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How To Save Big When Shopping Abroad

Shopping and travelling have always made a fantastic combination. Some people will save up all year so they can spend their hard earned money while shopping in the fashion capitals of the world. In Paris, New York and London you can find a whole host of designer and department stores full of clothing, shoes and accessories. Boutiques and markets are also fabulous sources, full of exotic treats for you to bring home with you. Shopping abroad may sound daunting for a first timer and can cost you more than you bargained for. So here are some shopping tips to help save you money and get the items you desire.

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Know what size you are

Women’s sizing varies from continent to continent. So make sure you know what size you are in the country you are in. For instance, if you know you are travelling in France, you need to know your European shoe and clothing size. This will make it easier to find clothing and footwear that fits you. Otherwise, you may find that you have spent a lot of money on items that don’t fit or look right on your body. It can be difficult to return items abroad as different countries have different return and exchange policies. Small boutiques and markets are unlikely to offer your money back so keep this in mind. Always try before you buy too, as the cut and sizing may be smaller or larger than you are used to.

Save space in your luggage

Whether you’re travelling for a weekend or going on a month long tour, you will always need to ensure you have sufficient space in your luggage. Lack of planning could mean you are unable to transport the items you have bought back home with you. Or it could mean you have to pay expensive fines at the airport or pay for them to be sent back via postage or courier service. If you know you are going to be shopping, always plan ahead and allow plenty of extra room in your suitcase or bags. It may be worth buying a larger suitcase or packing an additional collapsible bag that you can use to hold the extra items you have bought. This may sound drastic but it will save you money on customs charges, airport fines and shipping fees. Alternatively, you could take old clothes and shoes in your luggage, that you can donate or get rid of to make space for your newer items when you leave.

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Research the customs

In some foreign countries, they encourage haggling. This may sound terrifying if you have never done it before but it could actually save you a great deal of money. Check that haggling is appropriate in the country you are visiting before you go shopping. Otherwise, you may find yourself feeling incredibly embarrassed when you go to pay. Markets and bazaars are often the best places to haggle the price of an item, whereas larger, well-known brands will have set prices. When bargaining with a vendor, never feel pressured into paying more than you want to.

With these tips, you can add some American or European flare to your wardrobe and bring some fabulous souvenirs home. All without spending a fortune.


Put Me In Your Story – Personalized Coloring Books

The coolest kiddo I know just turned 2 this month and what better way to celebrate her but with the personalized color books from our friends at Put Me in Your Story!   With the most creative and artsy parents ever… Her dad is a Pratt graduate industrial designer and mom is a DIY everything plus amazing baker… I just can’t wait to see what Dali’s medium will be.

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Keep Calm and Color On

by Katie Martin

$19.99 Personalized Coloring Book


Looking for a new way to get inspired? Boost your creativity with a personalized Keep Calm and Color On coloring book! Enjoy over 60 beautifully designed patterns and discover inspiring quotes throughout. From cool little kids to artsy adults, everyone deserves a few mindful moments for themselves. Keep your creations bound in the book or decorate your space with your colorful masterpieces. The creative possibilities are endless with this hands-on way to have fun and keep calm.

Personalize this intricately designed, completely calming coloring book with a name and dedication message for the creative person in your life, or gift yourself a much-needed getaway.


This is the best way to ‘unplug’ and get some ME time. Coloring is therapy and spending time with yourself is a way of meditation. So color on and clear your mind while you are at it.


Frozen Popcorn Snacks

opcorn Utopia! At California Frozen Poppers we do it different than anyone else out there. The Mad Popper andThe Crew make sure to put a whole lot of love and positivity into the process which is hand-made! Enjoy our popcorn and let it bring a smile to your face! You can freeze & re-freeze our popcorn and it is best consumed FROZEN!

Introducing a new way to eat popcorn – FROZEN! Have you tried these? I didn’t know what to expect when I first tried these but they are certainly quite different. If you are looking for a new snack to spice up your life, see what flavors tickle your fancy at California Frozen Poppers!


Niagara Falls: The most photographed location in Canada

Long considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, Niagara Falls has been named the most photographed location in Canada on the social network Instagram.

The Huffington Post named Niagara Falls as the most instagrammed location in Canada in 2015. Niagara Falls has always been known as a beautiful, breathtaking and romantic location, lending itself to preserving memories with photography.

Photography in Niagara Falls has remained popular, even with the advent of social media, including photo-centric social media platforms such as Instagram. Instagram, acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012, is the 3rd most popular social media platform in world, with over 300 million active monthly users sharing on average over 70 million photos per day.

“Regardless of technological advances, the beauty of Niagara Falls remains timeless, as proven by the popularity of photography found on all social media networks, including Instagram” says Anthony Annunziata, Vice-President of Marketing for the Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa.

Popular locations for taking photos of Niagara Falls include along the Niagara Parkway, standing beside the Falls, and from Niagara Falls hotel rooms overlooking Niagara Falls, aptly named ‘Fallsview Rooms’.

The Niagara Fallsview Marriott Hotel & Spa is featured in over 5000 unique instagrams every year, with the majority of photos showing off the view of Niagara Falls.

“As soon as you open a door to one of our Fallsview Rooms you’ll understand why they are so popular on social media—we offer the best view of Niagara Falls, all within a deluxe hotel accommodation that only a Marriott hotel can provide.” Says Annunziata.

View Huffington Posts complete list at:

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For more information about the Marriott Fallsview Niagara Falls Hotel and Spa visit

About the Marriott Fallsview Niagara Falls Hotel and Spa:

The Marriott Fallsview Niagara Falls Hotel & Spa enjoys the enviable distinction as being the closest hotel to Niagara Falls. As the area’s premiere AAA 4-Diamond, 5-Star luxury hotel in Niagara Falls, the Marriott Niagara Falls Hotel overlooks the majestic waterfalls and is located just minutes away from a variety of exciting attractions and casinos.

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