier hair and a bonus—stronger nails.
When dealing with chronic dryness of the skin, hair and nails- the best plan of attack is to use sea buckthorn oil both internally and externally.

Kim K knows that natural oils are the key to red carpet beauty- but still hasn’t heard of Omega7! Keeping your skin youthful, your hair supple and your body in harmony is easy with daily sea buckthorn oil. The only natural oil works double time to support your health and beauty.

Here are the Omega-7 products I recommend!

Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails, $34.97

The only product to combine biotin with sea buckthorn oil for the best beauty & health support. Sea buckthorn oil’s omega content nourishes and restores cellular health throughout the body. People with problem skin love the soothing effect of this supplement. Ultimate Hair, Skin and Nails creates beautiful results using the power of natural health.

Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, $16.97

Formulated for daily use, this cleanser is unlike any other exfoliating wash. Natural jojoba esters exfoliate to revive dull skin without roughness. Exfoliation boosts blood circulation in the skin for a fresh complexion. This deep cleanse washes away daily impurities and dead cells. It’s the perfect daily cleanser for makeup lovers!

Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream, $19.97

This nourishing cream supports the health of your skin. It’s the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of sea buckthorn oil for your skin every day. Omega 7 provides deep hydration and boosts skin cellular functions. Omegas 3, 6 & 9 nourish to restore the natural balance of the skin. Scented with natural orange oil- we never use synthetic fragrance. Suitable for all skin types.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Dropper, $15.97 – $34.97

Made from the pulp of the sea buckthorn berry, this oil provides one of the rarest omega fatty acids on earth- Omega 7. Sea buckthorn berry oil is a traditional herbal health and beauty supplement. This natural, plant based oil addresses many needs and has many uses.

    • Ideal for skin & beauty
    • Nourishes cell, tissue, and mucous membranes
    • Gastro-intestinal relief
    • Healthy inflammation response
    • Feminine health

Omega 7

About SeabuckWonders

SeabuckWonders was the first company to introduce sea buckthorn to United States consumers. Providing only Himalayan, USDA Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn oil for over 20 years. Consumers can depend on the highest quality sea buckthorn oils when choosing SeabuckWonders.

The SeabuckWonders Difference 
What separates their products from other brands? SeabuckWonders products contain the highest amount of sea buckthorn oil compared to competitors. SeabuckWonders products are available at select retailers or online at:


Celebrated World Vegan Month by Making The Switch to Lavanila

November is World Vegan Month and with LAVANILA you achieved a healthy, cruelty-free beauty routine – nothing more, nothing less.
These bestselling products from LAVANILA are 100% healthy and 100% vegan:
Handcrafted by master natural perfumers, The Healthy Fragrance is a unique collection of perfumes infused with organic sugar cane alcohol, natural botanical extracts, and pure essential oils that are sensitive on sensitive skin. Unlike other fragrances on the market, the Healthy Fragranceis free of drying alcohol, petrochemicals and phthalates.

Available in six invigorating scents: Vanilla Passion Fruit, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Coconut, Fresh Vanilla Lemon, Vanilla Summer, and Pure Vanilla.
($58 each)
Made with breakthrough natural technology and packed with pure essential oils and antioxidants, The Healthy Deodorant is a powerful natural deodorant that delivers superior odor protection and vitamin-rich nourishment without the use of commonly feared harsh chemicals and parabens.
Available in six scents: Vanilla Passion Fruit, Vanilla Lavender, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Coconut, Fresh Vanilla Lemon, Vanilla Blackberry, and Pure Vanilla. ($14 each)
Lavanila is available at Sephora, or

Best Eyeshadow Palettes Under $25

Eyeshadows have ruled the makeup world for some time now. Everyone needs that perfect neutral shade for daily wear or that risqué color for a night out. If you are looking to try out some great new shades without breaking the bank, here are some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes under $25.

Morphe’s 9A Always Golden Eyeshadow Palette

These nine golden shades in the Morphe 9A Always Golden Eyeshadow Palette are sure to take you places, faux real. Crazy-creamy, powerfully pigmented, beyond-blendable eyeshadows perfect for some fun in the sun or some fake-it-til-you-make-it action. Choose your own color adventure. But one thing’s for sure; you’ll never run out of ways to turns heads.

Price: $12.00

Essence’s All About Toffee Eyeshadow Palette

This Gorgeous Essence All About Toffee Eyeshadow Palette has eight complementing, buildable colors and multiple finishes; satin, matte and metallic effects. It blends easily and the colors will stay on all day! Perfect palette for everyday wear.

Price: $5.49

Covergirl’s Goldens TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette

CoverGirl’s Goldens TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette has a stunning range of neutral shades for your perfect nude eye look. Richly pigmented shadows in golden, and in a range of colors and textures – from neutrals to Smokeys and shimmers to mattes.

