Pillow Puppy

Scooter Pillow
Scooter, a scrumptious piebald dachshund with enough charm for a pound full of puppies, makes a splendid companion. Based on pillow designer Aaron Stewart‘s own pup, Scooter is the perfect size to cushion your tired neck at home or in the office (co-workers love dogs). The real-life pets come from all over the world, but they all have one thing in common: they make squishable, perfect pillows.
Made in New York.
Measures 27″ x 7″.

Price $75.00

Buy it on www.elsewares.com


I smell cuter than u!

Thanks Matchstick for the amazing HL kit! Bursting with samples, vials and cuteness! 2 bags and a charm bracelet, 5 fragrances and 1 LilANGEL… and tons of samples! Woo wee!

Oh yes, look what a great match, me and lil angel are a match made in harajuku.

If you are looking for a new fragrance to rock you world, is the perfume equivalent to glossy pink lips and fake eyelashes… HARAJUKU LOVERS just hit stores and we have a hook up just for you –> you can’t really smell cuter than me but if you want to smell cute like me ~ get your free samples here! ^_^


Double Sole

“I was not made of common calf,
Nor ever meant for country loon;
If with an axe I seem cut out,
The workman was no cobbling clown;
A good jack boot with double sole he made,
To roam the woods, or through the rivers wade.”
Giuseppe Giusti, The Chronicle of the Boot



Artist talent bubbling over at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre today as design inclined students gathered to check out the design education fair on Oct 1-Oct 2.

Today I dropped by the Explore Design at the MTCC – If you hate your day job or are looking for a creative outlet for your future – make sure you catch the last day tomorrow!

This is the type of student that goes to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco 🙂

CTV came out to see what the hype was all about…

Very simple, Microsoft talked about the evolution of the computer and technology as Jayz says time don’t go back it goes forward. So get ahead, change the world, do design. Here above it Lisa Anderson from Microsoft urging young people to live art as experience. We look forward to useful, usable and desirable technology. From CLI (command line) to GUI (graphic user) to NUI (touch objects) and looking forward to XUI (organic and seamless)

Here are the future designer of our world – all the way from Sacred Heart HS in Walkerton!

Stay inspired. Design matters!

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