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The Best Las Vegas Deals

We’ve all been guilty of letting ourselves consider vacation as a “reward” after eating healthy and working out for weeks, even months! So everyday is considered a “cheat day” right?!

20151218_211817In a place like Las Vegas it’s easy for that to happen to anyone. The best way to stay healthy while on vacation in Vegas is to sign up for drop in classes and fun recreational activities. You can also hit up the hotel gym, and pool, do exercise right in the hotel room and eat healthy foods/drinks.

Check out our Las Vegas deals page for deals on things to do around the Sin City!


National Dog Day in Tel A Viv

el Aviv will celebrate a special day for dogs, for the first time in Israel.

Tel Aviv is the friendiest city in the world for dogs, with 1 dog for every 17 residents, making it the city with the highest amount of dogs per capita in the world.


25,000 Tel Avivian dogs enjoy 70 public dog parks; 1.3 dog parks for every 1 square kilometer. Tel Aviv has also declared special beaches where dogs can roam freely.

The city-wide dog day will be celebrated at the Bnei Dan Dog Park with many attractions for the city’s 4-legged residents. Among the attractions are:

– A display of startups founded in Tel Aviv that serve dogs and their owners

– Unique products for doggie birthdays

– Sushi for dogs

– Dog Spa

And many more doggie-friendly “treats”.


The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality sets dogs’ welfare at high-priority:

– The city’s shelter is a no-kill shelter

– Homeless animals are treated 24/7 by the city’s vet services

– The city animal patrol checks complaints regarding animal abuse

– The Municipality continues to create activities for dogs, while last month a

special screening of the movie “The Secret Life of Pets” was displayed for

dogs and their owners.


Top Five Must Haves for National Dog Day

So…. If you follow me on social media, you will know that we got a puppy!  After Jacob’s passing in June, the house just felt so empty and dogless. After 11 years of my best dog ever being my companion, it was time for us to celebrate him and apply all that he taught us to be a good pet parent again. Introducing my dearest puppy Cami! She has some big paws to fill and we love her to bits. Let’s Celebrate National Dog Day together.

For National Dog Day on Friday 8/26, Thumbtack released new data on how Americans love their dogs, based on 240,000 requests for pet services across the U.S.  Thumbtack data on the most popular services for dog lovers shows that:

  • 35% hire a dog sitter to visit 2-3 times a day.
  • 40% request walks to be 30 minutes long.
  • 24% of dog training focuses on behavior modification — teaching old dogs new tricks.
  • 59% spend more than $50 to pamper their pooches with manicures, tooth care, and hair trimming.
  • New Mexico is the No. 1 state in the U.S. where dog owners pamper their pets with services, followed by Rhode Island, Arizona, and Nevada.

Thumbtack offers a wide-range of pet services, including pet walking, grooming, sitting, boarding, training, photography, and even pet door installation.

Here are some fun pet items that you can celebrate National Dog Day with!

  1. the KYON Collar -KYON announced the launch of the KYON Pet Tracker, the first all-in-one pet collar that provides a unique opportunity for owners to communicate with their pets. The KYON collar comes equipped with embedded GPS technology and an LED display that makes communicating with pets easier than ever before. The collar works together with a user-friendly mobile application that enables owners to monitor, track, and receive information or alerts about their pets. You never have to wonder or worry about how your furry friend again.

2. The Petzi Camera –

Petzi Treat Cam is a device that seamlessly connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and allows you to (‘see’) video, (‘speak’) audio, (‘snap’) take pictures and (‘treat’) dispense treats to their pets remotely using any internet enabled smart device.

Petzi Treat Cam is available for $169.99 online through Amazon, as well as Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and PetCo. It’s sure to be a Barktastic device for the days when your fur baby is out of reach.

3. Kodak Pet Monitor – $99.99

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.04.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.00.42 PM

Along with the app, this handy pet camera can be view on your cellphone, iPad and computer. It detects motion easily and night vision too. This came in especially handy since we are crate training Cami right now. With a puppy, they can never be left unattended. Pet parents, if you are anything like me, this cool little black camera will give you a peace of mind.

4. Petshoppe Treats – $2.99+

Training a puppy means you need treats! You don’t want to give them just anything that will fill them up. When I was at Superzoo, one professional trainer told me that the best treats do not stain, are compact, don’t crumble and won’t melt! The Walgreens new Petshoppe Pet Treat items made with quality ingredients from the Americas or Europe fit the bill for great training. Treats include Chicken Skins, Sweet Potato Slices, Pork Jerky, Crunchy Bites and more.

