Our Tech Guru: An Introduction

Hi! My name is Ivan Gaton and I’ll be your Tech Guru for HEYDOYOU! I’m an avid fan of all things tech related and I want to help you make your life a little easier and your home a lot smarter! Being a New York native, I’m no stranger when it comes to being exposed to new tech. I’ve worked in various technology companies over the years and seen the trends that come and go. But the best part of being around all of it, is seeing how you can utilize these tools to empower your lifestyle. After all, why work harder when you can work smarter?

A picture of me!
Just looking casual, as always.

When I am not writing about the latest gadgets, I usually am watching sports (avid NYCFC and Yankees fan), taking mobile photography or writing a draft for my latest comic idea. I also have a strange affinity for Dunkin Donuts coffee.

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In the Biz: DABBA


I had a chance to interview Laura and Janis, founders of DABBA at Cosmoprof Asia to find out more about them and their brand’s inspiration. Millennial Entrepreneurs all have one thing in common, they really go for it! No excuses, no greediness, no shortcuts and 100% putting something into the universe that matters and has a message.

DABBA are fine, nuanced, genuine plant extracts – created for different people and different events. Souls of northern plants enticed out of their meadows at the perfect time, hour of the day and temperature and transformed into blossom water to enrich, satiate and harmonise your life and sing the beautiful and profound story of this land, Latvia.

DABBA floral waters are always made of fresh, certified organic, powerful plants, juicy fruit, colorful flowers and wild tree leaves according to the ECOCERT standard for organic cosmetics*. DABBA floral waters are made with 100% natural ingredients, 99% of which are from organic farming.

I have been using and loving my Apple Water from DABBA since we met a few weeks ago! Thank you for your time 🙂

Where are you from/where do you live?

After university years in Rīga and few more years traveling around the globe I have settled in Cēsis which is a small and charming historical town in Northern Latvia.

If there was a theme song in your life, what would it be?

Hard to pick one song and call it a theme. My playlist is changing constantly but if I have to choose one let it be Les Enfants du Paradis by World’s End Girlfriend.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?

This is something that you may have heard many times before but you have to love what you do to be the best at it. This is how you judge each step you make, think of it in terms “I love it” or “Not”. If you don’t love your designs, your ideas, your products, blog posts.. no one will.


What is the key to being successful/to stand out in your industry?

I guess you have to start with some smaller things than the whole industry. For example I do feel that DABBA range of Floral Waters is successful and sets the standard to many other producers which is due to the uncompromising quality level and the story behind the concept. This is all about taking your own experience your own ideas and reflecting them on your brand and products.

What is your favorite quote?

I do believe that even the most unfortunate things (seemingly) are bringing you towards something better, something that you may not be able see from where you stand at that moment.

Where can people find you online?


facebook: www.facebook.com/dabbacosmetics

instagram: www.instagram.com/dabba_cosmetics/



Hands On Gloves & TruDog for Christmas

HandsOn Bathing and Grooming Gloves revolutionary product is the one of a kind glove that is improving the way caregivers and pet owners groom their pets!

Entrepreneur and founder, Jay Michaelson deserves a hand for inventing HandsOn Gloves!

 One of the most important ways to bond with your pet with through bath time! If your dog is a nervous nelly or just loves baths, they gloves could be a great addtion to your ritual. 

HandsOn Gloves has changed the way you bathe, shed and groom your beautiful pets and works wet or dry with the 5-fingered glove allowing for the perfect combination of scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms. Hands On Gloves stay on your hands throughout your care for your animals, and as the best shedder on the market, they easily accumulate hair.  HandsOn Gloves helps massage and stimulate circulation improving skin and coat, and they are gentle enough to the touch on sensitive contoured areas of the body. – https://handsongloves.com/shop/


What an impact HandsOn Gloves is making!  Users will find your animals wanting to come closer at groom time and HandsOn Gloves can help you bond with your pets.  HandsOn Gloves are carefully designed with hypo-allergenic, bio-friendly components which are clinically proven to be safe for use with humans and animals.   HandsOn Gloves now come in small, medium and large. www.HandsOnGloves.com

The best way to love your dog is to feed it high nutritional value food that is REAL. Dogs need trace minerals, vitamins and stimulation. Eating is a huge part of their development and TruDog products will give you the ease of kibble with the benefits of raw.

