CKIN2U Popup Lounge

The ck IN2U pop up lounge was at 312 Adelaide St W for 3 days and offered $2 drinks all night long… Toronto’s fashionistas came up and tore up the dance floor.. check out the photos! Wish you were there!

mini kobe beef burgers!


Nuva Ring

Many girls forget to take the pill on many occasions and have to double up the next day. The pill was invented in the 60’s (thank God for it!) but it really isn’t…

Conducive to the lifestyle of everyday girls living in 2007! Our fast pace world, cell phones, Blackberry’s, appointments, lunch dates, aunt’s birthdays, boyfriend’s shirt size etc… who has time to remember one tiny little pill?

The pick of this week’s Surf It is

Check it out, if you’re a girl on the go like me… say bye bye to the little pink pills and say hi to freedom! Birth control for girls in 2007, not 1960!


Forever 21 Inside

First look inside the Yonge and Dundas… Toronto’s first flagship store!

FXXI opened its doors on Saturday, June 23… here is the first look inside the store!

I must say, I am a huge fan of the Forever21 stores in NY but…

I was not thrilled with selection or prices… the staff was friendly

but I could tell they were NOT looking forward to cleaning the

mess shoppers made! Also, all the tags say 2 1 on them and to

the discount queen’s eyes, it looks a lot like 2 for 1 but its NOT.

I didn’t buy anything… especially because H&M’s 70% off sale

was just a hop skip away!


Max Factor

I keep seeing this ad in the magazines and keep forgetting to go to the site! Check it out…

Check out the new colours and glosses… max factor is the parent brand of SMASHBOX!

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