Hemp Pet Treats from Therabis

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DENVER, CO (August 24, 2015): Dixie Brands, Inc. (Dixie), a leader in emerging cannabinoid extraction and wellness platforms and TBSK, LLC an entrepreneurial innovation company led by 30-year veterinarian, Dr. Stephen M. Katz VMD, have collaborated to bring to the $3.2B Natural Pet Foods, Treats & Supplements market a new line of pet wellness products called Therabis. These new products will target the most common pet challenges of separation anxiety and itching in addition to improving joint mobility and flexibility. The partnership pairs Dixie’s deep history as one of the first companies to establish the healthful hemp market with the 2012 launch of its Dixie Botanicals, with TBSK’s proprietary pet wellness formula that has been tried, tested and improved over the past 10 years in Dr. Katz’s veterinary hospital in the Bronx, New York.

The mission of Therabis is to foster the unconditional love between pets and families, which is grounded in the belief that strengthening that bond enhances the human condition.

The Company intends to bring the remarkable power of hemp to the pet market by combining key cannabinoids with other all-natural ingredients such as hemp powder and zinc, allowing pet owners to address the most uncomfortable of pet health issues with an all-natural solution. All three formulations will come in size and pet-specific pre-measured sachets, which can be added to any food product. Flavored with a blend of all-natural ingredients that has seen almost 100% palatability, the Therabis formulation is designed to deliver benefits from the very first time the product is used.


“Today’s launch of Therabis is the culmination of a dream I have had for 10 years to bring support to pets, and their owners, around the world, for some of the most common challenges they face,” said Dr. Katz, President of Therabis. “While it may sound lofty, we truly believe that the simple, but beautiful bond of love between a pet and its owner, actually has the power to make us better as people and to improve the human condition. It is that unique relationship which drives most pet owners to do anything they can to help their pets when they suffer. We developed the Therabis formulations with that very much in mind as we hope to provide pet owners with a healthy, natural way to make every day the best day possible for their pet. It is an honor and privilege to share our 10 years of research with a broader audience; and it is our hope that Therabis can play a role in elevating the health and wellness of pets and their owners.”

Therabis will be undergoing clinical trials at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinarian Medicine as well as field trials in over a dozen hospitals in New York. Both the field and clinical trials will be used for additional product development and to provide specific efficacy metrics. Dr Katz added, “The field and clinical trials will provide both quantitative analysis and anecdotal observation of our products. In combining both time tested natural ingredients with cutting edge cannabinoids, we have produced uniquely effective assistance for some of the most troublesome pet challenges.”

Therabis will be available in November of 2015 via http://www.therabis.com, and eventually the Company intends to distribute via veterinarian practices and retail outlets around the country. For pet owners who wish to stay informed, please visit the site to sign up for updates, and for the opportunity to receive a free trial product.


Dixie Brands Expands Cannabinoid Platform

In conjunction with today’s launch of Therabis, Dixie Brands, Inc. also announced that it is bringing to market a human cannabinoid wellness product called Aceso, whose name is derived from the Greek Goddess of the healing process. Aceso intends to bring the power of cannabinoids to the next level, allowing more people to more accurately find a whole plant formula that will optimize their health. All products will be developed using a specific ratio of ingredients in a proprietary cannabinoid formulation, as well as other synergistic compounds, delivered in a carefully measured, single serving oral spray or powder format (which can be mixed with water and/or other liquids) for fast and efficient delivery of health benefits. Aceso will be available for purchase at http://www.myaceso.com by early November. Click here to read the full release.


“Dixie Brands believes strongly that the future of cannabis extends far beyond THC-based products and today’s announcements are indicative of a critical ‘next-step’ implementation of Dixie Brands’ expansion strategy,” said Tripp Keber, CEO of Dixie Brands, Inc. “To date, we have achieved great success with our initial Dixie Elixirs and Edibles line, but we have always aspired to bring the potential of this amazing plant to a more mass level through development of a comprehensive suite of products and brands grounded in science and research. I am extremely proud of the teams of smart, dedicated and mutually aligned individuals who are helping to bring that vision to fruition and we look forward to many more exciting announcements in the future.”



Located in Denver, Colorado, Dixie Brands, Inc., (Dixie) through its affiliates across the country, has been formulating and producing award-winning THC and CBD-infused products since 2009. What began as a single flagship product, the Dixie Elixir (a THC-infused soda), has now expanded to over 30 different products across over 100 SKUs, representing the industry’s finest edibles, tinctures, topicals and connoisseur grade extractions. To find out more about Dixie’s innovative products, or about how Dixie is building the future of cannabis, please visit us at http://www.dixiebrands.com.


Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, TBSK, LLC was formed in 2015 to develop innovative products in the legal cannabis industry by Dr. Katz; Tony Alfiere, a cannabis industry expert; Bruce Arlen and Ty Bowers, branding and design professionals; Steven Trenk, Principal of Lizada Capital and active cannabis industry investor; James Sharkey, PhD chemist and Andi Gold, a finance executive.



The Ultimate TShirt Bra by Warner @WarnersBrasUSA

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I must admit I am a very picky shopper when it comes to underwear and rarely try new brands.  But I was lucky enough to get some awesome brand new bras from Warner’s to try recently.

The claim is No Pinching, No Problems …No Wires

Best of all there is a front closure too.   With this bra, the perfect fit with wide back strap, seamless front and no straps falling off your shoulders make it the best summer bra I ever wore.