Entrepreneur and founder, Lori Taylor deserves a pat on the back for her natural health and nutrition products at TruDog!

Give your dog a full treatment and pampering of good health products adding comfort and joy to their everyday and during the Holidays too with TruDog. TruDog’s Orapup Starter Kit will help get rid of stinky dog breath and promote a healthy mouth for your pet! The Starter Kit includes the Orapup tongue cleaning brushwith a 2 ounce bottle of Beef ’n’ Bacon Lickies fortified with all-natural enzymes and anti-plaque benefits for your dogs TLC against bad breath. Give the gift of the starter kit! https://trudog.com/our-products/orapup/

Help our four-legged friends live longer with products like TruDog’s FeedMe real meat freeze-dried raw superfood made using fresh, high quality, U.S.A. raised, raw meat, and NO ADDITIVES!  TruDog’s products lines optimize your dog’s life form head to tail: joints, teeth, digestive system, skin & coat care. Add in TruDog’s ProtectMe, an easy-to-use gravy that makes it simple and easy to give your dog the enzymes he needs. With a simple pump of the probiotic on your dog’s good, he will be better prepared to digest his meal he is about to enjoy lessening tummy troubles. Check out the benefits of a raw food diet recommended by TruDog on this diagram: https://trudog.com/home/why-super-food


Holiday Gifting

On a mission to improve people’s quality of life through innovation and eco-friendly products, RevoMax has designed the first-of-its-kind twist-free, thread-less, vacuum insulated bottle. Translation- cool bottle for hot or cold beverages you don’t have to screw to top off of.


The first real innovation in on-the-go drinking vessels since, well… ever, Quick Release Cap technology opens and closes with one hand and one click- eliminating cumbersome twisting or screwing action. RevoMax flasks are responsibly made with 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and silicon rubber seal, are powder-coated (except for the classic stainless steel) and are 100% BPA and Phthalate-free. The sleek design fits nicely into most cup holders while its comfortable grip, wide mouth, and convenient one-handed operation deliver the optimal drinking experience. Available in 12oz($24.99) and 20oz ($29.99) at Amazon.com.
Easing everyday life wherever it takes you, Gobi Gear’s HoboRoll ($39.99) is an organizational stuff-sack with five internal segments to keep belongings organized and accessible. This lightweight, incredibly durable sack fits inside any day bag, gym bag or duffle for travel, or attached the shoulder strap (sold separately) for independent carry. unnamed-1



Fashion Institute of Technology MFA Illustration Fall Show at Brooklyn

A gallery show at 281 North 7th Street, Okay Space Brooklyn, featuring 2-D works by FIT MFA Illustration students, 2016 graduates, and faculty members. Show runs from December 1 – 4.

Heydoyou Blogger LULU (Yueming Qu)’s illustration will be at the show.


lulu-fit-mfa-showThe Fashion Institute of Technology Masters of Fine Arts in Illustration program, founded and designed by Melanie Reim, began as a Master of Arts degree and first awarded diplomas in 2007. In 2010 the program welcomed its first MFA candidates. The FIT MFA in illustration seeks out dedicated and talented students, and encourages them to develop into sophisticated professional artist and illustrators.

As individuals, out students are painters, designers, animators, writers, and story tellers. As a group, they are a powerful voice. The 2016 Fall Show is an expression of that voice. This group exhibition, the first featuring all of our current students, recent graduates, and faculty, is a student driven initiative.

Presented here are images representing the work of the FIT MFA in illustration candidates for the classes of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and faculty members.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with OkayPlayer and Okay Space, with generous support from the Fashion Institute of Technology School of Graduate Studies, and Dean Mary Davis. Thankful for additional donations by Brooklyn Brewery, Union Wine Company, Best Pizza and Blick Art Supplies.

Welcome to the opening reception at Thursday Dec 1st night 7-10pm at 281 North 7th Street Okay Space, enjoying the artworks and delicious food!

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