5. Playa Pup – Sunwear for dogs

When you live in Vegas, it is pretty much sunny everyday! This cooling mat from Playa Pup is an essential for inside and outside. It gets so hot here that often when we return from walks, Cami literally melts flat on to the kitchen tiles to cool off.



Fun family board games from Endless Games

More and more, we need to disconnect, unplug and get offline! I always see families each on their own smartphones and ipads and not even communicating with each other. Nowadays, we are so attached to our phones that we hardly take our eyes off it and we suffer from high anxiety having to constantly check our phones with FOMO. A really good cure for this is actually boardgames. Get back to tradition and have conversations, make eye contact and be competitive. I know you might be tempted to Snapchat your game playing but try to just get off your phone for at least 2 hours!

Oddly Obvious parts shot CRAZY LEGS CAMERAROOL-PizzaBox

There are so many games available from to check out. They are fun and affordable.

I dare you to have fun! PS I am amazing at games so if we are ever together make sure I am on your team! Because of the way I think the best game for me to play is Scattergories. I am frightfully good at it.

Endless Games is always on the cutting edge of games that are fun for the whole family! For ages 3 to 103, Endless Games offers card, dice, party, word, strategy, trivia, survey and pop culture games for everyone! Games like Camera Roll let your pictures tell the story of your life. Let’s face it, you have photos on your phone… do you have a snapshot from a birthday party? How about a picture from your vacation? You have 30 seconds.

Can you find something hot or a big mistake in your photo library? Every player is involved in every round. Just find the photo with whatever the card says. Does your picture best fit the card description? Will you have the winning camera roll? And, Oddly Obvious, the wild party game where all the answers are right in front of you. One player reads clues while the other players race to spot the correct answers on a game card. The trick, the answers are each in different fonts and colors, written up, down, and even upside down. Shout out the most correct answers to win.

It’s not as easy as you think! And, CRAZY LEGS, is a fun game that gets players up and moving. Each space on the game board represents a new physical challenge for children and families to jump, twist, shake and exercise their way to victory! Other great travel games and board games at


End Your Dry Skin Problems With These Simple Solutions

Skincare is big business. There are so many ways the skin can let us down. It can get greasy, itchy, red, or dry. And all of that can occur in the same month! This is why there are so many great skincare products out there right now. Nobody wants to suffer the embarrassment of problem skin. After all, the flawless look is so hot right now.


When you suffer greasy skin that is prone to breakouts, there is a temptation to over-treat it. Most oily skin problems on the face occur because of hormone changes. A change in diet or some hormone treatments from your doctor may help you in this case. Using strong pimple creams will simply dry out the skin. And if your skin is no longer in its teenage years, you could be damaging it.


When skin has dried out, it’s important to rehydrate quickly. The longer it stays dry, the more damage can occur. It is more prone to burning in the sun and wind. It may flake and crack, causing sores and even infections. Then you’ll be left with redness and itching on top of everything else. Start by upping your water intake and reducing your use of water on the skin affected.


Thanks to Flickr for the pic


You should use a moisturizing cleanser with a soft cosmetic pad. Then try to tone with something that is alcohol-free, like a micellar water. Cut down on the foundations that contain blemish balms unless they are designed for sensitive skin. As the irritation reduces, consider adding a gentle facial scrub to your weekly skincare routine. This will remove the dead, flaky skin cells and let the healthier cells breathe.


Dry skin can be a problem on the delicate lip area too. Only three skin layers deep, lips are vulnerable to chapping from the sun and the wind. Use something like a NYX soft matte lip cream rather than a stronger lip gloss that can sting and irritate. Be sure to dab-dry the area with a clean towel when you brush and floss. This will prevent any toothpaste or whitening treatment residue from upsetting your lip area.


Feet suffer from dryness more than most other parts of the body. In the summer you want your feet to look silky soft in your sandals. Don’t be so shy you avoid a pedicure, though. These can be very helpful when it comes to restoring the balance of your skin, especially around the toes. At home, you can soak them in an oil based bath. When they are dry, gently buff away the dead skin cells. Moisturize daily for the best results.


Gorgeous legs are always well moisturised. These are the best parts of your body to apply oil-based moisture. Baby oil has long been popular but use it sparingly to avoid an excess greasiness. Legs often dry out if we shave, so avoid this if you are prone to dry skin. Stay safe in the sun to avoid flare-ups of dryness or burning. Love your skin.


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