Watch Where You Pee

3 dogs died after peeing on an electrical pole in the west end Toronto….The whole sidewalk was electrified and the salt puddles etc… this is crazy! A dog was electrocuted Tuesday after trying to relieve itself near a hydro pole in a west-end Toronto. The dog’s owner called 911 at around 2 a.m. from the scene at Baird Park, close to Keele and Annette Street. Firefighters tried to resuscitate the animal but were unable to save it. Though the two dogs were killed metres apart, both from walking on electrified ground…The dog was electrocuted by this metal plate in the photo above…There are 40000 of them in Toronto and an in person inspection for each of them is underway. The article in National Post.

So… what the hell…where do I walk my dog now? At Eaton Centre?

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MAC x Hello Kitty

Oh my cuteness! When innocence meets the temptations of the dark side what’s a gal like Kitty to do?

Got my invite from MAC in New York… to the exclusive unveiling of the limited-edition of the Hello Kitty collectibles at the Toronto Eaton Centre on Feb 3, 2009 at 7pm. Cocktail + Sweets yay…. 🙂 I can bring one person… so leave me a comment if you want me to take you! Hello Kitty Kouture comes out officially Feb 10.

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Pharaoh Ponchos

Trends usually begin when someone says, “I wish I had something like this…” Some trends catch on and become ubiquitous and some, well don’t really ever catch on. Have you seen these PHARAOH ponchos from 21Maroons? They are ‘beyond on point’ .

What do you think? NY, West Africa and San Francisco.. Check their MySpace
Talented and fly The Lex Vision rocks the PPoncho ->

The most powerful person in ancient Egypt (left) The most powerful person on Open Labs Meko (right)


No Scrubs

Look, I am not a grammarian but spelling mistakes bother me. Typos get no love from me, hanging off the side of their best friend’s ride, trying to hollar at me…

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Helen Keller was a blind girl who saw more than most people with vision can see. She said, “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even be touched, they must be felt with the heart.” Recently, I have self diagnosed myself as a shopaholic.  Nothing wrong with a little retail therapy you say? Well – I have to disagree.  

When I see something I like: I hold my breath til I get to it, then I closely inspect it, every single aspect besides the price tag because I don’t want that to taint my pure moment of rapture.  Most of the time, I notice something I don’t like and I am able to ‘snap’ out of it and carry on. But then sometimes, it bubbles over and I think… – I have to have that oh, it’s my size, oh what a great price, I must have it.  
Do you remember when you use to shop with your mom and said, Mommy I want that. And she would say well are you going to wear it? Do you really like it?  NOW – These questions are not even relevant because of COURSE i like it and ya for SURE i would wear it… but that’s not even the issue anymore. I just have too much stuff. No one needs 50 pairs of shoes, 37 scarves, 24 pairs of jeans, 18 jackets, I COULD GO ON.
All because I love it, it looks great on me and I definately NEED it and would give it a fun life, amazing photo ops and take it places its little heart cannot even imagine, no one can rock it like me -STILL, I must say no, I cannot have it.
I am doing a retail-fast for 6 months.  I am not shopping for any clothes, shoes, accessories, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry .. ZIP til June 2009.
I can do it because I understand that:
1. All because it’s beautiful, it does not mean I have to own it
2. Even if I owned all the beautiful things in the world, it does not make me a better person
3. When I have too much, I do not fully allow the things I already have to exude its full potential and versatility
4. One of the four noble truths of Buddhism says: There is a cause of suffering, which is attachment or misplaced desire rooted in ignorance.

Let’s meditate on that for a minute.  Misplaced desire + attachment (ps: it’s just stuff!)

I desire to create -> that is the root word of CREATIVE.  So I have this inherit need to create, be it things, situations, events, concepts, writing, art, an artful life, music, memories, food… anything.

consumerism is a dangerous and slippery slope, rooted in the ignorance (of oneself, I think) aka misplaced desire.  My desire is to create so – no more shopping til June 2009 so I can fully explore all the other ways I can create!
Do you have misplaced desires?

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