Price: $5.99

Makeup Revolution’s Iconic 1 Redemption Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution’s Iconic 1 Redemption Eye Shadow Palette is a perfect mix of pearl, shimmer and matte shades. As comfortable and familiar as your favorite t-shirt, the bronzy tones of this palette will make you want to strip down and bare all (in the best way possible).

Price: $7.00

NYX’s Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette

Create a spectrum of out-of-this-world eye looks with the Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette – a new eyeshadow set inspired by NYX Professional Makeup Professional Makeup’s beloved Cosmic Metals Lip Cream. Powered by six pigment-packed eyeshadows, this gorgeous set loads your lids with rich, metallic color and incredible color payoff.
Price: $9.99

E.L.F.’s Online Only Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Achieve beautifully natural eye looks with these perfectly curated 10 neutral eyeshadow shades in the e.l.f. Cosmetics Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette. This collection of hues is ideal for shading, highlighting, and defining the eyes. These silky smooth shadows can be used as a liner, on the lid, and in the crease of the eye for an expertly contoured and blended look. Cruelty free and vegan.

Price: $10.00

Sleek Makeup’s Under A Spell Eyeshadow Palette

Create a variety of stunning looks with these 12 shades of mineral based, highly pigmented eyeshadow in the Sleek MakeUP Under A Spell Eyeshadow Palette.
Price: $12.99
BH Cosmetics Be… by BubzBeauty 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Known to her YouTube fans as BubzBeauty, Lindy Tsang hand-picked the must-have shades in her BH Cosmetics Be… by BubzBeauty 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette. Each shade offers day-to-night versatility – and emphasizes fans’ beauty, both inside and out.
Price: $14.50

Models Own’s Supernatural Eyeshadow Palette

Go to a parallel universe with this Models Own Supernatural Eyeshadow Palette. From dark secrets to sultry whispers, it’s totally bewitching. With the brush, apply metallic nudes, shimmer browns and rich golds for a look that’s out of this world.

Price: $17.99



Sit back, relax and let Snow Fox work its magic! Snow Fox Arctic Breeze Detox Mask!

With the winter season right around the corner, it time to reexamine skin care routines and boost hydration needs.  The Snow Fox Arctic Breeze Detox Mask is the perfect mask to add to your beauty arsenal before the temperature starts to drop.  This all in one mask moisturizes, brightens and tightens pores all in one single use.

So sit back, relax and let Snow Fox work its magic!

Arctic Breeze Detox Mask, $30

  • A powerful mask that moisturizes, brightens and evens out skin tone while tightening pores
  • Essential oils work to extract impurities from deep within the skin
  • Key ingredients including Peppermint Oil Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf and 100% Organic Cotton Sheet

Designed for all skin types, Snow Fox products do not contain any artificial colors, dyes or fragrances, parabens, SLS, phthalates, sulphates, mineral oils, silicones, phenoxyethanol, and petrochemicals.

Deep Hydration, Detox and Intense Repair. Each mask is made with 100% Premium Organic cotton and is specially sealed in a sterile laboratory room to ensure 0% cross contamination. This keeps the formula highly potent and incredibly fresh – literally, fresh out of the lab!

The best selling, media favourite, globally sold out skin hero – loved by all skin types world wide.

Perfect for those much needed “it’s-been-a-long-day/night/ugh” Skin Rescues or After Sun Repair.

Other products I recommend from The Snow Fox.

Soothing Facial Cleansing Mousse, $35

  • Brightens, Exfoliates, Refines & Revitalizes Skin – without abrasive beads or particles.
  • Organic peppermint oil provides natural, cooling antiseptic and antimicrobial protection while Alpha Hydroxy Citric Acid gently removes dirt, sebum build up & dead skin cells. Paired with Aloe Vera to stimulate skin regeneration for healthy new skin.
  • Non-irritant, hypo-allergenic formula will leave your skin feeling refreshed without stripping it of natural oils.

A powerful yet gentle formula designed to combat and remove grease, dirt and impurities without drying out the skin’s natural moisture levels.

Day & Night Defense Cream, $55

Daily Hydration, Repair and All-Round Protection for all Skin Types.

With daily use, it repairs damage, improves skin texture, evens out skin tone (hyper-pigmentation) and regulates sebum production – within 18 days you should notice a visible difference in skin health.

The light weight, Ultra Absorbent hydrating formula was specifically designed to be make up-friendly.

Smooth, silky and thick enough to nourish and rebuild the skin’s natural barriers, the Defense Cream can also be used a natural primer and matte foundation blender for a dewy finished glow.

Snow Fox Skincare is available for purchase at

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