  • Extreme comfort defines this front-close T-shirt bra
  • Foam-lined demi cups have a transparent striped detail
  • Flexible comfort band moves with you and smoothes back
  • Sexy deep front plunge makes it ideal for low-cut tops
  • Convenient fully adjustable front stretch straps
  • Easy on, easy off with this sliding bar front closure
  • Ultra-comfy second-skin stretch microfiber

I also tried the Warner’s No Side Effects bar. This bra is made with a wide side so there is no squeezing doing on. It is comfortable and easy!  It is really comfy but the wide sides and the hot weather were not a great combo because I ended up too sweaty. I am going to save this one for fall. It will be just perfect under slim fitted black turtlenecks.

  • Feel confident in this side smoothing, T-shirt bra
  • Minimize bulge with smoothing, extra wide sides
  • Prevent show-through with seamless foam-lined cups
  • Easy-to-reach, front adjustable stretch straps
  • 3 column, 2 row hook and eye back closure
  • Seamless, matte stretch microfiber

Check out these 2 amazing bras from Warner’s and at least try one on!

Warner’s No Side Effectssolves Sleevage (aka underarm bulge) and is available in underwire, wire-free and front-close styles

·         Warner’s No Pinching No Problems – provides ultimate comfort and creates a seamless look under clothes. Available in underwire and front-close wire-free styles

So Nick Jonas, Keith Urban and Pitbull Walk into a Bar…

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Actually, they didn’t walk into any bar. They walked into Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC for the first ever PlentiTogether LIVE show, on behalf of the new Plenti Credit Card from Amex

I have to be honest, this was probably the most unique compilation of artists I’ve seen at a show. This includes the time I was 16 and went to Bamboozle to see Snoop Dog play after my favorite emo band, Say Anything perform. Black eyeliner, Motorola flip phones and Myspace!

Regardless, this was an AMAZING concert. The folks over at Plenti and Amex sure know how to throw a concert. Nick Jonas came on first and melted hearts as he popped up in a white t shirt, guns ablazin and belting out “Jealous” and “Chains”.

The crowd went crazy as he performed, and I think I may have even spotted Kevin Jonas up in the bleachers somewhere. Probably most surprising to me was Keith Urban. I’ve never been to a country concert before, but he disappeared from the stage at one point and magically appeared in THE MIDDLE OF THE CROWD shredding his guitar and converting every single person in there into a country music fan. Props to you Mr. Urban. I get why Nicole Kidman is married to you.



*Keith Urban – Country Artist / Magician

Finally, Pitbull, or MR.WORLDWIDE came on stage and threw the most explosive performance wrought with dancers, confetti, exaggerated hip thrusts and over the top amazingness. (Is that a word?)   Thanks so much to the folks over at Plenti and Amex for throwing this amazing concert!

And just to let you guys know..Plenti is a new loyalty program from Amex. It combines major brands like AT&T, Exxon, Macy’s, Rite Aid, Enterprise Rent – A Car and Hulu so that when you shop from any of these brands you can combine all your points into one place. That’s practical thinking! If you’re interested take a look at the new Plenti Credit Card from Amex by clicking here.

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Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses with Covry Sunwear

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When I was in High School, this punk rock boy my friend was dating would teasingly say my nose looked like a “skateboard ramp” because I didn’t have a bridge. For a while after that I became super insecure about my nose. Was I weird for not having a nose that looked like all the actors that I saw on TV and the magazines?  I spent a good portion of that year looking into the mirror, with my fingers in the shape of an angled L on my nose trying to imagine what my nose would look like if it were a little “bridge-ier”.  I did this for hours at a time being emo listening to “Dashboard Confessional” and “Panic At the Disco” and practicing my liquid eyeliner in the bathroom.

covry 5covry 2covry7

It was only with time did I realize that most asians like myself have little to no bridge anyway. It’s a characteristic that makes me, and all my other fellow asians intrinsically unique.  That and the kid ended up dropping out of school and I realized he was just a silly teenage boy.

That is, until it gets to be a sweltering, sunny day (like today) and my sunglasses slide off my nose and I’m stuck pushing up my glasses like a nerd every two seconds. I think to myself, “DAMN IT. He was right all along! My nose is a skateboard ramp for sunglasses!”

HOWEVER, there is a solution! For anyone who’s ever been in a sunglass situation similar to mine, Florence Shin and Athina Wang, co founders of Covry Sunwear are  launching a line of sunglasses that are specifically targeted towards problems like these! I mean, sliding sunglasses not teenage boy bullies.

Covry Sunwear,  besides being super cute + stylish, have longer nose pads, narrowed nose bridge and a smaller curve of the frame.  As a plus, for all you green conscious pals out there, these glasses are hypoallergenic,  made from renewable resources, and made of high quality Acetate.  Polarized, UV protected lenses round out these sturdy yet fashionable specs, so I’d say anyone’s momma would approve! These are a perfect for my features, and anyone who has had any trouble with contemporary sunglasses skating off their face.

covry 4

These ladies have already fulfilled their KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN with an amazing$53,127, surpassing their original goal of $18,500.  You can get your own pair of COVRY  sunglasses this Fall by signing up for updates here.   PLUS THEY SHIP FOR FREE ALL OVER THE US, AND SHIP ALL OVER THE WORLD.

covry 6



Ciao for now!



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